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Bless up fam’

I know it’s been a decent minute before I’ve upped any content, and I apologize for that, I just don’t have much free time with my schedule and it’s currently being utilized for brainstorming new ideas for the website – coming soon.  I appreciate all your patience and understanding on the matter and can assure you that once the new site is set forth things will be in FULL swing again.

Anyways, I’ve got a very special feature today, that will make anybody unable to make the Uprise Audio X Artikal Music night in East Village a couple weeks back very happy!  I’ve been speaking with Eddy about uploading the audio to Youtube, and after the strenuous process that Uprise went through to get things ready, they’re finally set to go!  Unless you’ve been browsing the Uprise Audio Youtube channel this morning, nobody has seen or heard these bits.  Bassweight Society has been given the honor of announcing them to bassweight enthusiasts worldwide.

Anytime a bill is filled with musicians as solid as Seven, Kenzo, Mosaix, Quantum Soul, Wayfarer, and Taiko, listeners take heed to the seriousness of the night.  Everybody knew that it was going to be a magical night, and although the live stream wasn’t functioning properly during the show, we now have the audio to reinforce that presumption.  Clear your plans for the day, or tell your boss to fuck off, because you have a  lot of sonic battery to endure 🙂














WOIIIIIIIIIIIII!  You still alive?  That was some serious heat, if you were able to play through those videos, mimicking the way things went down that night, out to you!  It just further cements my envy of those living across the pond, and the scene that has been cultivated there.  I hope you enjoyed the sounds!  Be sure to check out the Uprise and Artikal pages below if you’re not already involved!




Big love to Eddy, Verity, and all the Uprise and Artikal family.  I’ll catch you next time.  Long live BASSWEIGHT.

One love.

– Kinman


Sparxy – Gravitation EP [PORK009]


“Sparxy is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in dubstep and UK bass music, and with this EP he shows no sign of letting up on momentum.”

What’s good fam’.

Today I want showcase the ninth release on quickly rising label Bacon Dubs.  Since early 2011 the imprint has been releasing music from some of the scenes most deadly newcomers like DubApes, Reamz, and label boss Sparxy.  Here at Bassweight Society we’ve covered more than a few of the tracks put out on Bacon Dubs simply because the production quality is top-notch and many of the beats are of the few that find a common ground between foundation style bassweight and the aggressive nature of mid-range basslines.  PORK009 is another EP from the hands of Sparxy with collaborations from Fused Forces and Mannix.  There’s also a remix of Sparxy’s 006 release ‘Mr. Robot’ from newcomer Area Zero.  The beats from this release have been receiving support across the board from some of the most influential DJ’s in the underground – Skream & Benga, N-Type, Truth, Soap Dodgers, and J:Kenzo to name a few.  It’s honestly no surprise that this release is receiving such a high amount of praise because each of the tracks are absolute rinsers, each having a very unique structure and sound – ranging from 4×4 to groove swung half-step.


Gravitation ||

As the releases title track it opens up the mood quite nicely with its swinging grooves and droid-like mids.  Placing very minor percussive elements intricately throughout the mix really fills out the ethos of the track.  This is a perfect beat to grab the crowds attention and let them know you’re not here to mess about.

The Guardian ft. Mannix ||

This beat fit is nothing short of a 4×4 techno stomper!  the clean sub hits, pounding tribal kick patterns, and overall energy of create a serious rave vibe.  The tone of the vocal sample used perfectly round off the beat by complimenting its sinister presence.  The reverb-drenched, but still dry, hit of the snare add a great high frequency element to keep the mix fresh throughout.

Leviathan ft. Fused Forces ||

This collaboration with Fused Forces is without a doubt one of the largest tunes I have heard thus far in 2012.  The track title couldn’t be better suited for the monstrous presence of gritty reeses and sci-fi score eeriness heard in distant chimes lurking beneath the mix.  And f*cking hell – that kick drum!  Seriously, the variety of modulations applied to the basslines in this beat are beyond me.  This is one of those that can honestly send blood rushing through your veins in the same fashion our sympathetic nervous system would after seeing a Bengal Tiger turn the corner on us.  Flat-out mental.



Bladddoowww fam’.  I hope that you enjoy the sounds!  Be sure to stop by Sparxy’s pages (below) to show him some support if you’re feeling his sound:


Below are links to purchase PORK009 so make sure to cop yours!:


See you next time!

To the gods.


Free Music From Truth & DJ Madd + More.

Bless up everybody.  There has been a lot of free music given out by top-notch producers lately so I figured that I would focus today’s post around that!  Who doesn’t like free music, right?

