Bass-Bin Mecca: Outlook Festival

Photo by Marc Sethi, Outlook 2011

What up heads!  Hope everybody is pumped for the weekend, I’m amped as funk!  As the summertime vibes have been rolling in deep here in Cali’, I figured it was about time to start thinking about Outlook Festival.  This shit is the ILL, straight up.  After talking with artists, somehow, the statement “you NEED to get to Outlook Festival”, is always thrown at me.  Resident Advisor has said it’s “the best four days of bass in Europe, if not the world.”  Just from pictures alone, I get the chills about this place.  Then, after I hear all the stories from various people of what goes down, I get goosebumps the size of  grapes rolling up my spine!  That’d be a trippy sight, huh?  But seriously, this place is just unbelievable looking.  Same location as Dimensions Festival that we were talking about a couple weeks ago, the abandoned 18th century fort.  The scenery of this fort is breathtaking, crystal-blue water backed by silhouettes of the cliffs that line the shores, and oh yeah, don’t forget about the LAZERS broooooo.  Haha, shit is going to get weird.  According to the Outlook crew, there is only a limited number of tickets left, so jump on that if you’re trying to go.  As I’ve been browsing the web trying to find housing for the trip, things are filling up really fast (most places are already booked up!), so I don’t doubt that capacity is going to be reached relatively soon.

The artist lineup the year is absolutely unbelievable.  Name any style of soundsystem music, and it is represented at Outllook.  They just released the 3rd lineup wave sometime last week I think and it’s crazy to think about all the sick performances that will be going down in a single venue.  Digital Mystiks, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Phife, Kryptic Minds, Submotion Orchestra, Phaeleh, Dub Phizix, and on and on.  Check the image below for a more in-depth look at the lineup.

How nutty does that look?! ^  It’s going to be such an amazing experience to get out there.  Seriously, try to make it!  Below you will find a bunch of music from a few of the artists that will performing on the beach.  The mix from Zed Bias is straight FIRE.  Also, make sure you check out the track ‘Horizon’ from Tunnidge, it’s one of the hardest steppers anthems I’ve heard in a long long time.

Amoss – Footloose (Linden, Octane & DLR Remix)


Scuba – The Hope/Flash Addict


Submotion Orchestra – It’s Not Me It’s You



Zed Bias – Feb 2012 30 Minute Mix


Tunnidge – Horizon


BOOM!  That should be enough bass to hold you over for the weekend, so until next week…

To the gods.



In The Shadows Volume 1: Promise One

Ziiiiiingggg! What’s going on people.  We hope you had a great weekend.  Today is the start to a new series here at BWS, called ‘In The Shadows’.  The intent of this series is to highlight up-and-coming artists who represent the deep, dark, and minimal sounds that we love so much.  So, hopefully you guys/gals will receive the material with respect and enjoyment.

To start things off this week we have an artist who has adopted the monicker Promise One.  Coming out of North London, this 24 year old brings a really sick interpretation to the genre.  Originally captured by “dusty” hip-hop, as he puts it, he was introduced to dubstep in 2005 while at school in Leeds.  Instantly intrigued by the spacious and organic productions of Burial and Kode9, he quickly began to delve into the bass scene’s entirety.  As he had already been producing hip-hop under the name ‘Defiant Kinetics’ for a few years before his love for dubstep began, he had experience with programs such as Reason and Cubase.  So, we would imagine, the transition to dubstep production was just a bit easier than those who have never touched a DAW before.  His early influences are apparent in his rolling basslines and reverb-drenched, distant sounding synths.  His debut release was on Reboot Records (Boot09) back in mid 2011, containing the tracks ‘Dissonance’ and ‘Glyph’.  Both of the tunes are superb productions and we highly recommend purchasing them!  Take a listen below.

Promise One – Dissonance


Promise One – Glyph


With that release already under his belt, as well as a release on Sub Pressure Recordings, Promise One is back again with another set of masterpieces.  This one, released early this month, came out on Gamma Audio.  Both of the tunes on this release show the evolution of his sounds as well as his maturing production capabilities.    The A side, titled ‘Kilos’, emits growling basslines and very garage-like use of percussion.  The vocal processing on this tune perfectly mesh with the instrumental production laid down.  The B side is a track titled ‘Lowkey’ and is on a different vibe than the flip.  More of a half-step stomper, this tune slows things down a bit.  The synths in this tune truly capture your ears, and quite quickly if we may add. Again utilizing his garage approach to the percussion styling Lowkey brings a classic vibe to the modern era of music production.

