LX One – ‘Scary People/Why’ [WHLYDLY]


Big up fam’

I’m finally back from my desert hiatus, feeling realigned and fuming with more motivation towards positivity than I’ve ever felt prior in my life.

I’ve got a release that played a huge role in my desert experience as I was constantly blaring it throughout the week, swaying my body through the dust storms and feeling as if I was roaming a completely different planet.  The vocal and production don – LX One – comes correct with another dose of his signature swinging grooves and subtlety twisted mid-frequencies.  Marking his third return to N-Type’s Wheal & Deal label, following ‘You/Give It Up’ and ‘Losing Control/On My Own’ dropped in 2011 and 2012, respectively, both ‘Scary People’ and ‘Why’ exhibit LX’s affliction for halfstep beat construction and spaciously impactful sub-bass presence.  The A-side is a strict roller with the kick energy and heavily modulated bassline creating an aesthetic similar to what I imagine evading a gang of goons through an underground tunnel would produce.  Maybe?  ‘Why’ takes on a more percussive character with the generous application of subtle drum and atmosphere tracks, providing perpetual movement in the groove.

There is also a massive treat for the listeners that buy through the Wheal & Deal Surus store, as ‘You VIP’ has been included as a digital exclusive to all purchases made through Surus.  ‘You’ was one of my favorite tracks from 2011, so to have the VIP in my possession is a dope feeling, and I’m sure many of you will feel the same 🙂

The release dropped today and is available for purchase through all major record retailers, both vinyl and digital.  I’ve provided some links below as well as a preview to the release.  Hope you enjoy!

Release Date:  September 9th 2013



Buy Link || SURUS | JUNO | BOOMKAT ||




I’ll catch you next time!  One love.

– Kinman


Sparxy – Gravitation EP [PORK009]


“Sparxy is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in dubstep and UK bass music, and with this EP he shows no sign of letting up on momentum.”

What’s good fam’.

Today I want showcase the ninth release on quickly rising label Bacon Dubs.  Since early 2011 the imprint has been releasing music from some of the scenes most deadly newcomers like DubApes, Reamz, and label boss Sparxy.  Here at Bassweight Society we’ve covered more than a few of the tracks put out on Bacon Dubs simply because the production quality is top-notch and many of the beats are of the few that find a common ground between foundation style bassweight and the aggressive nature of mid-range basslines.  PORK009 is another EP from the hands of Sparxy with collaborations from Fused Forces and Mannix.  There’s also a remix of Sparxy’s 006 release ‘Mr. Robot’ from newcomer Area Zero.  The beats from this release have been receiving support across the board from some of the most influential DJ’s in the underground – Skream & Benga, N-Type, Truth, Soap Dodgers, and J:Kenzo to name a few.  It’s honestly no surprise that this release is receiving such a high amount of praise because each of the tracks are absolute rinsers, each having a very unique structure and sound – ranging from 4×4 to groove swung half-step.


Gravitation ||

As the releases title track it opens up the mood quite nicely with its swinging grooves and droid-like mids.  Placing very minor percussive elements intricately throughout the mix really fills out the ethos of the track.  This is a perfect beat to grab the crowds attention and let them know you’re not here to mess about.

The Guardian ft. Mannix ||

This beat fit is nothing short of a 4×4 techno stomper!  the clean sub hits, pounding tribal kick patterns, and overall energy of create a serious rave vibe.  The tone of the vocal sample used perfectly round off the beat by complimenting its sinister presence.  The reverb-drenched, but still dry, hit of the snare add a great high frequency element to keep the mix fresh throughout.

Leviathan ft. Fused Forces ||

This collaboration with Fused Forces is without a doubt one of the largest tunes I have heard thus far in 2012.  The track title couldn’t be better suited for the monstrous presence of gritty reeses and sci-fi score eeriness heard in distant chimes lurking beneath the mix.  And f*cking hell – that kick drum!  Seriously, the variety of modulations applied to the basslines in this beat are beyond me.  This is one of those that can honestly send blood rushing through your veins in the same fashion our sympathetic nervous system would after seeing a Bengal Tiger turn the corner on us.  Flat-out mental.



Bladddoowww fam’.  I hope that you enjoy the sounds!  Be sure to stop by Sparxy’s pages (below) to show him some support if you’re feeling his sound:


Below are links to purchase PORK009 so make sure to cop yours!:


See you next time!

To the gods.


