Promise One – ‘See We Roll’ EP [EARZ004]

Open Earz Promise One


1. Promise One feat. Sparkz – See We Roll
2. Promise One & Geode – Chroma
3. DIGI – Promise One – Ghost Note


Ez everyone.  After a hefty hiatus, Syte has resurfaced his Open Earz imprint with one of the underground’s most talented rising figures, Promise One.  Marking Nick’s third release since his 2011 debut, there is a distinct evolution apparent throughout his sound design – a sense of cohesiveness and clarity that signals the dawn of strong legacy.  The triple track release puts forth two to physical and three to digital, pleasing both sides of the dichotomous format landscape.  Joining forces with Mancunian vocalist, Sparkz, a member of the Voodoo Black trio who can also be spotted running the mic for The Mouse Outfit, ‘See We Roll’ is a dancefloor gem with its vacillating bass variations and entangled percussion being attentively navigated with cunning dialect.  The flip comes with an entirely different flavor as Promise One shares the buttons with Geode, who has been redefining boundaries of his own under the roof of his collective effort imprint, Chord Marauders.  ‘Chroma’ taps into a more soulful and melodic archive with pitched down vocal cuts and synthetic key progressions complemented with shuffling hat rides and lush, spacious pads that give the mix an enduring warmth.  The digital exclusive, ‘Ghost Note’, comes strong with a dreadnaught dissonance vibe.  Phase-drenched synths syncopate across the soundfield with panning and delay as their main mechanisms of movement.  The anomalous atmospheres and guttural sub-pressure compliment the cyborg apocalypse quite nicely, might I add.


Release Date:  14th April (Vinyl) // 21st April (Digital) 2014



I’ll catch you next time.  Peace and one love.

– Kinman


Boofy & Lemzly Dale – ‘Catch A Body/Banshee’ [SECTOR 7]

Boofy art


Ez fam’!

“Hot on the heels of his debut vinyl release feature, on Kahn and Neek’s ‘Bandulu’ label (Bandulu 003), Bristol new wave grime don Boofy comes correct with two tracks of vinyl only, heavyweight, stop-start bangers – akin to some of the work appearing on Coyote Records, Liminal Sounds and Glacial Sound at the moment – produced with friend and newfound ‘partner in grime’, Lemzly Dale for their new label endeavour “Sector 7 Sounds.”

Title track ‘Catch a Body’ – a dark, brooding piece of highly detailed, unique sounding instrumental grime whose clip has almost reached 10,000 plays on soundcloud – has seen the duo garner support from Kahn and Neek, Asa, Hi5Ghost, Lamont , Tumble Audio and many more.

Surprised by the instant success of the title track – made after a trip to Amsterdam – and a call for more material, the pair undertook making B-Side ‘Banshee’ – an eerie companion piece to ‘Catch a Body’, drawing on a similarly detailed but more melodic and progressive sound palette combined with subdued bass wobbles and vocal snippets peppered in amongst its flurry of rolling claps and dancing hi-hats.

The release is white labelled and limited to 300 only, in an effort to bring a small slice of dubplate culture and excitement back to a music scene that has revelled in digitalism for the last decade or so and has almost forgotten what the inside of a record shop looks like.

“Sector 7 Sounds” is an outlet for the swarm of new instrumental grime activity coming out of arguably Britain’s first city of bass, Bristol. Incepted in the spring on 2013, with the aim of diversifying, expanding and building on the  traditional genre conventions associated with grime, the label has already gathered strong support from within their home town, the exciting, nascent grime and funky scene in Nottingham, the scene’s founding city, London and beyond.

Be on the lookout for future projects from the duo and the label as they continue to forge their own unique new direction for urban centric, instrumental bass music throughout 2013.”

Words Taken via PR


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Enjoy the sounds, plenty of big things coming from the Sector 7 crew!

– Kinman