Rewind Wednesday – Origins of the Wob

Mary Anne Hobbes's - Dubstep Warz

Sup fam! You know the drill by now. Wednesday = legendary dubstep tunes. This week features a few tracks that will show the “Origins of the Wob” from it’s homely beginnings as a wump in the mix, to an all out dragon-beast destined to oscillate its way into the charts.

We all know that infamous wobble didn’t just fall out of thin air and land on Skream’s hard drive. The ‘Wobble’, or Low Frequency Oscillation (LFO) was a concentrated effort understood and utilized by early dubstep producers. Guy’s like The Others, Skream and Coki were boosting the Mid’s and cranking that LFO to great success with record sales and more importantly, dancefloor results. Take a journey with the Wob and see what you like better, the old or the new.

First up is Skream & Cluekid’s – ‘Sandsnake’. The first release on Skream’s Disfigured Dubz label, Sandsnake couples the amen-style breaks of Drum and Bass and an ever-present wobble to create an absolute dance floor killer. Released in August 07 – this tune turned many heads and opened many doors for the sound known as “dubstep”.

PS – Both Skream and Cluekid have been putting out much BWS approved material in 2011. Make sure to check them both out in 2012.

Hopping right into the second tune, Stenchman unleashes ‘What the Future Holds’ and the almost formulaic ‘epic drop’ that is so often reproduced nowadays. The wobs are complementary to the gritty saw that adds a groundbreaking element to a tune that could have easily inspired the word “Bassface”.

XSDubz – 2007

We’re ending it huge with our last track. Coki‘s – Spongebob, will honestly change the way you think about dubstep. It was released in ’07 under the uber-chill DMZ banner, yet it is one of the craziest-wobbliest tunes out there. We might ask “How did it make the cut?”. Well, it was one of the first of it’s kind, and promptly received a rewind 98% of the time it was dropped. This tune broke the ice with wobbles and absolutely dove in!

Look at these people going BUCK WILD to it in 2007. (Below)

Cool, well we hope you enjoyed the tunes and noticed their similarities and the influence they hold today. These classics helped blaze the trail for the wobble and still stand up to big tunes today. Bump em!

See you next Wednesday!

BWS (Shice)


Rewind Wednesday! Timeless Tunage

Respect!  Here we go with another Rewind Wednesday.  This week is featuring some, as the title states, absolutely timeless music.  Hope you enjoy the sounds!

The first tune that we want shout out is one written by the Dubstep messiah, Mala.  Currently in the lead for the DSF awards‘ “Best Producer” category, this tune, although on the older side, showcases the skills and heart that have earned Mala this standing.  The tune, titled ‘Miracles’, is one of the BWS all-time favorites.  The vocal samples put into this track speak so much truth and really hit home for those who have followed the genres progression from early on, and even those new to the game.  The claim of “soundsystems have done miracles” could not ring more true, especially once you here this tune on a proper set of speakers.  The sub-heavy, reggae-influenced, and groove-filled production perfectly exemplifies the timelessness that Mala institutes into, literally, EVERY SINGLE PRODUCTION of his.  This man is truly an inspiration.  One out to the badman Mala, who will never read this post.  Just for shits and giggles.

Mala – Miracles

This next tune hails from across the seas on the small island of Japan.  Goth-Trad, the bassweight samurai as we like to call him, has been making music since a lot of us were still young children.  Stated by Kode9, this  is a “one-man army who has been changing the UK continuum from Japan”.  BWS would full-heartedly back up this statement.  His ‘Babylon Fall’ EP that was released in 2011 was an absolute smasher, and the highly anticipated full-length album, ‘New Epoch’, will be released sometime in February of this year.  The tune that we have for you today, ‘Cut End’, was released back in 2007 on the Deep Medi imprint and is truly a heavyweight anthem.  With asianic strings hooking you from the beginning this tune progresses into irie horns, reverb drenched stabs, and a wall of bass that makes the Great Wall of China look like a picket fence in suburbia.  Mad respect out to Goth-Trad!

Goth-Trad – Cut End

Next up to bat for all the heads is a tune that quite a bit different from the above.  The Glasglow based producer, Rustie, has been pushing some of the most feel-good music for the later part of the 2000’s.  His dance-filled interpretations of Bass music are not only unique, but just plain incredible!  On collaborations with the purple king himself, Joker, Russel Whyte has made quite the imprint, on an international level.  This tune was released in 2008 and is titled ‘Zig Zag’.  As stated above, it’s a bit different, so make sure you press play with an open mind on this one!

Rustie – Zig Zag

The last track we want to leave you with is ‘50,000 Watts’, produced by Matty G.  This tune BLEW up the west coast and most importantly, Matty G.  Although he had already had releases prior to this tune, it wasn’t until Joe Nice starting playing this out on Gourmet Beats radio and at the DMZ nights that Santa Cruz native Matty G was literally known by every head in the Dubstep scene.  An absolutely massive bassline, a mad-catchy vocal sample, and perfect timing put this tune down in the history books to never be forgotten, or at least we hope!  Lend your ears, children.

