Jager – ‘I’m Falling’ EP [SLEAZYDEEP]

sleazy deep

What up everybody.

Today I’m showcasing the latest from the Sleazy Deep camp, that was released this past Monday the 25th. Sleazy Deep has been releasing really great deep house music recently, from the likes of Will Berridge, JOBE, and Finnebassen’s anthemic ‘When Doves Cry’ backed with ‘Monday’.

This recent release from Jager is another testament to the label’s reputability and dedication to bringing dark and dirty funk to dance floors across the globe. Marking the 15th addition to their catalog, ‘I’m Falling’ EP features two originals from Jager and remixes from Marco Darko, DOOS, Rafael Cerato, and Pleasure Victim. Six tracks in total, each guaranteed to set the dance off in a proper fashion.


The EP is a Beatport exclusive until March 11th where you’ll be able to pick it up all other digital retailers, but for noe, you can purchase the release from the link below.


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Olie Bassweight – The Ghost In The Machine LP [BASWGTCD002]

olie bass art

While I strongly believe the benefits far outweigh the detriments, one thing that always seems to happen to me in the contemporary age of music is that there is just SO much output at any given time, that many gems are likely to fall under the radar, to be discovered later.  I could just as easily consider it a good thing because there’s definitely a unique feeling experienced when you come across a piece of music fitting into this category, as opposed to following/anticipating a release months prior up to it’s actual drop-date.  This is precisely what happened to me with regards to Olie Bassweight’s ‘Ghost In The Machine’ album that dropped towards the end of December of last year.

While Olie’s role within the dubstep movement has been of an undeniably prominent nature – especially in New Zealand – this marks his first full-length album to date.  Featuring 15 tracks, two of which being shorter, more cinematic intro-type pieces,  the album strongly established the artist’s versatility in both stylistic approach and execution of sound engineering.

Below you find the tracklist and my three favorite beats off the album:

Tracklist –

1. Intro (The Ghost In The Machine)
2. Float VIP
3. Duality
4. Odyssey
5. Truth – Spook (Olie Bassweight Remix)
6. Interlude (Tides)
7. Tides Have Turned ft. Timmy P MC
8. Holon
9. Why are you here
10. Broken
11. The Message ft. Dubfonik & DMG MC
12. Tangled Blue Eyes Feat, Dubtek
13. Heavyweight ft. Triage and MC Kryptik
14. Condemned ft. Perverse and TZR
15. Survival




You can purchase the album from the links below:


Vinyl Sampler:



Make sure to keep up with future projects through Olie’s social media outlets, too!


I’ll you guys next time.  Big up for reading.  If you have any artists you’d like to see get some from BWS please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at bassweightsociety@gmail.com with links to music, bio, etc.

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– Kinman

Social Experiment 003 [No.19 Music]

social experiment

What’s good people?

It’s Friday, the night is young, I live for this sh*t.

To send each of you off into the weekend I wanted to feature the most recent project from No.19 music, a label run by Jonny White of Art Department.  It’s been a long-time coming for this third installment considering the second installment was released back in 2010 – mixed by Soul Clap.  The mix series has already established itself as a seminal representation of the ever-blossoming deep house scene – 003 carries that torch in an admirable fashion.  Featuring sounds from My Favorite Robot, Jakkin Rabbit, and Gregorythme among others, the release covers all end of the stylistic approach to deep house.  Art Department has made two of their previously unreleased tracks, ‘Insomniac’ and ‘Tomorrow Can Wait’, available on this release while Tale Of Us and Jay Haze remix ‘Bongo Porn’ from Fuckpony in an unparalleled manner.  Definitely a set of tracks that will be gracing many mixes to come from myself.


01. Art Department – Into The Dust Intro
02. Jonny White & Nitin – La Cueva
03. Ali Love – The Jungle (Brigante’s Mix)
04. Luca C. & Brigante feat Robert Owens – Tomorrow Can Wait (Art Department Remix)
05. Jonathan Lee – Senses
06. Foremost Poets – Moonraker (Accapella)
07. Jackin Rabbit feat. Robert Owens – Full Of Dreams
08. Fuckpony – Bongo Porn (Tale Of Us Remix)
09. Jamie Jones – Doctor Blue
10. DJ Hell feat. Brian Ferry – U Can Dance (Carl Craig Remix)
11. Art Department, BLUD, Shaun Reeves feat. Damian Lazarus – Robot Heart
12. My Favorite Robot – Not Progress
13. Gregorythme – Artificial Tears
14. Art Department – Insomniac

The released dropped this past Monday, February 18th.  Below are a couple links where you can purchase the mix and also individual tracks.  There’s also a link to Chemical Records where you can pick up a 12″ of the sampler featuring tracks from My Favorite Robot, Gregorythme, and Art Department.





