Killjoy – Memories EP [TUM004]

.TUM004 artwork

Oi!  Hope everyone is good, yeah?

I want to bring the spotlight back to the Tumble Audio imprint today, as Monday saw the release of their 4th installment.  Killjoy (aka Core aka Ashburner) makes his return to the buttons with three original tracks, accompanied by remixes from Caski and Notion.  Killjoy put Tumble Audio on the map after writing the label’s debut release back in October of ’12 with his ‘XTC’ EP, namely (in my opinion) the track ‘Tiki’.  Killjoy brings an eclectic trio of music for 004, each tune embracing its own persona within the UK Funky format.  The 4×4 kick and pumping bassline in the title track offer up a instant party starter, while the groovy drum breaks and crafty vocal sampling of ‘Inaudible Badness’ bring things right back to the dancehall.  ‘Tangle Riddim’ is a breed of its own, sounding like some sort of brainchild of Coki’s ‘Goblin’ after a night of ketamine and Atari – a tool certain to set the energy off!  Ghost Records signee Caski puts a 140 spin on ‘Memories’, with a halfstep skeleton that leaves plenty of room for sub-bass flex and vocal intricacies.  Notion has outdone himself with his take on ‘Memories’, crafting an absolute slumper of a tune.  Infusing grime and funky to provide a track that will convulse your body through a state of boogie like no other!  It’s no surprise that such talent comes from Bristol.

Check the release below, and make sure to keep yourself locked into the Tumble Audio and Killjoy pages for future release/parties/etc.




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– Kinman


Majora – Boss Key EP [TUMBLE AUDIO]


Big up fam’, Kinman back here with some fresh beats to put through your system.

Today I’ve got some funky future-bass music that I wanted to highlight.  Today’s EP comes from the young Bristolian Majora.  This cat has been turning heads lately with tunes like  his collaborative effort on 877 Records with My Nu Leng – ‘Hips N’ Thighs’ – that was released back in November of 2012 and also his remix of ‘No Reason’ that was featured on Loft Party Records.

This solo EP on Tumble Audio sees the signature take of bouncy bass grooves, chopped vocals, and brilliantly placed percussion of the high-end that Majora has been widely acclaimed for.  The two most stand-out tracks for me are ‘Satisfied’ for it’s club aesthetic whilst infusing slumping basslines and ‘Just Listen’ for it’s infectious reverb-soaked strings and percussive progression.

PR Words:

“The “Boss Key EP,” his debut solo release, takes up where “Hips n Thighs” left off. Weaving between and combining elements of UK Funky, House, Grime, ice cold Electro workouts and even Trap, Majora creates a wholly satisfying and unique inclusion into the UK Bass music cannon, injecting a fresh life and energy into a genre seemingly in stasis at the moment.

Wielding his infectious grooves and barnstorming bass line science as deadly dance floor weapons, Majora employs a subtlety and restraint that belies his young age. Utilising classic club sounds alongside more experimental and grimy memes, he creates a fully formed and well-rounded EP bursting with ideas and forward movement, just as you would expect from this talented producer.”


The EP dropped officially on Monday February 18th, 2013 and is available for download at all major online retailers.  I’ve provided a few links below for those who are feeling this sound.


Also, don’t forget to stay connected with Majora and Tumble Audio via their respective social media outlets!  You can catch Majora on Rood FM every Monday from 4-6pm GMT.



Tumble Audio:


I’ll catch you lot next time!

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– Kinman

Straight Off The Block!

Wooooo!  We’re back with another batch of fresh beats today, so hope you guys enjoy them.  We have a few different artists that we are highlighting tonight, some known, and some not so well-known.  With that said, regardless of the artists current standing in the game, EVERY one of these tunes is huge!

The first tune that we have for you is one from the south London producer, Percept.  The tune, titled ‘Seclusion’, is an absolute slumper.  Overpowering sub hits come in clean and penetrate your chestplate indefinitely.  Definitely want to keep your eyes on this guys forthcoming progress.  The tune is available for free download, hosted exclusively on Hedmuk.  Visit the website and snag this one for your personal collection!  Download here.