Matty G – 50,000 Watts

There it is everybody!  Enjoy the sounds, and pay your respects to the artists.  Check back tomorrow as Bassweight Society takes a look at the influence Reggae has had on the formation/perpetuation of Dubstep.

One love.

-Bassweight Society

Rewind Wednesday: Classics

What’s up everybody.  We got big selections on deck for the Wednesday Rewind this week.  Tunes that, like the weeks before, have stood the test of time while influencing the many directions that Dubstep has taken.  Some are tunes many of you have in your record box at home, while some of these tunes have been forgotten by a few of you.  Either way they’re classics that we feel each of you need.

The first tune is ‘Girl From Codeine City’ by the duo L-Wiz, hailing from Sweden.  If you’ve ever heard the tune on a proper-loud soundsystem, the quality of production is evident from the start.  The dubwise tune starts out with fat kick drums complimented by a well-defined cracking snare with chimes amongst it.  Most notably, the saxophone riff that comes in at about 1:40 is mesmerizing, pushing the listener to feel that soulful side of Dubstep that so many early tunes kept pushing the bar on.  Released in 2007 as the 10th release on, top contender Caspa’s, Dub Police label, L-Wiz showed they were going to be making a lasting imprint on the scene.  With succesive releases on Swedish label All Out Dubstep, Dub Thiefs (Owned by Dub Police), Redvolume, and Kapsize, L-wiz is still making bangers to this day.

L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City


The second tune is one released back in 2008 called ‘Airbus’, produced by F-One.  As the first record released on the Dubstar label, label boss F-One wanted to make sure to release a banger to set the scene for future releases to come.  the high-pitched, mid-range wobble is so smooth it makes your body sway in characteristic Dubstep fashion.  For sure a classic for listeners and DJ’s alike.  Guaranteed to make fire inna’ dance.

F-One – Airbus


The next one is an absolute badman riddim produced by Coki, a man stated to make the heaviest basslines of any producer in the scene.  The track, titled ‘Red Eye’, was released in 2007 on Croydon based imprint Big Apple, and is guaranteed to make you skank out.  The mega-bassline fills up any soundsystem and the salt-shaking snares really make the tune come alive.  This one, like above, shares a solid mid-range wobble, not too overdone, but just the right amount that makes the tune extremely memorable.  Red Eye, released as one of four tracks on the Red Eye EP is a necessity to anyone’s records collection!

Coki – Red Eye


The last tune was released in 2008 under Destructive Recordings, titled ‘Rock Bottom’, and is a classic by Caspa & Rusko.  The tune was included in the EPIC Fabriclive 37 mixed by Caspa & Rusko back in 2007.  With title pointing to that of some depressing type of riddim’, the tune actually provides a very uplifting feel to it.  With light synths from the beginning, the tune progresses into the nicest piano riff and a classic sample before the drop.  As the tune continues on you can sit back and relax letting your mind space out on the good moments you’ve had in life.  Truly a feel-good tune.  This is a tune we here at BWS wanted to leave you off with today, hoping to make your day a little bit nicer.

Caspa & Rusko – Rock Bottom


Well that’s it for today. Remember, new or not to Dubstep, keep playing the old classics cause they’ve influenced where we’re at today.  As always, pay your respects to the artists, like their pages, and go see their shows when they come into your town!

Biggups to all the fam!

-Bassweight Society

Rewind Wednesday! Old School Jams that Still BUMP!

BIGGUPS Everyone! By now you should be used to our Rewind Wednesdays and hopefully are looking forward to ’em! Sometimes its a stretch to remember the old tunes that were favorites and dance floor smashers, but we at BWS try to refresh our readers with absolute JAMS from the past.

First up needs no explanation, Benga & Coki’s – Night, still crushes dance floors to this day! This tune arguably was one of the first dubstep tunes to cross the boundary from the small niche it was, to a much larger and diverse audience. With one of the catchiest hooks in all of electronic music, it’s no surprise that this tune solidified both Benga and Coki’s names within the dubstep scene. Check it out below.

Second tune is a personal favorite (Shice) and is great for anyone who likes lasers, zaps, beeps, etc. In fact, this is THE tune for lasers, zaps and general mind expansion/explosion. It comes to us from Zomby, remixed by the great Rustie, and is the infamous “Spliff Dub”. It’s sample, which recommends “one spliff a day”  is highly recognizable and frankly speaks the truth. This tune released in 2008 on Hyperdub is an all around slammer, great for kicking back with a spliff at the pad or bouncing around like a madman at the club!

Our third and final tune of the day comes to us from Juju remixed by Komonazmuk in 2007 from SF based label NarcoHZ. “Punks”  was a tune rinsed in many sets of the year and still hopefully gets spins cause its wicked! It’s swinging drums and punchy bass make it an easy decision for any DJ to let it rip on the dancefloor. The tunes darker vibe, pitched down samples and subtle wobble give it great character, and made it an obvious choice for our Rewind Wednesday! Give’r a listen, let us know what you think!

Hope you all liked the post, and DJ’s don’t be afraid to play older tunes! Make sure to check out these artists, as they are still making great music as well. Also check our previous post and make sure you got all of the Christmas Freebies given out over the Holidays, you do not want to miss those!

Skank it EZ!