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I’ll catch you all next week.  If you’re based out of/near San Diego make sure you don’t miss the Lovelife Masquerade with Tone Of Arc headlining.  It’s going to be quite a mischievous night!

One love.

– Kinman

Majora – Boss Key EP [TUMBLE AUDIO]


Big up fam’, Kinman back here with some fresh beats to put through your system.

Today I’ve got some funky future-bass music that I wanted to highlight.  Today’s EP comes from the young Bristolian Majora.  This cat has been turning heads lately with tunes like  his collaborative effort on 877 Records with My Nu Leng – ‘Hips N’ Thighs’ – that was released back in November of 2012 and also his remix of ‘No Reason’ that was featured on Loft Party Records.

This solo EP on Tumble Audio sees the signature take of bouncy bass grooves, chopped vocals, and brilliantly placed percussion of the high-end that Majora has been widely acclaimed for.  The two most stand-out tracks for me are ‘Satisfied’ for it’s club aesthetic whilst infusing slumping basslines and ‘Just Listen’ for it’s infectious reverb-soaked strings and percussive progression.

PR Words:

“The “Boss Key EP,” his debut solo release, takes up where “Hips n Thighs” left off. Weaving between and combining elements of UK Funky, House, Grime, ice cold Electro workouts and even Trap, Majora creates a wholly satisfying and unique inclusion into the UK Bass music cannon, injecting a fresh life and energy into a genre seemingly in stasis at the moment.

Wielding his infectious grooves and barnstorming bass line science as deadly dance floor weapons, Majora employs a subtlety and restraint that belies his young age. Utilising classic club sounds alongside more experimental and grimy memes, he creates a fully formed and well-rounded EP bursting with ideas and forward movement, just as you would expect from this talented producer.”


The EP dropped officially on Monday February 18th, 2013 and is available for download at all major online retailers.  I’ve provided a few links below for those who are feeling this sound.


Also, don’t forget to stay connected with Majora and Tumble Audio via their respective social media outlets!  You can catch Majora on Rood FM every Monday from 4-6pm GMT.



Tumble Audio:


I’ll catch you lot next time!

One love.

– Kinman

The Audiovisual Spectrum: Earth616, Slime Recordings, & Diffrent Music


What’s good again crew!

Begrim here, finally found some time to enter another post on the ever-so-massive Bassweight Society.

In this installment, we’ll be looking at the (audio) visual spectrum of music and it’s varied facets.  If you are anything like me, you most likely have a wide range of music genres in your library that you constantly shuffle through.  Spanning from the recent to the old, electronic and non-electronic, this music accumulation stands as our personal ‘continuum’ so-to-say, a spectrum we use depending on our moods, feelings and listening needs.  Especially with the growth of electronic music, there can be a tendncy to ascribe a single, over-specific label to track style’s (post-dub-trap-deep…), much like what happens with the naming of colors (Robin’s Egg Sea Razzle).  This often leads to convoluted branding that can inadvertently cause bias in listeners and pigeonhole producers to  a specific style.  However, much like a graph of the visual spectrum, music is all connected by a single factor with varying amounts of energy, rhythms, and other ingredients combined.  With bass as the connecting factor of our “audiovisual” spectrum, we’ll be exploring three labels that all share this common center yet present their music in varying forms.  Beginning with some higher-energy “red/yellow” grime from Earth616, we’ll move into Slime Recordings’ mellower “blue/green” dubstep/garage/deep house, and end on something…Diffrnt… in the “purple/pink” wavelengths.

Hope you enjoy the rainbow.