Percept – Seclusion


The next two tunes come from another British producer who goes by the name Sorrow.  These tunes are a little bit different from the material that we typically highlight on here but, they are both just really amazing tunes.  The first one, titled ‘Street Warfare’ is a one of the cooler takes on the garage style we’ve heard lately.  Very techy bass chords come in quick and grab the attention of your ears.  The tune then progresses, with beautifully layered vocals filling your brainwaves with positive vibes.  This track is also a free download so take advantage of it and don’t forget to show love to Sorrow for giving this out to us!  The second track that we have for you, from Sorrow, is titled ‘Thinking of You” and is a collaboration with an artist who goes by the name Shura.  This is another tune filled with beautiful vocals, proper atmospherics, and feel-good vibes.  The drop at 1.29 can turn any bad day into a fresh start.  Mad respect from BWS to Sorrow!

Sorrow – Street Warfare

Sorrow & Shura – Thinking of You


The last two tunes that wanted to show ya’ll come from Om Unit.  They are both remixes that will be featured on a special edition 7″ release.  The first track, a remix of Daedelus – Vous Etes Stereo, is slower tune with one of the cleanest and sickest sounding snares to guide your steps.  The second tune is a remix of Om’Mas Keith – Girl Is A Player.  This is a sick dance floor tune that has some real nice vocals for the ladies to groove down to and a heavy-hitting sub for all the heads to compromise with ;).  Take a listen!

Om Unit – L.A Refixes


Show your love to the artists, spread the love to others, and keep on pushing that deep sound that we here at Bassweight Society love so much!  Mad respect goes out to all of our readers that have been supporting us and spreading the word about what we do here at BWS.  Stay true to your roots and don’t forget to take a step back every now and then to appreciate all the beauty that surround us each day.

One love.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

Rewind Wednesday: Where Dat’ Weight From?

Boh! Boh! Boh!  Friends, family, rando’s, we bid you welcome to our Wednesday rewind.  Today, as always, we have some great classic tunes to showcase.

The first track for today is one produced by the badman Soloman Rose, aka ‘Silkie‘.  The track is titled ‘Dub Breaks’.  Among the first characteristics you will notice in this tune are the very soothing reggae stabs along with a killer break-style drum sequence, as eluded by the track name.  With a slow and simple start, the tune leads to a drop that will put your dancing shoes on for you.  Silkie has been laying out some of the cleanest mix-downs since 2003 and this one is a perfect example.  Have a listen.

Silkie – Dub Breaks (2006/Antisocial Movement)

Second tune for this weeks rewind session is the infamous ‘War Dub’, produced by ‘Pinch & P.Dutty’.  The eerie intro, filled with truly deep and dark vibes, is complimented by one of the sickest drops to this day.  With that said, once the second drop comes the most pure forms of madness will rush through your blood giving you no choice but to commence brukking out to the hardest of your ability.  Released on Pinch’s label, Tectonic, in 2005 this track will forever rest as one of the hardest tunes of all time.

Pinch & P.Dutty – War Dub (2005/Tectonic)

Third track of the day comes from a producer who is too often overlooked, the man ‘Quest‘.  One of Deep Medi Musiks’ finest talents, and owner of some of the most beautiful tracks in the 140 arena, Quest is a man who is the epitome of the term ‘underground’.  This track, titled ‘Eden’, was released back in 2008 and sends out some of the most relaxed and translucent vibes.  The diminishing presence of horns combined with island-style strings really have to ability to take your mind to another plain of conciousness.  For all the heads, we know you know about Quest.  But, for those of you that haven’t heard his sounds, PLEASE go out and show some support to this man.  Buy his music, like his pages, tell your friends, do whatever you need to do.  Just DO IT.  Enjoy.

Quest – Eden (2008/Deep Medi Musik)

Today we are going to send you off with a tune written by the highest ranking spirit in Dubstep, ‘Mala‘.  Without a doubt one of the most influential artists, he has been very selectively releasing tunes since the inception of the genre.  Titled ‘Lean Forward’, this tune really exhibits the journey the each of Mala’s productions take the listener on.  Always a firm believer in the meditative power of music, Mala constantly implements this belief into his tunes.  Released in 2007 on Deep Medi Musik, this tune will always hit home for us.

Mala – Lean Forward (2007/Deep Medi Musik)

Alright, so we hope you all enjoyed today’s content.  Make sure you stop by BWS on Friday as we will be releasing our top tunes of 2011.  There is sure to be some bangers highlighted!

To the Gods.