The first tracks I want to highlight are off the free album that Truth has put together to launch their new label, Defy Recordings.  This duo has honestly been on one of the most consistent rampages I’ve seen.  Whether it be their productions, their performances, podcasts, or the infiltration of San Francisco, CA’s streets, these guys have been carving out a very large name for themselves, and on a global scale.  BWS has been blessed enough to host Truth (Andre) at one of our events and it was epic!  Definitely a night that Santa Barbara still talks about.  The two tracks that have been released as an album sampler are ‘Gaza’ and ‘Rain Dancer ft. Yayne‘.  If you don’t follow them on Soundcloud, make sure to get on your profile and do so!  They have released remixes by J:Kenzo and Perverse exclusively to their Soundcloud followers.  Download the tracks below and make sure to give a massive shout to these boys.  An album of this caliber for free is genuinely one of the nicest things I have seen any producer do – so please make your gratitude known to them!



This next free bit is a remix from my all-time favorite producer, DJ Madd.  Ever since I discovered his productions in 2008, I have been blown away by his sound and versatility.  Like many producers, he started by making drum and bass and naturally progressed into dubstep.  His productions are unrivaled in my opinion.  The man makes the cleanest, most diverse, and most powerful beats that circulate.  This remix he did of Congo Natty – Marcus Garvey is another shining example of his musical mastery.  This is an absolute spliff riddim’ that keeps things dubwise and deep.  Don’t sleep on this one!


Alright that’s it for the freebies.

This next bit is a remix that Distance has done for Submotion Orchestra, taking on the tune ‘Blindspot’.  Distance takes a different take on things with this track, still ending up with phenomenal piece of music.  Have a listen below.  Really excited for this one to release.


The last piece for today is a mix built just Bassweight Society.  A good good friend of mine, that I’ve been mixing with for going on 4 years now, has just recorded, hands down, one of the most energetic drum and bass mixes I’ve heard in a looooooong time.  The track selection, placement, and execution is all spot-on.  Loads of fresh releases as well as a few older gems.  I really urge you to set the time aside for this one!  All vinyl, all love.  Big up Nate.


Big up fam’.  That’s all for today, probably for the next 10 days as I will be leaving for a trip tomorrow afternoon.  I wish you all the best!  All you Outlookers, I’m obscenely jealous, but am already looking forward to next years 🙂  Bless.

To the gods.


Coasting w/ Fable, Kenzo, & EAN

Wag wan fam.  It’s Friday which means for most of us no work, and endless possibilities of how we can take the time off.  Many of us will take the time to party and link with friends, and hopefully head out to support our local music scenes.  This weekend in LA we have Antiserum and Roomate making an appearance so we’ll have to see what kind of vibes they bring to the decks.  Anyways, as always on Fridays going to keep it short and let the tunes do the talking.

First up is some soulful new J:Kenzo tuneage.  Some nice vocals on this one accompanied by a steady back riddim.

J:Kenzo – Human Love Remix


Next up is a recent track posted by Fable.  Track is titled ‘Oscillating Dreams’ and it puts out some truly soulful vibes.  Fable is definitely another artist that you want to keep your eyes on the upcoming year as his sounds are steadily progressing and gaining attention from many ends of the game.  Big up to Fable!

Fable – Oscillating Dreams


Next up we got a big tune buy a producer that goes by EAN.  Hard to put into words what this tune encompasses, but I could definitely seeing this on a massive system in a rave like setting.  Big sounds for sure and FREE download.


That’s all we got.  Have a good weekend and stayed blessed.

Big up.


Top 20 Releases of 2011: #10-#1

Here ye, here ye. The countdown to officially welcome 2012 into our lives is here. 2011 has been amazing in numerous ways. Electronic music has been steadily rising in popularity, opening many avenues never thought possible for rave communities. Mainstream popularity, however, is not the greatest thing of this year. This year has birthed such a ridiculous amount of talent, new and old, it was literally impossible to keep track of everyone and everything going on. In areas of production and live performance, boundaries have been pushed further than imagined. What 2012 will bring is one of the most exciting questions we have been asking ourselves lately. Although this website is dedicated to a small niche of deep Dubstep, BIG THINGS will be happening in all genres of EDM this next year. Of course, there will also be an immense amount of absolute sh*t being released this next year, just like 2011 has seen. But, weeding out the sh*t is half the fun, if you ask us. So tomorrow, everyone, raise your glasses to one of the most progressive and expansive years Electronic music has seen. Raise your glasses to the wild roller coaster that 2012 holds ahead for us, because it is going to be a sick one!

