F*ck Yeah Friday: Now Gimme’ Some Cornbread!

What’s good party people! So, the first weekend of the new year, 2012, has arrived. How are you guys going to start the year off? Hopefully within the answer to that question lies layers upon layers of low-end frequencies, nudity, consumption of alcohol, and, of course, spliffs. Pretty much the most crucial components to any weekend for us here at BWS. We hope that all of you had a great NYE, now it’s time to get rollin’ into 2012.

We have some really big plans for BWS this upcoming year, it’s going to be very exciting. We are going to be bringing in a lot of top-notch artists to all of our family that is located in Southern California so, those of you this is applicable to, make sure you keep your eyes on this page in addition to our Facebook page: Bassweight Society. Aside from the talent we will be bringing in, there will also be some re-vamping of our website. Starting next week there will be a post up each day Monday through Friday, so hopefully the two extra days of content will aid the suppression of ya’lls bass addiction. There are many more changes that will be happening this year, many which cannot be disclosed at the moment, so we hope everybody is ready for a sick year!

Now, since all of the formalities are out of the way, let’s get busy.

Today is going to be an eclectic one, as far as the music featured. We have a few songs that we felt needed to be highlighted, and one of them even has a FREE download accompanied with it!

The first tune that we have for you is one done by previously featured artist, Compa. Being nominated in the Dubstepforum awards as ‘Best New Producer’, this man is going to be blowing people away all year long. This tune was featured in Compa’s EXCLUSIVE Bassweight Society mix done back in November, and is titled ‘Signals’. This one is an absolute necessity to any deep-heads collection. This spacey track is most definitely what would be playing prior to stepping into a wormhole through space. It’s reverb-filled snare drums, sweeping risers, and astranged-sounding shakers all leave you in some sort of catatonic state of bewilderment. This one is a free download, so make sure you click that download link after listening. Don’t be afraid to give a shout out to Compa for this one either. Big ups Compa, much respect from us here at BWS.

Compa – Signals

The next track that we have you people is one produced by the almighty himself, Skream. He released word about this production around Christmas time stating it was “like Xmas Day Swagger’s ugly brother”. An absolute old-school jam this one is. The wobble on this tune is so clean and so well-executed it’s no wonder Skream is, without doubt, one of the most prolific artists in the history of Dubstep. Swag out with this track folks! BOOM.

Skream – Scrooge’s Revenge

Third on deck we have a tune from, yet again, Killawatt. Another contender in the ‘Best New Producer’ category in the Dubstepforum awards, Killawatt has one of the most unique and amazing styles we have seen lately. His ability to master any and all types of percussion remain no secret as his songs are layered with the most intricate sequences. The tune that we have you today, titled ‘Numb’, is one of the sickest tracks I (Kinman) have heard the past couple of months. The track is just, so, ….. COMPLETE. I don’t know how else to describe it. I listen to this song and feel nothing but satisfaction the entire time. Make sure that you have your subs turned up for this one, because it is truly one of the heaviest tracks. Massive outs to Killawatt for this all-time production. Hopefully we will be seeing a release sometime soon!

Killawatt – Numb

The final track that we have for ya’ll today is one from some of the heaviest sub-frequency producers out there, Subreachers. This one, despite it’s title, is filled with melody and soul. A real nice way to end any night, or start one for that matter. The catchy vocal sample immediately hooks you while the ravey-stabs and groovy string-riff immerse your mind and soul with nothing but straight VIBES! If you haven’t heard of these guys, you NEED to get on their level. Absolute DON-like material right here. Big up to the Subreachers! P.s. THIS ONE IS FREE TOO! Check the description for the DL link.

Subreachers – Bastards


Alright everybody that’s the word for today. We hope you enjoy the sounds and free downloads if you haven’t already copped them for yourself. Have a great weekend people! Let your mind be the guide.

To the Gods.

-Bassweight Society


Mix Mondays: Weight For The Week

Hello fam!  Welcome to a new feature we plan on keeping around at Bassweight Society, ‘Mix Mondays’.  As you all know, mixes are a great way to hear new dubs and generally skank the f*ck out.  This Monday we have three featured mixes to add some low-end to your week as you transition out of the weekend.

Our first mix comes from Evergreen Forest Records and previously featured artist, Marchmellow.  This mix goes in right from the start with a big forthcoming Marchmellow track and continues on heavy, ending with some very nice Evergreen forthcomings and Marchmellow dubs.  Check out the tracklist on Soundcloud and find some new favorites!

