SMOG Present: Digital Mystikz, Asylum, Deco, & Pavarotti

DMZ Smog




Bass-Bin Mecca: Outlook Festival

Photo by Marc Sethi, Outlook 2011

What up heads!  Hope everybody is pumped for the weekend, I’m amped as funk!  As the summertime vibes have been rolling in deep here in Cali’, I figured it was about time to start thinking about Outlook Festival.  This shit is the ILL, straight up.  After talking with artists, somehow, the statement “you NEED to get to Outlook Festival”, is always thrown at me.  Resident Advisor has said it’s “the best four days of bass in Europe, if not the world.”  Just from pictures alone, I get the chills about this place.  Then, after I hear all the stories from various people of what goes down, I get goosebumps the size of  grapes rolling up my spine!  That’d be a trippy sight, huh?  But seriously, this place is just unbelievable looking.  Same location as Dimensions Festival that we were talking about a couple weeks ago, the abandoned 18th century fort.  The scenery of this fort is breathtaking, crystal-blue water backed by silhouettes of the cliffs that line the shores, and oh yeah, don’t forget about the LAZERS broooooo.  Haha, shit is going to get weird.  According to the Outlook crew, there is only a limited number of tickets left, so jump on that if you’re trying to go.  As I’ve been browsing the web trying to find housing for the trip, things are filling up really fast (most places are already booked up!), so I don’t doubt that capacity is going to be reached relatively soon.

The artist lineup the year is absolutely unbelievable.  Name any style of soundsystem music, and it is represented at Outllook.  They just released the 3rd lineup wave sometime last week I think and it’s crazy to think about all the sick performances that will be going down in a single venue.  Digital Mystiks, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Phife, Kryptic Minds, Submotion Orchestra, Phaeleh, Dub Phizix, and on and on.  Check the image below for a more in-depth look at the lineup.

How nutty does that look?! ^  It’s going to be such an amazing experience to get out there.  Seriously, try to make it!  Below you will find a bunch of music from a few of the artists that will performing on the beach.  The mix from Zed Bias is straight FIRE.  Also, make sure you check out the track ‘Horizon’ from Tunnidge, it’s one of the hardest steppers anthems I’ve heard in a long long time.

Amoss – Footloose (Linden, Octane & DLR Remix)


Scuba – The Hope/Flash Addict


Submotion Orchestra – It’s Not Me It’s You



Zed Bias – Feb 2012 30 Minute Mix


Tunnidge – Horizon


BOOM!  That should be enough bass to hold you over for the weekend, so until next week…

To the gods.


Respect da’ Roots

Wag Wan fam,

Today we finna’ bring you another round of reggae dubs to keep the spirits high 😉 Pulling a couple classics out of the bag and sharing them with you, because we know reggae brings the right vibes to all ears.  Light one up and have a listen.

First choon is a remix done by big bad west coast producers Noah D & Roommate, and dates back to 2008.  Originally a massive tune hailing from reggae-don Alborosie, titled ‘Police’, Noah D & Roomate throw their flavour into it, titling the tune Polizia Remix.  Most noticeable is the big chubby bassline accompanied by Alborosie’s high grade lyrics, making it a tune to throw in the list of classics.  Whether at home or in the club, always a big tune.


Next choon is another one dating back to around 2008 and is as solid as the last one.  The tune titled ‘ Big Up An’ Bun Her’ is similar to the last one with a sick reggae chant ushered by a bassline that makes you rock in your seat.  Perfect day-party type tune here.


The next one is from the evil half of Digital Mystiks, Coki.  On the remix of a tune titled ‘Wah Dem A Do’, Coki initiates his noticeable style into the tune while incorporating the gangsta for life lyrics so well known by veteran Mavado.  I like utilizing tunes like this because it often times reaches out to a larger audience than solely deep heads.


Last choon is mega bassweight remix by Marcus Visionary titled ‘The General’.  The original done by Jahdan Blakkamoore is nothing short of epic but, the remix really brings the pressure with powerful low-end frequencies.  Turn this one up, sit back, and enjoy.