Cut Classics: A Step Back

Welcome back from what was hopefully a dope weekend! Starting off this week proper we’re going to feature some vintage tunes that fit well in the mix. Released mostly on CD’s and vinyls, these tracks may be hard to acquire, but are absolutely worth the effort of tracking down. Reaching from 2007 to 2009, these classic tunes fit in well with any present day dubstep set and can really set the dancefloor on fire when used correctly. Featuring sounds from Tes la Rok, Benga, and DZ,  blow the dust off and check out these tunes.


First up is a tune that eerily foreshadowed the sounds that are present today, back in 2007. Featuring elements from all across the bass spectrum, DZ’s,  ‘Strong on Ya’ , surely is not a track to be lost in the archives. Sharp synths cut through the mix nicely, bumpy mid range add hop, and amen breaks meld it all together to create a jam that would hold its own in 2012. Pressed in 2007 on Hotflush Recordings, this release also features a massive flip side entitled ‘Slums Dub’.



Next up is an absolute party jam that can change the tone of any dance floor with the flick of the fader. This sing-a-long anthem made its rounds on the mix and live circuit back in 2007, and is bound to make a comeback. Tes la Rok’s remix of Uncle Sam’s ‘Round the World Girls’ released on Argon in ’07 will most likely be a hard find for the vinyl collector, but anyone can purchase both the remix and the VIP on Amazon (256kbps).



This next tune is an absolute pleasure to play out particularly because its sharp synth patterns that cut through and add to any mix. Fans and Dj’s alike can equally appreciate this futuristic-party track by the ever-diverse, Benga. Released in 2009 on N-Type and Hatcha’s Sin City Records, ‘On the Edge’ is featured on The Croydon Dubheadz Compilation vinyl as a well-deserved A-Side. Give it a listen and you will see why  its always a good thing to dig deep in the record bag and brush off a dusty one.



Thanks for listening to these tunes and we hope you’ve found something you can take away with you. Playing and hearing these finely aged tracks really add to a live show so don’t hesitate to drop some senior sub pressure on the masses and make sure to skank out if you hear one of these at the club. Check back tomorrow for another quality post, and some more fine tunes to discover.



-BWS (Shice)

Cato’s Funky Steppa EP, Camu, Stigma, & Gestalt

Eassssyyyyyyy people.  Hope this post is reaching you in good health and spirits!  I am absolutely exhausted from watching Breakage last night in Hollywood.   Up into the early hours of the morning.  Every time I see that man my level of respect jumps up immensely.  He is truly one of the sickest producers/DJ’s in the game.  His style of music is so unique, constantly coming at you with these huge 4×4 kick drums and some of the most ravey synths I have ever heard.  If any of you haven’t been lucky enough to see one his performances I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a ticket to his show next time he comes to your town.  He went into some jungle last night for about 15 minutes too and it was just straight vibes man.  It was really sick to see all these little kids who, for the most part, didn’t even know who he was just go nuts.  I mean honestly I don’t think you can resist brukking out to your fullest potential when he hops on the decks, his skills are unmatched.  Big up to the Bassrush crew for bringing him out to the Funktion Wednesday’s, BWS was there is full effect and had a blast.  Tonight, if you’re in the LA area I would highly recommend checking out Respect at the Dragonfly as Atlantic Connection will be headlining and that performance will most definitely be worth checking out!

Now, let’s get down to today’s music.  First up we have another release coming from the homies over at Inna Riddim.  The Funky Steppa EP, coming from new found talentCato, is filled with 4 tracks of varying stylistic approach, all real quality productions.  Personally, my favorite tune on this release is ‘Dizzy Cow’.  This tune comes with a mad funky drop that sets the dance up perfectly for footwork business!  Cato is definitely a guy to keep your eyes on because it’s very likely that he will be making big moves this year.  Very shortly after Inna Riddim snagged him up for this EP, N-Type took notice of Cato and signed the track ‘Who’s Cato’ to release on his 100% Pure Dubstep vol.2 compilation that was released March of last year.  The Funky Steppa EP will be available for download at all major digital outlets such as Juno, Beatport, and Itunes.  Take a listen below to preview and show Cato some love!

Cato – Funky Steppa EP (INNAR009)


Also, check out a couple of releases that Cato has due out on Sin City, BANGERS.

Cato – Face The System (Forthcoming Sin City Records)


Cato – Frenzy (Forthcoming Sin City Records)


The next track that we have to showcase is one from Camu.  When I first came across this guy, I expressed that his music the definition of “meditating on bassweight’.  This track, called ‘Tajmi’, is no different.  He layers up the track with beautifully sequenced drums, eastern vibe vocal chants, and distant synths that add an ambiance to the track that is so deep.  This guy really needs to get more exposure.  I mean, it could be a longshot, but his vibes are so suited for the Deep Medi imprint, in my opinion.  Hopefully his sounds will blow up because the more effort that this fellow is able to put into his productions the more our ears will be blessed.  Lend an ear below to this gem.

