Sparxy – Gravitation EP [PORK009]


“Sparxy is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in dubstep and UK bass music, and with this EP he shows no sign of letting up on momentum.”

What’s good fam’.

Today I want showcase the ninth release on quickly rising label Bacon Dubs.  Since early 2011 the imprint has been releasing music from some of the scenes most deadly newcomers like DubApes, Reamz, and label boss Sparxy.  Here at Bassweight Society we’ve covered more than a few of the tracks put out on Bacon Dubs simply because the production quality is top-notch and many of the beats are of the few that find a common ground between foundation style bassweight and the aggressive nature of mid-range basslines.  PORK009 is another EP from the hands of Sparxy with collaborations from Fused Forces and Mannix.  There’s also a remix of Sparxy’s 006 release ‘Mr. Robot’ from newcomer Area Zero.  The beats from this release have been receiving support across the board from some of the most influential DJ’s in the underground – Skream & Benga, N-Type, Truth, Soap Dodgers, and J:Kenzo to name a few.  It’s honestly no surprise that this release is receiving such a high amount of praise because each of the tracks are absolute rinsers, each having a very unique structure and sound – ranging from 4×4 to groove swung half-step.


Gravitation ||

As the releases title track it opens up the mood quite nicely with its swinging grooves and droid-like mids.  Placing very minor percussive elements intricately throughout the mix really fills out the ethos of the track.  This is a perfect beat to grab the crowds attention and let them know you’re not here to mess about.

The Guardian ft. Mannix ||

This beat fit is nothing short of a 4×4 techno stomper!  the clean sub hits, pounding tribal kick patterns, and overall energy of create a serious rave vibe.  The tone of the vocal sample used perfectly round off the beat by complimenting its sinister presence.  The reverb-drenched, but still dry, hit of the snare add a great high frequency element to keep the mix fresh throughout.

Leviathan ft. Fused Forces ||

This collaboration with Fused Forces is without a doubt one of the largest tunes I have heard thus far in 2012.  The track title couldn’t be better suited for the monstrous presence of gritty reeses and sci-fi score eeriness heard in distant chimes lurking beneath the mix.  And f*cking hell – that kick drum!  Seriously, the variety of modulations applied to the basslines in this beat are beyond me.  This is one of those that can honestly send blood rushing through your veins in the same fashion our sympathetic nervous system would after seeing a Bengal Tiger turn the corner on us.  Flat-out mental.



Bladddoowww fam’.  I hope that you enjoy the sounds!  Be sure to stop by Sparxy’s pages (below) to show him some support if you’re feeling his sound:


Below are links to purchase PORK009 so make sure to cop yours!:


See you next time!

To the gods.



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