Marchmellow – Evergreen Forest Records Mix

California based artist, Roommate, provides us with our second mix, taken from his Soundcloud page.  Roommate has been smashing it on the West Coast and throughout the U.S., all while releasing a wide variety of Bassweight approved dubs.  This mix showcases just that, as Roomates ability to create great Reggae influenced jams and Dubstep bangers is seen.  Wih 16 ORIGINAL tracks, this mix is highly recommended to kick off any day as its jah-lectrified sounds will surely diminish any feelings of angst or anxiety towards the week.  The mix puts the “Dub” into “Dubstep”.

Roommate – Mix For Jamaica


Monday’s final mix comes from Bassweight Society’s own, Kinman.  Like the above mixes, a subwoofer is highly recommended with this one.  Kinman shows his love for the deeper sounds of Dubstep by bringing 40 minutes of non-stop DARKNESS.  Showcasing tunes from the likes of Killawatt, Thelem, Truth, and Matt-U, to name a few, this mix vibes for all the deep heads.

Kinman – Bassweight Sessions Volume 1


Now that you’re busy listening, we hope you can find some new artists and get inspired.  If you still need to get your mix fix, check out last weeks post with an exclusive all vinyl set for BWS from upcoming artist, Compa.  This mix is, truly, not to be missed.

Compa – Bassweight Society Exclusive All Vinyl Mix


Thanks for reading everybody.  Keep on skankin’.

-Bassweight Society

Frequency Friday

Good day, folks. A lot of interesting/controversial things have happened within Dubstep this past week. Whether it was the victors of the 2011 Dubstep Music Awards held in Birmingham (Don’t forget the girl that received the “trigger finger”, so eloquently put by Skream, front row. Pictured above.), or a certain somebody receiving Grammy nominations. Everybody has their two-cents and it is a conversation so circular that it would be useless for us to even spark a debate about. All we will say is that Electronic music, Bass music included, has encountered a new frontier, whether you consider it a positive or a negative, and we are very interested to see how everything pans out. So today, on this beautiful day in Southern California, we are going to bring you some fresh new weight that we’ve seen circulating.

The first track we have for you is, yet again, an absolute gem from the badman Benton. This track, titled ‘Equilibrium’, emits some amazingly dark vibes. With misinterpreted claims about the Mayan calender predicting the end of the world next year, the vocal sample of this track is seemingly too perfect. A spacey soundscape takes the listener on a mystical journey into the heavy hitting drop filled with an ABSOLUTE amount of pressure on the low-end. Make sure to have your subs turned up when you listen to this apocalyptic masterpiece.

Benton – Equilibrium

The next two tunes that we have for you are produced by Jack Sparrow. The first tune is a 170 production, but on the slower side. It is a remix of ‘The Way I See You’ done by Maidu, and is an absolute roller! The beautiful vocals on this track perfectly compliment the break patterned drum sequences, as the hard-hitting bassline occupies the space left over. The second tune is a collaboration between J. Sparrow, Ruckspin, and Quantam Soul. This bongo-filled, meditation-induced stomper is truly one for the deep heads. The evolution/flow of this tune is a perfect example of how mixdowns should be constructed. Big ups to the man like Jack Sparrow, as well as Ruckspin and Quantam Soul!

J. Sparrow – The Way I See You (Remix)

J. Sparrow/Ruckspin/Quantam Soul – Minotaur

The next two tunes come from the Belgian production duo, Requake. These guy are truly underrated in our opinion and deserve MUCH MORE exposure! Do yourselves, and us, a favor by checking these guys out and spreading there sounds to everybody you know (IF you haven’t already done so). The first track is one titled ‘Thalys’. This tune hit so hard and makes your sub flex to its true potential! The second tune, titled ‘Berrua’, automatically sparks the “head-nod” onto its listeners. This bouncy low-end production is a great way to start off the day.

Requake – Thalys

Requake – Berrua

Bladoww! There you have it everyone, a Friday filled with a sufficient amount of bass-WEIGHT. Please visit the artists links listed above, “like” their page, give em’ a shout, and do anything else you can think of to support the continuance of their productions. Most importantly, GO OUT AND BUY THEIR DAMN MUSIC!!

Peace everybody, stay BLESSED.

