Dirty Merlin & Repeated Measures – ‘Wonton Animal Chin’ [FREE DL]

Wonton Animal Chin Art


Big up everyone!

I’ve got something a little bit different today, that I’m hoping you guys are feeling as much as I am.  Here in Orange County, CA the past year has seen a consistently gradual funneling of attention to one of the county’s greatest clans – the Grn+Gld Collective.  With their roots beginning in a warehouse utilized to host parties and occasionally sleep, the gang has grown from 3 to over 10 members, each injecting their own style into what could now be known as the Grn+Gld lifestyle, if you will.  With the various members come various upbringings, musical influences/experiences, skill, and much more perspective – all culminating in an environment that facilitates collaboration, learning, and innovation.  These guys are a true pleasure to be around.  They’ve been kind enough to invite me to play at a few of their warehouse parties (RIP ‘The Wizard’s Den’) in the past, and each time was an absolute blast.  I may be biased due to my perpetual longing for people to realize to benefits of collective effort but, these guys, in my mind, truly embody a community.  They have a roster of artists, they have loyal fans, and these two groups of people reciprocate support and appreciation between themselves to foster a constant avenue of growth and reach.  Big up the Grn+Gld cult – where lies, spells, and 808’s rule the realm.

Back to the “a little bit different” statement.  Two of the artists from Grn+Gld have been kind enough to give on of their songs away as a free download – Dirty Merlin & Repeated Measures.  The track is titled ‘Wonton Animal Chin’, please don’t ask my why.  It’s still awesome, though.  Stepping away from the typical dubstep formula and more into analog hip-hop styles of the mid/late 90’s, these two put their heads together producing a warm, sub-heavy beat that utilizes the sampling mastery of Dirty Merlin on his Roland 303.  A bit trappy with 808’s, but the aesthetic of the song is nowhere near the washed-up product that 98% of ‘trap’ music hitting the airwaves is.  It’s a fresh take, showcasing nostalgic roots in analog recording techniques in the framework of a more contemporary musical formula.  Give it a listen, and come to your own conclusions.



Dirty Merlin || FACEBOOK | SOUNDCLOUD ||

Repeated Measures || FACEBOOK | SOUNDCLOUD ||


Until next time, fam’.

– Kinman


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