LAS & Mikael – ‘LAS & Mikael’ EP [Innamind Recordings]

Las & Mikael IMRV009

Ez everyone.

The signing of this release has been doing jumping-jacks through the underground for the past couple of months (maybe only a month, I have no concept of time anymore).  After each of the tunes were first aired with Mikael’s TRUSIK feature a couple of months back, there has been an uproar of anticipation among deep-paletted listeners across the globe.  This statement is bolstered by the marking of Innamind’s first 12″ 180 gram plate, and the pre-orders on Innamind’s Surus store selling out twice already.  Granted, there was a very limited number placed for pre-order, but still, that says a lot about the release!  While I’ve been following LAS for some years now (2010 I believe is the first I heard from him w/Desto on Black Box), Mikael I had never heard of prior to TRUSIK featuring him.  I’m not sure how the two crossed paths, but if I believed in any nonsensical ideas of “fate” I would say these two were meant to make music together.  Their styles on an independent basis are strikingly impressive, but more notable is the seamlessness in which their sounds compliment each other, culminating as one of the most refreshing output’s I can recall since the over-saturation of dungeon plagued dubstep. Quick note: I say “plagued” not because I am displeased with the cavernous and dark aesthetic of that particular offshoot, but because lets face it, there were way too many songs coming out sounding formulaic and there was lull in innovation.  Obviously these thoughts can’t be blanketed for the scene in its entirety because there were always innovators, but as a general whole that is how I feel/saw things.  Now, back to LAS & Mikael.  The warmth in their productions is what immediately hooked me.  Their production resonates on more of a human level with me than much of the electronic music coming out of recent.  While modern engineering has paved avenue for the biggest, deepest, crispiest, and flawless sounds to date, it at times has neglected the feeling of slight imperfections and nuances often only experienced as a result of the human touch/experience.  The nostalgia when listening to music that evokes these associations is something I cherish nowadays so I find solace in the music of those who are able to replicate it.

Have a listen below to the previews and make sure to be quick on Monday if you want to purchase this 12″ – I suspect it will fly off the shelves very quickly.



  1. LAS & Mikael – Dem Break
  2. LAS – Need Fire
  3. Mikael – Drain


I hope you enjoyed the sounds!  One love.

– Kinman


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