-Bassweight Society

Exclusive ALL-VINYL Mix & Interview w/Compa: The UK’s Quick Rising Newcomer

Boy do we have a special treat for the Bassweight family today!  It is our pleasure and, most importantly, our honor to get words from the man himself, Compa.  Since his first commercial appearance on GetDarker TV, March of this year, with Joe Nice and Watson, Compa has been blowing people away with his perpetually dark and heavy interpretations of the 140 arena.  Already gaining residency at the ‘Just Skank‘ nights in Manchester, he has played next to a countless number of Dubstep icons.  Compa’s unrivaled rise in the ranks stands tall and is backed with a nearly infinite arsenal of dubplates.  This is a man who truly embodies the vinyl culture, sacrificing his appetite, by funding the custom pressing of his acetate.  The time and dedication that this man puts into his productions, DJing, and appearances is truly inspiring.  On top of his already MASSIVE plate, Compa makes time to host his radio sessions, every Wednesday 2-4pm, on Sub.fm.  So make sure you tune in to hear the freshest of ‘dubplates’ from many prolific artists as well as newcomers.  Within his debut year Will has already managed to throw two huge releases under his belt with ‘Dreams/Them Dogs’ (Inna Riddim Records) and ‘Aftermath/Darker Observations'(Futureworks Music).  Listening to Compa’s music will take your mind through a history lesson on Dubstep as his sounds can be categorized with those of Mala, Loefah, and even early Skream.  The greatest thing about his sounds is that they are as fresh and new as they are classic and timeless.  Rather than just imitate the sounds of Dubsteps foundation, Compa has been able to build upon those foundations with the innovative and unique attributes in his music.  There is definitely no slowing down for this newcomer and only time will tell the amazing things that this english prodigy will have. Find out more about Compa and what he has in store for the future as we have a chat:
BWS:  For those who don’t know, can you give us a quick rundown on yourself.
  • COMPA: I’m Compa. I’m a Dubstep music producer from Manchester. I’m originally from slightly further up north, A small town called Clitheroe to be precise, and right now I’m studying music production at university.

BWS:  What in your life led you to DJing and producing?  Have you always been around music, or did it just hit you one day?

  • COMPA:  When I was growing up, age 13 at youth club, I started Djing.   Later that year I bought turntables.  I was obsessed with playing music.  It came from nowhere.  None of my family were musicians, it just came natural.  At the time, everyone was playing house music, and later when I met other DJ’s they were playing Drum N Bass music.  I just followed on.  I started buying records and religiously attending youth club to mix weekely.  I’ve never stopped.

BWS:   Being an upcoming producer/dj establishing himself in the uk scene with some of the major heavyweights, yet at the moment being relatively unknown in the US, what are your hopes over the next year as far as spreading your music in the US and possibly gigging over here?

  • COMPA:  If I’m honest, I don’t know really how people end up hearing music and my name.  I get people from all over the world now asking about my music and I just feel like saying “Hold on, How do you even know about me?”.  But I’m pleased and blessed have come even this far so quickly.  Over the course of 2012 there will be more music made as standard, I’m not going to slow down.  So hopefully some of the music will be well received in the U.S through people like yourselves, especially after the releases I have planned for next year come out.  I’m hoping to join an agency over the next 12 months, if I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity, who I hope will be able to help me travel a little bit more internationally.  Up to now I’ve only played one gig outside of the UK.  That was in Sweden for the ‘Dubstep Bastards’ club night.  I have been talking to a few promoters in the U.S about coming over but let’s just have fate do it’s thing … (and if you’re reading this, book me!)

BWS:   Who are a few artists that you most look up to in the scene and why?

  • COMPA:  I’ve looked up to Mala and Kode9 for years because their music was the first Dubstep music that I heard so their influence was the original influence on me.  The sounds they use, the music they make – it’s all perfect to me.  Very inspiring, but recently I’ve been trying to concentrate on building my own ‘sound’.  If I was to list all my inspirations we would be here for a long time, but to list a few producers off the top of my head who’s music I really respect and enjoy; Goth-Trad, Burial, Loefah, Coki, Tunnidge, Cyrus, Vivek, Skream, Benga, Distance, Breakage, Pinch, Kromestar, Headhunter, Youngsta and Icicle.  Nearly all of which I’ve already been lucky enough to have played alongside (obviously not Burial though unfortunately).
BWS:  Being a resident at the ‘Just Skank’ nights places you on stage with some of the most prolific and respected artists in the Dubstep scene (Mala & Coki, Cyrus, Pinch, Vivek, Goth-Trad, Cluekid and Kromestar just to name a few).  Did you ever imagine that you would be in the position you are today?
  • COMPA:  Not at all.  I’ve always been so thankful to Pete and Jorge at ‘Just Skank’ for having me as a resident.  They’ve done me so many favours, and if not for them I wouldn’t have been able play alongside so many of the producers who inspire me, like you’ve listed above.