Camu – Tajmi


The last track of the day is one coming from two up-and-coming producers that go by the names StigmaGestalt.  The tune, titled ‘Tribes’, is a really deep lurker!  Comes hard with a growling bassline that’s fitted to scare the children away, no doubt.  The vocals that come in at the beginning immediately hook you and transport your mind into a very renaissance-esque vibe that I envision myself marching to battle with.  Haha, man that probably sounds weird but, it’s the truth.  Once tune progresses into it’s climax, percussion floods the airwaves and the eyes down business begins.  Again, these are two producers that you should really keep your ears on because if they continue to produce tunes like this they are going to get noticed quicker than you can say “bassweight is king”.  Listen below and make sure to visit their Facebook pages and show them support.  There are some free 320’s on Stigma’s page for those who ‘like’ it, so get amongst it people!

Stigma & Gestalt – Tribes (Unsigned)


Alright that’s it for today, like I said, I’m exhausted and need to go to sleep haha.  Check back tomorrow as Shice will be bringing some more heat to the table.  Make sure you stay locked on this page because we have an interview with an artist that is of the highest caliber coming your way, as always :).  Bless.


To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

For The Ears Of The Inhabitants


Man, what the f*ck. The weekends go by way too fast! Someone needs to institute some sort of last Friday of every month off type ting’, there is just not enough time to unwind with only two days. We spend too much time worrying about the next bill due or the numbers on the clock. It’s things like these that many psychologists believe to be the underlying cause of the violence and contempt that humans exhibit. We are not innately evil, nor violent, we as humans strive for cooperation, collectivism, and functionality. All the worlds evils; self-righteousness, greed, angst, social inequity, etc., are products of an absence of love. The human spirit has been starved of its capabilities. It is a shame we have lost so much of the imagination and mysticism that once flooded the human psyche. Great minds are often wasted because an individual has never been given the chance to recognize his/her potential. My all-time favorite author, William Blake, once wrote that ” He whos face gives no light, shall never become a star. Eternity is in love with the productions of time.” (Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Proverbs of Hell) These words are so profound and each can gather their own sentiment from them.

Anyways, thank the heavens that we have music to uplift our souls! We are back with another week filled with quality music for all the readers ears’, so we hope you enjoy them.

This first tune hails from the production arsenals of PinchandPhotek. Pinch, who was responsible for founding Subloaded, one of the UK’s first pure dubstep nights, has recently been spending most of his time in the 120-135 area. Always one of the largest advocates of forward-thinking, he has been marrying a vast amount of styles within his sets. Listening to his mixing you will hear anything and everything from straight techno to chest-hollowing bass anthems. This recent collaboration with Photek, like his mixing, blends a pool of styles together to form a tune that appeals to listeners from all ends of the electronic music spectrum. Punchy synths, syncopated vocals, and huge sub-frequencies. Lend an ear!

Pinch & Photek – Acid Reign (Pinch’s dubplate version)


The second one we have is from Wheel & Deals latest hype,Surge . Last week we brought a tune that he did with N-Type, and it was nothing short of FIRE! Today, we have a solo release from the man like ‘Surge’ featuring the tracks ‘Leech’ and ‘Swaying Mantis’. This one just hit the stores today so make sure to grab your copy before it’s gone. Featuring the vocals of an artist unknown to us here at BWS, Leech is an anthem of perseverance. Merging deep, dark, and heavy with beautiful, free, and passionate, this one is pure vibes. The flip is straight-up BASSWEIGHT. One for all the deep-steppers that will mash up the dance! If you want to learn more about Surge, check out this piece that Knowledge Magazine did on him here.

Surge – Leech ft. Pyxis

Surge – Swaying Mantis


Last one is from one of the sickest duo’s out there right now. The Soap Dodgers have been releasing HUGE tunes like no other. Both tunes on this release are some of the most anthemic rave tunes we’ve heard to this day. Absolutely massive synths are met with even more massive bass notes. This is another release from the Wheel & Deal label, these guys are on top of things lately! Due out some time in February of this year, this release is an absolute must have.

Soap Dodgers – Rachel Went South

Soap Dodgers – Belly


That’s it for today. Bless up. Be free. Expose your mind.

Bassweight Society (Kinman)