LX One – ‘Scary People/Why’ [WHLYDLY]


Big up fam’

I’m finally back from my desert hiatus, feeling realigned and fuming with more motivation towards positivity than I’ve ever felt prior in my life.

I’ve got a release that played a huge role in my desert experience as I was constantly blaring it throughout the week, swaying my body through the dust storms and feeling as if I was roaming a completely different planet.  The vocal and production don – LX One – comes correct with another dose of his signature swinging grooves and subtlety twisted mid-frequencies.  Marking his third return to N-Type’s Wheal & Deal label, following ‘You/Give It Up’ and ‘Losing Control/On My Own’ dropped in 2011 and 2012, respectively, both ‘Scary People’ and ‘Why’ exhibit LX’s affliction for halfstep beat construction and spaciously impactful sub-bass presence.  The A-side is a strict roller with the kick energy and heavily modulated bassline creating an aesthetic similar to what I imagine evading a gang of goons through an underground tunnel would produce.  Maybe?  ‘Why’ takes on a more percussive character with the generous application of subtle drum and atmosphere tracks, providing perpetual movement in the groove.

There is also a massive treat for the listeners that buy through the Wheal & Deal Surus store, as ‘You VIP’ has been included as a digital exclusive to all purchases made through Surus.  ‘You’ was one of my favorite tracks from 2011, so to have the VIP in my possession is a dope feeling, and I’m sure many of you will feel the same 🙂

The release dropped today and is available for purchase through all major record retailers, both vinyl and digital.  I’ve provided some links below as well as a preview to the release.  Hope you enjoy!

Release Date:  September 9th 2013



Buy Link || SURUS | JUNO | BOOMKAT ||




I’ll catch you next time!  One love.

– Kinman


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