Today, we have reached part 2 of our top 20 releases of 2011 segment. As stated in last weeks post, it was extremely difficult to put all this together, given the top quality productions the past year has seen. Doing the top 10 was about 75% of the difficulty that came with this task. I couldn’t even tell you how many times these tunes were listened to, re-ranked, re-ranked again, and so on. Despite the hardship, it was also really fun to do this. So, here we go. The top 10 releases of 2011:

10. J:Kenzo – The Roteks

  • Instantly receiving a large amount of support from DJ’s, this tune throws out some of the heaviest low-end frequencies imaginable. The half-step drums leave space for the basslines to completely take over your mind. The eerie vocal sample, originating from a 1980’s TV series called M.A.S.K., gives way to one of the illest drops a tune could have. Download here.

9. Von D – Daydreaming LP

  • It should be no surprise that one of the most musically educated/trained individuals on this planet has earned himself a spot in the top 10. Jerome Meyer has captured minds with his ability to successfully produce music in various genres. This album is one of the most fine tuned pieces of musical composition out there. Whether you are into soul/jazz-filled vocal bass music (ASAP), huge basslines (E von), or jungley-break style drum patterns (One Day ft. Riya), it’s all on this 15 track masterpiece. Download here.

8. Kryptic Minds – Cant Sleep LP

  • Arguably one of the most talented monickers in Dubstep, Kryptic Minds released this album early in the year. Perfectly titled, Can’t Sleep, this album is a shining example of “less is more”. Their minimalistic approach to production, rendering spacious mixdowns and nightmare-like vibes, gives its listener a sense of absolute solitude. Download here.

7. Benton – Thermo Stellar

  • Never has there been a tune that hits as hard and as low as this tune right here. Benton’s ability to make some of the most evil sounding music is unrivaled. The distant-sounding ambiance, horror movie chimes, and gritty low frequencies absolutely smash any and every dancefloor. Download here.


6. Headhunter – Projector

  • Hailing from one of the most prolific Bass music producers, this tune is an absolute RINSER! The bouncy synths, punchy kick drums, and chest-rattling sub frequencies all work together to make one of the biggest tunes of the year. One of the most well rounded tunes of the year, hands down. Headhunter’s musical talent and production expertise show through on this one. Download here.

5. Goth Trad – Babylon Fall EP

  • Where to even begin on this release? 4 tracks that are all near perfection, all very unique, and all versatile to any situation. These tracks take your ears for the ride of a lifetime. Some of the most energetic bassweight Dubstep ever made. Goth Trad has been around since the early early days of Dubstep, and his eclectic musical influences give him a very signature sound/vibe. Download here.

4. TMSV – Myth

  • Meditation music at its finest. Exhibiting tribal horns perfectly touched with delay, bouncy bongos, and a sub-bass line that can throw anybody into a trance, this tune is definitely one of the most successfully unique tunes the year has seen. An absolute spliff-riddim’! Get back to your roots with this one. Download here.

3. Phaeleh – The Cold In You

  • This 7 track release exhibits the most emotion-filled productions that, quite possibly, this decade has seen. Phaeleh’s music is one of the few that can actually bring tears to your eyes because of its sheer beauty. Like Von D, Phaeleh has the ability to jump from style-to-style, and do so with ease and success. One minute you’re feeling as if you are floating through some surreal utopian dimension, while the next you are watching plates shift beneath the earths surface. Purchase here.

2. Author – Author LP

  • One of the most widely anticipated releases of the year, and rightfully so. This 8 track package of goodies incorporates such a vast amount of musical influence it would take up an entire page to try to recap it. Coming from the hands of Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin, this album is just flat-out amazing. Listen for yourself. Truly the music for the revolutionary thinker. Purchase here.

1. Joker – The Vision (Instrumental Version)

  • Honestly wish there was a picture of our faces when we first heard this track. We went absolutely bonkers! this tune was without question the biggest release of the year. The extremely catchy synths immediately hook the listener, and then the drop just leaves the listener dumbfounded. Purchase here.


BRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAP! That’s the word, ya’ll. Top 10 release of the 2011, as interpreted by Bassweight Society. Hope you all enjoyed the read! If you haven’t already purchased these tunes, it is an absolute MUST, so get out there and do it. We wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Be safe, be smart, and most importantly, be WILD! We will see everybody Monday for another Mix Monday session. We out!

To the Gods.

-Bassweight Society