East End Dubs – ‘Raised By Wolves’ EP



East End Dubs has been one of the most exciting producers for me to watch over the past year.  The man’s amazing production skill shines through every track he puts out, as I’m sure the same goes for the arsenal of beats he keeps exclusively for his live performances.  While there is nothing new about deep/tech house or techno, there is a freshness within in his sound that permeates through a combination of spacious textures, amazingly concise drum construction, and simple yet brooding sub-bass engineering.  His elusiveness is also another factor that surrounds his sound with enigma and curiosity.  He steers clear of the bullsh*t, and does nothing but put out tune after tune alongside his touring schedule.  After releasing exclusively within his self-titled imprint for close to a year, he garnered his first release solo release with Kote Records in December of 2012, and has since released a EP’s on Act Natural Records and Metroline Ltd.  His beat ‘Argo’ off the Metroline release has seen copious amounts of support from the likes of scene don DJ W!ld among many others.

The release I’m highlighting today is another four-track EP set to release on his East End Dubs imprint (vinyl only) at the end of September.  ‘Brooklyn’ is a tune I’ve been after since hearing it in one of his monthly mixes, and I’m ecstatic that I will finally own it soon.  Take a listen below and go give this badman some support by liking his pages.  Also, if you like what you here be sure to follow his Soundcloud as his monthly mixes are a great way to receive previews of his forthcoming sounds ;).


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Dirty Merlin & Repeated Measures – ‘Wonton Animal Chin’ [FREE DL]

Wonton Animal Chin Art


Big up everyone!

I’ve got something a little bit different today, that I’m hoping you guys are feeling as much as I am.  Here in Orange County, CA the past year has seen a consistently gradual funneling of attention to one of the county’s greatest clans – the Grn+Gld Collective.  With their roots beginning in a warehouse utilized to host parties and occasionally sleep, the gang has grown from 3 to over 10 members, each injecting their own style into what could now be known as the Grn+Gld lifestyle, if you will.  With the various members come various upbringings, musical influences/experiences, skill, and much more perspective – all culminating in an environment that facilitates collaboration, learning, and innovation.  These guys are a true pleasure to be around.  They’ve been kind enough to invite me to play at a few of their warehouse parties (RIP ‘The Wizard’s Den’) in the past, and each time was an absolute blast.  I may be biased due to my perpetual longing for people to realize to benefits of collective effort but, these guys, in my mind, truly embody a community.  They have a roster of artists, they have loyal fans, and these two groups of people reciprocate support and appreciation between themselves to foster a constant avenue of growth and reach.  Big up the Grn+Gld cult – where lies, spells, and 808’s rule the realm.

Back to the “a little bit different” statement.  Two of the artists from Grn+Gld have been kind enough to give on of their songs away as a free download – Dirty Merlin & Repeated Measures.  The track is titled ‘Wonton Animal Chin’, please don’t ask my why.  It’s still awesome, though.  Stepping away from the typical dubstep formula and more into analog hip-hop styles of the mid/late 90’s, these two put their heads together producing a warm, sub-heavy beat that utilizes the sampling mastery of Dirty Merlin on his Roland 303.  A bit trappy with 808’s, but the aesthetic of the song is nowhere near the washed-up product that 98% of ‘trap’ music hitting the airwaves is.  It’s a fresh take, showcasing nostalgic roots in analog recording techniques in the framework of a more contemporary musical formula.  Give it a listen, and come to your own conclusions.



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Boofy & Lemzly Dale – ‘Catch A Body/Banshee’ [SECTOR 7]

Boofy art


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“Hot on the heels of his debut vinyl release feature, on Kahn and Neek’s ‘Bandulu’ label (Bandulu 003), Bristol new wave grime don Boofy comes correct with two tracks of vinyl only, heavyweight, stop-start bangers – akin to some of the work appearing on Coyote Records, Liminal Sounds and Glacial Sound at the moment – produced with friend and newfound ‘partner in grime’, Lemzly Dale for their new label endeavour “Sector 7 Sounds.”

Title track ‘Catch a Body’ – a dark, brooding piece of highly detailed, unique sounding instrumental grime whose clip has almost reached 10,000 plays on soundcloud – has seen the duo garner support from Kahn and Neek, Asa, Hi5Ghost, Lamont , Tumble Audio and many more.

Surprised by the instant success of the title track – made after a trip to Amsterdam – and a call for more material, the pair undertook making B-Side ‘Banshee’ – an eerie companion piece to ‘Catch a Body’, drawing on a similarly detailed but more melodic and progressive sound palette combined with subdued bass wobbles and vocal snippets peppered in amongst its flurry of rolling claps and dancing hi-hats.

The release is white labelled and limited to 300 only, in an effort to bring a small slice of dubplate culture and excitement back to a music scene that has revelled in digitalism for the last decade or so and has almost forgotten what the inside of a record shop looks like.

“Sector 7 Sounds” is an outlet for the swarm of new instrumental grime activity coming out of arguably Britain’s first city of bass, Bristol. Incepted in the spring on 2013, with the aim of diversifying, expanding and building on the  traditional genre conventions associated with grime, the label has already gathered strong support from within their home town, the exciting, nascent grime and funky scene in Nottingham, the scene’s founding city, London and beyond.

Be on the lookout for future projects from the duo and the label as they continue to forge their own unique new direction for urban centric, instrumental bass music throughout 2013.”

Words Taken via PR


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Enjoy the sounds, plenty of big things coming from the Sector 7 crew!

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Sleeper & Kryptic Minds – ‘Axis Shift/Solarized Formation’ [OSMUK33]



“In a convergence of Osiris Music’s heavyweights, Kryptic Minds and Sleeper have built their first full collaborative release together; the pulsating peak-time pressure of Axis Shift backed with the heaving sub-frequency movements of Solarized Formation. Both tracks hit brutally hard and low in the dance, featuring palettes of nightmarish industrial sounds laid over intricate techno/ dubstep fused rhythms. Axis Shift is an amalgamation of flecked reese synths, paranoid atmospheres and plunging basslines that anchor the track deep beneath disorienting arrays of taut percussion. It’s brisk, fluid flow is contrasted by the experimental rhythmic arrangements of Solarized Formation on the flip, centred around pounding kick drum trios, toughened slabs of sub-bass and minimal drum incisions; a unique and highly creative  piece 140bpm music to bang soundsystems differently.”

 via Surus

Release Date:  August 19th 2013

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