LX One – ‘Scary People/Why’ [WHLYDLY]


Big up fam’

I’m finally back from my desert hiatus, feeling realigned and fuming with more motivation towards positivity than I’ve ever felt prior in my life.

I’ve got a release that played a huge role in my desert experience as I was constantly blaring it throughout the week, swaying my body through the dust storms and feeling as if I was roaming a completely different planet.  The vocal and production don – LX One – comes correct with another dose of his signature swinging grooves and subtlety twisted mid-frequencies.  Marking his third return to N-Type’s Wheal & Deal label, following ‘You/Give It Up’ and ‘Losing Control/On My Own’ dropped in 2011 and 2012, respectively, both ‘Scary People’ and ‘Why’ exhibit LX’s affliction for halfstep beat construction and spaciously impactful sub-bass presence.  The A-side is a strict roller with the kick energy and heavily modulated bassline creating an aesthetic similar to what I imagine evading a gang of goons through an underground tunnel would produce.  Maybe?  ‘Why’ takes on a more percussive character with the generous application of subtle drum and atmosphere tracks, providing perpetual movement in the groove.

There is also a massive treat for the listeners that buy through the Wheal & Deal Surus store, as ‘You VIP’ has been included as a digital exclusive to all purchases made through Surus.  ‘You’ was one of my favorite tracks from 2011, so to have the VIP in my possession is a dope feeling, and I’m sure many of you will feel the same 🙂

The release dropped today and is available for purchase through all major record retailers, both vinyl and digital.  I’ve provided some links below as well as a preview to the release.  Hope you enjoy!

Release Date:  September 9th 2013



Buy Link || SURUS | JUNO | BOOMKAT ||




I’ll catch you next time!  One love.

– Kinman


Drummed Out: Quantum Soul, Biome, Benton, & TMSV

Gwwwwaaaarnnn get up now!  What’s good folks…Hope everybody is doing well on this glorious day!  We gotta’ bunch of freshies for your ears today, encompassing a vast spectrum of style.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

I wanted to start things off with a proper dub-styled jam from the one and only TMSV.  This guy makes some of the cleanest sub-bass in the game.  The tune, ‘Attention’, comes in nice and sends some extremely positive vibrations through your mind and soul.  Endless delays, climbing basslines, dubbed out vocals, the whole-nine yards with this one.  I would really like to see this get a release!  On a side note, I am really feeling these dub-wise tunes that TMSV has been writing on the late.  Stoked to hear more of it!

TMSV – Attention


This next bit is moving back towards the darker side of the spectrum.  Biome has seriously been on such a massive run lately with amount of top-notch tunes he has been putting out.  ‘Persepolis’ on Macabre Unit Vinyl, ‘The Raven’/’Hybrid’ Remix on Osiris, and his 3 track release on the Deep Heads label.  Like I said, serious business this guy.  This track was put up on the Deep Heads soundcloud page earlier today and is another percussion flooded roller from the badman.  Subs up, eyes down for this one.

Biome – The Road


Moving straight into the depths of the spectrum now with this preview of Benton’s ‘Defect Mind’, forthcoming on his Wheel & Deal album ‘Reflections’.  Benton is a producer who has a sound distinct to only himself, in my opinion.  The dark and sinister vocal clips, the slumping bass lines, and fine-tuned atmospherics are always present inna’ production with this guy.  Put your ouija board away before you press play on this one ;).

Benton – Defect Mind (Forthcoming Wheel & Deal)


I wanted save this next tune for last because I believe it will send everybody off with a BANG!  Coming from the hands of our friend Quantum Soul is a remix done for SideProjekt’s tune ‘Temple’.  An absolute sub workout, this one!  Such an immense variety of sounds intricately placed together to create the massive amount of energy that this tune puts out.  Some SEEEERRIOUS soundsystem music!  Clear some space for the skankin’ that will undoubtedly occur once you press play.


BLESS!  Hope you are all diggin’ the tunes for today.  Support the artists by buying their music and seeing them spin when they come to your town!  It’s a rough lifestyle for most of our favorite artists (obviously not the large names) so don’t make it any rougher on them by jacking the product of their countless hours in the studio.  Fo’ real do’.  We’ll catch you next time.

To the gods.


For The Ears Of The Inhabitants


Man, what the f*ck. The weekends go by way too fast! Someone needs to institute some sort of last Friday of every month off type ting’, there is just not enough time to unwind with only two days. We spend too much time worrying about the next bill due or the numbers on the clock. It’s things like these that many psychologists believe to be the underlying cause of the violence and contempt that humans exhibit. We are not innately evil, nor violent, we as humans strive for cooperation, collectivism, and functionality. All the worlds evils; self-righteousness, greed, angst, social inequity, etc., are products of an absence of love. The human spirit has been starved of its capabilities. It is a shame we have lost so much of the imagination and mysticism that once flooded the human psyche. Great minds are often wasted because an individual has never been given the chance to recognize his/her potential. My all-time favorite author, William Blake, once wrote that ” He whos face gives no light, shall never become a star. Eternity is in love with the productions of time.” (Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Proverbs of Hell) These words are so profound and each can gather their own sentiment from them.