Promise One is a man that you should definitely keep your eyes on as he will most certainly be climbing the ranks within the deep scene.  He really embodies the foundation-oriented approach that we here at Bassweight Society love.  Please check out the links below to purchase his latest release on Gamma Audio.  Either from Juno or from Beatport.  Make sure to visit his Facebook page and show the man the support he deserves.  Below you will also find the Soundcloud links to ‘Lowkey’ and ‘Kilos’.


Promise One – Lowkey/Kilos (Juno Download)

Promise One – Lowkey/Kilos (Beatport Download)

Promise One Facebook Page


Promise One – Lowkey (GAMMA027)


Promise One – Kilos


Alright people, that’s the word for today.  Much respect to the readers that have been/continue to visit our website, it really means a lot to us.  2012 is the “year of the weight”, as the badman Cyrus put it in one of his Twitter posts last month.  So, together let’s bring the deep, dark, and minimal sounds to the United States.  We’re all about spreading soundsystem music to the heads.  See you next time.  Respect!

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

Rewind Wednesday! Timeless Tunage

Respect!  Here we go with another Rewind Wednesday.  This week is featuring some, as the title states, absolutely timeless music.  Hope you enjoy the sounds!

The first tune that we want shout out is one written by the Dubstep messiah, Mala.  Currently in the lead for the DSF awards‘ “Best Producer” category, this tune, although on the older side, showcases the skills and heart that have earned Mala this standing.  The tune, titled ‘Miracles’, is one of the BWS all-time favorites.  The vocal samples put into this track speak so much truth and really hit home for those who have followed the genres progression from early on, and even those new to the game.  The claim of “soundsystems have done miracles” could not ring more true, especially once you here this tune on a proper set of speakers.  The sub-heavy, reggae-influenced, and groove-filled production perfectly exemplifies the timelessness that Mala institutes into, literally, EVERY SINGLE PRODUCTION of his.  This man is truly an inspiration.  One out to the badman Mala, who will never read this post.  Just for shits and giggles.

Mala – Miracles

This next tune hails from across the seas on the small island of Japan.  Goth-Trad, the bassweight samurai as we like to call him, has been making music since a lot of us were still young children.  Stated by Kode9, this  is a “one-man army who has been changing the UK continuum from Japan”.  BWS would full-heartedly back up this statement.  His ‘Babylon Fall’ EP that was released in 2011 was an absolute smasher, and the highly anticipated full-length album, ‘New Epoch’, will be released sometime in February of this year.  The tune that we have for you today, ‘Cut End’, was released back in 2007 on the Deep Medi imprint and is truly a heavyweight anthem.  With asianic strings hooking you from the beginning this tune progresses into irie horns, reverb drenched stabs, and a wall of bass that makes the Great Wall of China look like a picket fence in suburbia.  Mad respect out to Goth-Trad!

Goth-Trad – Cut End

Next up to bat for all the heads is a tune that quite a bit different from the above.  The Glasglow based producer, Rustie, has been pushing some of the most feel-good music for the later part of the 2000’s.  His dance-filled interpretations of Bass music are not only unique, but just plain incredible!  On collaborations with the purple king himself, Joker, Russel Whyte has made quite the imprint, on an international level.  This tune was released in 2008 and is titled ‘Zig Zag’.  As stated above, it’s a bit different, so make sure you press play with an open mind on this one!

Rustie – Zig Zag

The last track we want to leave you with is ‘50,000 Watts’, produced by Matty G.  This tune BLEW up the west coast and most importantly, Matty G.  Although he had already had releases prior to this tune, it wasn’t until Joe Nice starting playing this out on Gourmet Beats radio and at the DMZ nights that Santa Cruz native Matty G was literally known by every head in the Dubstep scene.  An absolutely massive bassline, a mad-catchy vocal sample, and perfect timing put this tune down in the history books to never be forgotten, or at least we hope!  Lend your ears, children.

Matty G – 50,000 Watts

There it is everybody!  Enjoy the sounds, and pay your respects to the artists.  Check back tomorrow as Bassweight Society takes a look at the influence Reggae has had on the formation/perpetuation of Dubstep.

One love.

-Bassweight Society