Starting off is Earth616, a grime label run by the notable Logan Sama.  With no “official” webpage, Soundcloud, or Facebook, the mysterious monicker puts out primarily vinyl presses with a few digital releases scattered here and there.  Featuring released by grim legends such as Maniac, DJ Q, Faze, Miyake and Wiley, Earth616 brings some of the best grime instrumentals there are to offer.

Preditah – Gears of Grime 12″

Already receiving it’s own separate digital release in December, Earth616 recently distributed wax-pressings of this beaut.  Preditah abosultely kills it on this EP, showing the range of sound grime still has to offer.  Starting off with classic synth-heavy tracks ‘Circles VIP’, ‘Nosy Parker VIP’, Preditah then rolls out his take on trap, ‘Evil Twin’.  He follows with two super bass-heavy hitters, ‘Gully (instrumental)’ and ‘Rubicon’.  This cycle repeats itself with ‘Skank (Dub)’ and ‘Sword’, and Preditah finishes up with what he calls a “dark garage” track, ‘The Beat Skipped’.  Fusing classic slapping drumwork with deep, pulsating lows, Preditah expands upon the conventional grime sound and presents a multi-genre approach to a music style he knows and loves.  Definitely keep an eye out for his future releases, as well as the other artists on Earth616.







Slime Recordings

Moving into the mid-spectrum sounds, Slime Recordings puts out a wide array of different styles of 12X-14Xbpm music. Working on getting their 56th release under their belt, Slime has featured EP’s by artists such as Submerse, Resketch, Mr Beeb, Eyelove and a forthcoming by Aleks Zen.

BSN Posse – Love History EP

After their debut on Slime Recordings, “Songs from the Sea EP”, BSN Posse recently released “Love History EP” which features their original track and six remixes.  Soothing vocals glide over melodic synths, giving this song a relaxing feel that still has driving energy. Each remix adds a new element to Love History, morphing it into a shuffling garage track, a low-end bass banger, a jumpy trap rhythm, and a classic deep house anthem. While any of these songs could be featured in their own single, Slime’s release of this EP helps illuminate the range of possibilities this one song has to offer. More importantly, it demonstrates that a “bass centered core” will hold prevalent no matter what direction a producers decides to take. Take a moment out of your day to have some Slime time.


BONUS: V/A – Basswave 2

Slime’s 2012 compilation album does not disappoint, covering so many areas of music it’s unreal.




Diffrent Music

Recognized by their pink Giraffe logo, Diffrent Music describes themselves as “focusing on pushing the whole movement of stripped back head-nodding drum tracks and big deep monstrous bass.” Label co-founders Hunchbak and Dexta stated that, We believe that there’s a lot of soul-less D&B music out there due to labels having to put out music that ‘HAS’ to sell. Ultimately we’re about making music fun, trying new things & putting out music that we truly love!” This point of view comes across clearly in their releases, which range from amazing low-roller drum & bass tracks to genre-bridging 170-ish tracks they categorize as “giraffestep”.  With productions by artists such as Fredric Robinson, Arkaik and Dan Marashall as well as future releases by Fearful, Fable & Beezy, and Shaded, Diffrent is definitely a label to keep an eye on in this coming year.

Fathom Audio – Promises/Ridges

Comprised of two DJ’s, Billion and Fybe, and two MC’s, Sense and Codebreaker, Fathom Audio’s single shows both the darker and lighter sides of Diffrent. “Promises” starts out with fluttering trebles and stripped-back percussion, but quickly adds a resonant, forceful bassline that drives the rest of this lurking track. Contrastingly, “Ridges” starts out with a pulling, ethereal synth and muffled female vocals and quickly transitions into a full-fledged inspiration, featuring melodic harp sweeps and percussion reminiscent of early Rockwell. Both songs are prime example of the possibilities that exist in the 170bpm realm and will have you moving along, whether it be nodding to the broody lows or swaying to the ethereal highs. Something Diffrent, for sure.


BONUS: Cursa & Futurist – Clart [Forthcoming]

Featured on Diffrent’s monthly Giraffecast, this upcoming release from Cursa & Futurist is absolutely mind-blowing. Deep, resounding bass kicks and eerie clicks haunt this track, giving it a driving yet freeform sound. Upon completion of the B-side, this release from Diffrent will be shaking subs around the world.




Well, thanks again for letting me show you the spectrum of sound out there.  Stay bass centered my friends.