Anyways, thank the heavens that we have music to uplift our souls! We are back with another week filled with quality music for all the readers ears’, so we hope you enjoy them.

This first tune hails from the production arsenals of PinchandPhotek. Pinch, who was responsible for founding Subloaded, one of the UK’s first pure dubstep nights, has recently been spending most of his time in the 120-135 area. Always one of the largest advocates of forward-thinking, he has been marrying a vast amount of styles within his sets. Listening to his mixing you will hear anything and everything from straight techno to chest-hollowing bass anthems. This recent collaboration with Photek, like his mixing, blends a pool of styles together to form a tune that appeals to listeners from all ends of the electronic music spectrum. Punchy synths, syncopated vocals, and huge sub-frequencies. Lend an ear!

Pinch & Photek – Acid Reign (Pinch’s dubplate version)


The second one we have is from Wheel & Deals latest hype,Surge . Last week we brought a tune that he did with N-Type, and it was nothing short of FIRE! Today, we have a solo release from the man like ‘Surge’ featuring the tracks ‘Leech’ and ‘Swaying Mantis’. This one just hit the stores today so make sure to grab your copy before it’s gone. Featuring the vocals of an artist unknown to us here at BWS, Leech is an anthem of perseverance. Merging deep, dark, and heavy with beautiful, free, and passionate, this one is pure vibes. The flip is straight-up BASSWEIGHT. One for all the deep-steppers that will mash up the dance! If you want to learn more about Surge, check out this piece that Knowledge Magazine did on him here.

Surge – Leech ft. Pyxis

Surge – Swaying Mantis


Last one is from one of the sickest duo’s out there right now. The Soap Dodgers have been releasing HUGE tunes like no other. Both tunes on this release are some of the most anthemic rave tunes we’ve heard to this day. Absolutely massive synths are met with even more massive bass notes. This is another release from the Wheel & Deal label, these guys are on top of things lately! Due out some time in February of this year, this release is an absolute must have.

Soap Dodgers – Rachel Went South

Soap Dodgers – Belly


That’s it for today. Bless up. Be free. Expose your mind.

Bassweight Society (Kinman)

Another Day, Another Dubplate

Damn, another week has passed!  The days just keep flying by.  We hope everybody has been enjoying their holiday season thus far.  Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is the celebration of a terrible combination of genocide and ethnocentrism, it is always nice to get together with the family and friends that you don’t often see.  Today we are going to be bringing you some ABSOLUTELY HUGE upcoming releases.

First off is a release from one of the most OG bass music producers on the planet, Headhunter (aka Addison Groove).  This artist has been producing some of the most amazing tunes since day 1 of his appearance.  Having already established himself as one of the most respected producers in the Dubstep scene, he has been releasing tunes under the moniker Addison Groove with an acid-juke vibe.  Of course, he has been killing it with those productions as well.  But he’s back with some ridiculously large Dubstep productions to be released on Black Box Records (BLKBOX020), due out in early December of this year.  The ‘A’ side, a track called ‘Clone’, is an absolute dance floor messiah.  The 808 style kick drum vibrates through your whole body in this heavyweight roller!  On the flip, ‘Projector’, Headhunters massive bass line capabilities are complimented by the shuffly high hat sequence that makes it nearly impossible to refuse moving your legs to the beat.

Headhunter – Clone

Headhunter – Projector

Secondly, we are bringing you a release from the Budapest bass-slanger, Matt-U.  Not too long after his extremely recognized released, ‘Watchin’ U EP’, he is back with another chest-rattling trio, called the ‘Straightened Up EP’.  This release contains 3 tracks that truly embody the Bassweight Society ideals.  The first track, ‘Straightened Up’, is one that we heard dropped early this year on mix, that we can’t remember who did, and we went BONKERS.  The synth in this track makes you feel like a gangster just by listening!  The second tune, ‘Mind Game’, takes you on a journey through some extremely deep bass production seeming almost as if you’re in a slow-motion vortex the whole time.  The last and final track on this Release, called ‘Caveman’, rolls out heavy hitting kick drums that keep your head nodding and your feet stomping!  Catch this release out on December 19th on Subway Music (SUBWAY019).

Matt-U Straightened Up EP

To finish the day off, we bring you a release from Benton.  Ol’ Dirty Benton has been making some of the heaviest tunes on the market this past year and shows no signs of slowing down.  This release, which is due out on Wheel & Deal Records (WHEELNDEAL025) December of 2011 or early 2012, speaks for itself.  The ‘A’ side, ‘Wormholes’, is a 100bpm track that gives you some extremely eerie vibes as the shaker almost too closely resembles the sound of a rattlesnake telling you to back off.  The flip, ‘Sleepless’, is back to the 140 business and emits quite the vibration through your subwoofer.  Both of these tunes are of proper production and display Benton’s very well articulated talent.

Benton – Wormholes

Benton – Sleepless

Well that’s the word for today, kids.  You can find all of these releases on Chemical Records, so please support these artists by purchasing them either in digital or, ideally, vinyl format.  Hope everyone enjoys the sounds!

Peace & One Love To The Gods.

-Bassweight Society