-BWS (Lowkey)


Ey Fam,

Shout outs to all BWS followers keeping it locked. We hope you enjoy jamming out to the tunes we post as much as we do. Thursday’s here which means tomorrow night we party, so in honor of that we’re gonna bring you some tunes to get you ready for the weekend.

First tune is one that’s been in circulation for some time now finding its way into the nooks and crannies of radio stations here and there. A large one from N-Type & Surge entitled Triangles set to release on Wheel & Deal sometime in the next couple months as part of an N-Type & Surge EP. Sorry about the vocals over the track, but if you listen past that, you’ll recognize that mega bass N-Type’s been cranking out for years. With fat smashing snares and scattered vocal echoes over a mega wobble this tune is bound to be one that will light up the dance. Enjoy.

The next tune we want to bring to your attention is one that’s been receiving much chatter around the internet, a tune we’d expect many of you heads to have your hands on, but one very worthy of further attention. The tune titled Classified by Organics was recently handed out for free via the Hedmuk Blog. This lurker is sure to make your nose itch if listened to with a proper sub. Quality production. Make sure to head over to Hedmuk and grab your free download and big up their operation over there. Here’s a link to their site ‪

The last one here is one sure to make you skank into the weekend. A monster of a tune from Anex with Demon on the remix a tune entitled Delusions. Getting airtime on both Youngsta’s and Distance’s Rinse.FM shows this is a massive one from upcoming producer Anex. So large, you hear the MC calling to pull it back, make sure to crank this one up. With a tribal drum intro into a half step stomper this one will surely blow ears. Whatever you’re doing this weekend be sure to enjoy yourself to this tune.

Hope that eases you into the weekend. Big up fam spread the love.

Don’t be a gangsta’, dance like one!

-BWS (Lowkey)

Rewind Wednesday – Origins of the Wob

Mary Anne Hobbes's - Dubstep Warz

Sup fam! You know the drill by now. Wednesday = legendary dubstep tunes. This week features a few tracks that will show the “Origins of the Wob” from it’s homely beginnings as a wump in the mix, to an all out dragon-beast destined to oscillate its way into the charts.

We all know that infamous wobble didn’t just fall out of thin air and land on Skream’s hard drive. The ‘Wobble’, or Low Frequency Oscillation (LFO) was a concentrated effort understood and utilized by early dubstep producers. Guy’s like The Others, Skream and Coki were boosting the Mid’s and cranking that LFO to great success with record sales and more importantly, dancefloor results. Take a journey with the Wob and see what you like better, the old or the new.

First up is Skream & Cluekid’s – ‘Sandsnake’. The first release on Skream’s Disfigured Dubz label, Sandsnake couples the amen-style breaks of Drum and Bass and an ever-present wobble to create an absolute dance floor killer. Released in August 07 – this tune turned many heads and opened many doors for the sound known as “dubstep”.

PS – Both Skream and Cluekid have been putting out much BWS approved material in 2011. Make sure to check them both out in 2012.

Hopping right into the second tune, Stenchman unleashes ‘What the Future Holds’ and the almost formulaic ‘epic drop’ that is so often reproduced nowadays. The wobs are complementary to the gritty saw that adds a groundbreaking element to a tune that could have easily inspired the word “Bassface”.

XSDubz – 2007

We’re ending it huge with our last track. Coki‘s – Spongebob, will honestly change the way you think about dubstep. It was released in ’07 under the uber-chill DMZ banner, yet it is one of the craziest-wobbliest tunes out there. We might ask “How did it make the cut?”. Well, it was one of the first of it’s kind, and promptly received a rewind 98% of the time it was dropped. This tune broke the ice with wobbles and absolutely dove in!

Look at these people going BUCK WILD to it in 2007. (Below)

Cool, well we hope you enjoyed the tunes and noticed their similarities and the influence they hold today. These classics helped blaze the trail for the wobble and still stand up to big tunes today. Bump em!

See you next Wednesday!

BWS (Shice)