BWS:  Given that you’re one of the last DJ’s to spin only vinyl, or acetate more accurately, do you take this same analog approach to your productions?  Do you use hardware synths and sequencers, or do you handle your writing within the computer?

  • COMPA:  I don’t use any analogue equipment.  I can’t afford it if I’m honest.  Every spare penny goes on cutting acetates.  Sometimes I even walk a few miles to University and go without food if I know I have to cut dubplates before a certain date.  I’ve kind of settled into a piece of toast for breakfast and a ready meal for tea.  To answer the question: I made all my music inside Logic. 100% software.

BWS:  What are three vinyl’s that came out in the last 12 months that are needed in any person’s collection? No right or wrong answer here mate, just a matter of preference.
  • COMPA:  The last 12 months have seen a lot of music that has really inspired me being released, by a lot of great producers, established and up-and-comers, particularly in the early stages of this year on Deep Medi.  In fact, all three of these releases have come out on the Deep Medi imprint.  The label has always been number one for me in terms of consistency and quality, each and every.
  1. Mala – Return II Space (DMZLP001)
  2. Vivek – Eyes Down (MEDI042)
  3. Goth-Trad – Sunbeam (MEDI048)

BWS:  Radio is a great way to reach a large audience, it gives you a chance to play your new dubs as well as play out the artists you support. How has having your own radio show benefitted you and enabled you to network your way into the scene?

  • COMPA:  I’ve been able to play people the music I love as well as play people new music, and I love to be able to actually talk and interact with the people who feel the same about the Dubstep music that I play.  It’s also been a great way for people who don’t know what I’m about yet to hear me do my thing live and hear the stuff that I play in a typical DJ set.  If you didn’t already know I play on Sub FM every Wednesday at 2-4pm GMT.

BWS:  You recently played on the world-famous Rinse Fm down in London, The radio responsible for breaking Wiley’s career, as well as helping Skream, Benga, Youngsta and Hatcha become famous, and the same station that holds shows by Distance, Plastician, Oneman and Youngsta, How did it feel to visit the studio and how has the appearance benefitted you?

  • COMPA:  It was surreal.  I wasn’t even nervous because I just felt so honoured and blessed to be able to visit the studio. meet some of the people that I look up to face-to-face and play a set on the radio.  Playing on Rinse FM was a lifetime aspiration, I can’t believe I’ve had the chance to do that this early on in my career.  Truly blessed.  Big thanks to Ben who sorted it for me.  After the show my Twitter exploded, as did the Rinse FM twitter when we were in the studio and I’ve had lots more positive reactions my music.  A few bookings came off the back of the airtime too, which was great.

BWS:  What’s are your favourite tracks at the moment in dubstep and outside of dubstep?

  • COMPA:  Well I pretty much religiously listen to Rinse FM and Sub FM ever day, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Hip-Hop like Nas, Redman, Doom, Jay-Z, De la soul and Gangstarr.  On top of a lot of Techno and Funky.  I’m always listening to everything really.  I love Funk and Soul, too.

BWS:   Gotta say, Dem A Talk is an absolute gem. Great to hear that reggae chant throughout the tune accompanied by low-end pressure. Has reggae played an influential roll in your musical development?  If so, what artists are big inspirations to you and can we expect to hear more reggae influenced riddims in the future?

  • COMPA:  If I’m honest I don’t really listen to much Reggae music at all and I never have.  I wish I could say that Reggae and Dub music has influenced me because I know originally when Dubstep music began being produced there a Dub element to the sound and half-step tempo but, no.  Originally I played drums at a very young age and I was into Punk Rock, Metal and then like I mentioned, I got into House and Electronic music in general and it all progressed from there until I ended up falling in love with Dubstep music.

BWS:  What should people be on the look out for, as far as upcoming releases for the remainder of 2011 and early 2012?

  • COMPA:  This year, nothing else coming out.  Next year I’ve got three 12″ releases planned so far.  One of which will be a bootleg coming out on vinyl-only, without a digital release.  One making my debut vinyl release on Boka Records and one on Area Recordings.  Really looking forward to seeing those releases come out.  Hopefully next year I’ll be able to release some other bits too.  Only the future will tell.