-Bassweight Society

7 Questions for Seven : Exclusive Interview with One of UK’s Finest.

Tonight, Bassweight Society sits down with the badman Eddy Woo, aka Seven.  If you haven’t heard this name circulating around clean your ears out, because Seven’s ability to produce low-frequencies in such a HUGE fashion is hard to miss.  We here at  Bassweight Society recognize the talent that Eddy exhibits and show MAD support for his music.   Receiving a huge amount of support from long-time friend, Youngsta, Eddy’s transition into the dubstep scene was almost inevitable.  Acclaimed by many as one of “…the most technical DJ’s on the market today”, Seven takes his stage performance very seriously.  Eddy is a man who has truly dedicated his ENTIRE life to his music.  Especially lately with his debut album on the verge of release, which we’ll find out more about in our interview.  So lets get down to the business at hand, representing UK Dubstep worldwide across the globe…. Seven from Black Box Records, Wheel & Deal, Tempa and Subway Recs:

BWS:  How do you view the US dubstep scene? and How does it compare to the UK?
  • Seven: It’s kinda become its own thing really. It’s followed suit from the bro-step uprising which came out of the UK, produced by many dnb artists having a try at dubstep. But it varies greatly from the music we are making in the UK now. We have been through that era and although some UK parties and commercial radio stations still play that kinda music, the forward thinking nights and radio shows are all playing true UK dubstep at its finest. I think the sound will catch on in the USA.   As it did in the UK, people will just get bored with the same old noises over n over and the scene there will evolve and reshape.

BWS: What other musical influences outside of dubstep do you incorporate into your productions?

  • Seven: I get asked this a lot. I’m not even really that sure to be honest. I guess my dnb past plays a role in terms of the darkness i like to incorporate into my tunes. That whole 1996 – 1999 era of jungle/dnb shows through in the atmosphere I create in my tracks.
BWS: Listening to your mixing, you have a very technical style.  How do you play out live? and What do you want the audience to take home from your performances?
  • Seven: I use Serato and Technics 1210s. I grew up mixing on decks with vinyl, so it’s the only way I know how to do my thing the best I can.  When was a kid I used to chill with friends after big nights out and talk about tracks, DJ’s and mixes with so much enthusiasm. I hope people talk about me and my tunes like that after they come to see me perform live.  I love to DJ. I want people to enjoy what I do, like I enjoy doing it. It’s what comes natural to me and before any productions, so I put all my heart and soul into my sets. I treat it like a performance, in hope people go home and remember my set and anticipate seeing me again. I try to make the sets as intricate and exciting as I can. I try to make it all about euphoric build ups and big double drops with cutting edge music and future proof vibes.
BWS: What are your favorite production mediums? DAWs? Hardware? Software?
  • Seven: Mac Pro running Logic Pro. Moog and Virus Ti synths. UAD2 QUAD and various plug-ins. Mackie 824mk1 monitors.
BWS: Do you have any side projects in the works?
  • Seven: No, I have literally focused all my time on my album which is due for release anytime soon. I do make other music genres, but I am solely focused on what I’m doing right now. The album.
BWS: What motivated you to switch your sounds up to dubstep?  We know you used to make a lot of well-known drum and bass before your appearance in the dubstep scene.
  • Seven: DJ Youngsta is a close friend of mine. Around 2006 he asked me to make him a track to play in his sets. He knew my productions standards were of a professional level and was keen to hear me make a dubstep track for him. It didn’t take my persuading as I had found my sound to be very formulated in dnb. It felt more like a production line, than a fun vocation. So I went into the studio and made a track I named “Changing Lanes”. Youngsta played it in all of his sets and it encouraged me to make more.  So it was a turning point for me, and a huge one too. I began to make lots more dubstep. It really brought the fun back into production times.   I got caught up in a whirl wind with it after that and had a string of successful releases which cemented my roots into the scene.
BWS: Are there any releases that people should keep their eyes out for in the near future?
  • Seven: Yes. My debut album on Black Box Records. Titled “Evolution” we are just rounding up the project now and we’re hoping we can get it out before the end of the year.   It will feature 13 tracks by myself. No collabs apart from vocals inclusions. But I think people will be pleasantly surprised by who I have chosen. But that’s a surprise. It will be available on both vinyl, CD and digital formats and showcases my sound from all one side of the spectrum to the other.
Seven’s Soundcloud:
There you have it people, from the man himself.  Make sure you keep your eyes out for the full length album from Seven, due out very soon.
A special thanks from BWS to Seven for his support.
-Bassweight Society