BWS:   Where can people hear more of your music?

  • COMPA:  Soundcloud is good (Link Below).  But live is best on a good sound system.  I handle bookings myself at the minute so if you’d like me to play for you, feel free to get in touch via email at: willcompa@hotmail.com.
Thanks for the feature.  Much Respect.
Well a BIG UP to Compa for taking the time to answer our questions!  Below you will find links to Compa’s Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Personal website.  Please support by visiting his pages and listening to his music!  Make sure you keep your eyes open for those releases due out early 2012.  To really end things with a bang, we have an EXCLUSIVE mix from Compa done primarily with ‘dubs’ and entirely on acetate!!!  An absolutely MASSIVE shout to Compa for taking the time to put together this  true badman rinse out.  Sit back with the subs ready to FLEX.
Compa – Exclusive Bassweight Society Mix/30 November 2011
1. Mala – Return II Space (Deep Medi Musik)
2. Compa – Dem A Talk (Dub)
3. Biome – Untitled (Dub)
4. Compa – Sentence (Forthcoming Boka)
5. Compa – Signals (Dub)
6. Compa – Before U (Dub)
7. Coki – Gobin (Ringo)
8. Subreachers – Tidals Vip (Dub)
9. Biome – Untitled
10. J:Kenzo – Ruffhouse (Forthcoming Tempa)
-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

Another Day, Another Dubplate

Damn, another week has passed!  The days just keep flying by.  We hope everybody has been enjoying their holiday season thus far.  Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is the celebration of a terrible combination of genocide and ethnocentrism, it is always nice to get together with the family and friends that you don’t often see.  Today we are going to be bringing you some ABSOLUTELY HUGE upcoming releases.

First off is a release from one of the most OG bass music producers on the planet, Headhunter (aka Addison Groove).  This artist has been producing some of the most amazing tunes since day 1 of his appearance.  Having already established himself as one of the most respected producers in the Dubstep scene, he has been releasing tunes under the moniker Addison Groove with an acid-juke vibe.  Of course, he has been killing it with those productions as well.  But he’s back with some ridiculously large Dubstep productions to be released on Black Box Records (BLKBOX020), due out in early December of this year.  The ‘A’ side, a track called ‘Clone’, is an absolute dance floor messiah.  The 808 style kick drum vibrates through your whole body in this heavyweight roller!  On the flip, ‘Projector’, Headhunters massive bass line capabilities are complimented by the shuffly high hat sequence that makes it nearly impossible to refuse moving your legs to the beat.

Headhunter – Clone

Headhunter – Projector

Secondly, we are bringing you a release from the Budapest bass-slanger, Matt-U.  Not too long after his extremely recognized released, ‘Watchin’ U EP’, he is back with another chest-rattling trio, called the ‘Straightened Up EP’.  This release contains 3 tracks that truly embody the Bassweight Society ideals.  The first track, ‘Straightened Up’, is one that we heard dropped early this year on mix, that we can’t remember who did, and we went BONKERS.  The synth in this track makes you feel like a gangster just by listening!  The second tune, ‘Mind Game’, takes you on a journey through some extremely deep bass production seeming almost as if you’re in a slow-motion vortex the whole time.  The last and final track on this Release, called ‘Caveman’, rolls out heavy hitting kick drums that keep your head nodding and your feet stomping!  Catch this release out on December 19th on Subway Music (SUBWAY019).

Matt-U Straightened Up EP

To finish the day off, we bring you a release from Benton.  Ol’ Dirty Benton has been making some of the heaviest tunes on the market this past year and shows no signs of slowing down.  This release, which is due out on Wheel & Deal Records (WHEELNDEAL025) December of 2011 or early 2012, speaks for itself.  The ‘A’ side, ‘Wormholes’, is a 100bpm track that gives you some extremely eerie vibes as the shaker almost too closely resembles the sound of a rattlesnake telling you to back off.  The flip, ‘Sleepless’, is back to the 140 business and emits quite the vibration through your subwoofer.  Both of these tunes are of proper production and display Benton’s very well articulated talent.

Benton – Wormholes

Benton – Sleepless

Well that’s the word for today, kids.  You can find all of these releases on Chemical Records, so please support these artists by purchasing them either in digital or, ideally, vinyl format.  Hope everyone enjoys the sounds!

Peace & One Love To The Gods.

-Bassweight Society