Music For Your Mindstate: Techno To Tearout

Yup.  It’s Friday.  Such blessed days, Fridays are.  Just want to give a massive shout to all the heads that rolled through Bassweight Society presents Broken Note last night.  It was truly a great one.  I don’t think people were ready for the powerful sounds that Broken Note had up his sleeve.  Some of the most groundshaking, industrial-esque music I’ve heard, hands down.  He absolutely smashed the dance up!

Before you guys get your weekends started we have some killer tunes that have recently been put into circulation.

First two tracks are off of Boddika’s forthcoming Swamp 81 release that’s due out the 26th of March.  The A side, ‘Acid Jackson’, is MAADDDDD groovy!  Nothing less should ever be expected when Boddika gets on the buttons but, nevertheless, this tune is exceptionally large.  The flip, ‘Basement’, is another gem, straight up.  The synth moves your body for you, even if you’re too cool to skank.

Boddika – Acid Jackson/Basement (Forthcoming Swamp 81)


Next tune is another techno one from Sleeper.  Himself, alongside Killawatt, are a techno binge lately and honestly I can’t complain.  Sleeper’s minimal techno vibes are epic!  I mean we’re talking underground dungeon rave status.  No windows, no light, nothing but lasers and vibes.  The track is called ‘Telepathy’, highly recommend listening to this one with your sound at high output levels.

Sleeper – Telepathy


Alright, now we’re moving back into the 140 arena with Mensah’s forthcoming Deep Medi release, ‘The Gambia/The Trailing Moons of Saturn’.  This one like Boddika’s is due out March 26 and will no doubt fly off the shelves so, I recommend watching your preferred vinyl retailer very closely so you don’t miss out.  The first track, ‘The Gambia’, is a dark, tribal infused tune for the deep heads.  The percussion is huge on this track!  The Trailing Moons of Saturn is a mind raper.  It gives me the same vibes as a lot of Goth-Trad’s recent work.  Perfectly suiting for the Deep Medi imprint in my opinion.  Take a peak below, blud.

Mensah – The Gambia/The Trailing Moons of Saturn (Forthcoming Deep Medi)


The last track we’re going to leave you with is a recent collaboration between LAXX and Walsh, forthcoming on Wheel & Deal.  This one is a straight party tune.  These boys make their presence very well-known with this track as the gritty wobble comes through the speakers with ferocity and, most importantly, CONTROL.  Too much of the heavier stuff lately displays very poor production quality/sound design, but not with this track.  Quality in-your-face dubstep that will set the dance off without a doubt.  Respect to the boys!

LAXX & Walsh – Latest Tech (Forthcoming Wheel & Deal)


Alright goons, enjoy the sounds!  Big up the artists so they know their music is well-received.  BUY THEIR MUSIC!!!  Show some respect for the hours these guys put into pleasing our audible desires.  See you next week.  Stay safe and as always, RESPECT!

To the gods.




On The Flex: Biome, Mala, & TMSV

Massive out to all the heads that have been supporting us recently!  This grassroots movement has slowly, but very surely, been growing within the past couple months and the traffic through the website has increased significantly.  It really means a lot to us here at BWS.  We’ve always had a lot of faith in this music/culture because it is one filled with longevity and passion, and all of you readers have affirmed that faith.  As stated at the beginning of the new year, we have plans for 2012 to be a really big year for us and we couldn’t be happier the share the experiences with all of you.  RESPECT!

Now, with all the sentimental sh*t out of the way, let’s get right into today’s music.  Not only has 2012 been a great year for us, it has been a great year for the entirety of the dubstep scene.  No, we are not talking about the Grammy’s given to, thou who shall’nt be named.  We are talking about the foundation scene.  The deep scene has witnessed such a prolific amount of innovation and evolution to dubstep.  From tribal to techno, jungle to classical, the influences are FLOODING the productions.  Today we have a pretty random collection of tunes to showcase, all of them top-notch.

The first batch of tunes come the man known as Biome.  He should be no secret to any of you, and if he is, GET AMONGST IT!  Pushing out high quality releases since 2008 from labels such as Subsonik, Biscuit Factory, Sub Pressure, Osiris, and most recently Black Box, he’s a man who has nothing but WEIGHT up his sleeves.  His most recent release on Black Box, titled ‘Space’, is truly an unreal production.  Seems only suiting that it earned a release as a single-sided vinyl in the XXX series from the box.  Today he announced a release on the imprint M.U.V (Macabre Unit Vinyl).  A tune called ‘Persepolis’.  An absolutely massive production!  Take a listen to Persepolis and few other bits that he has just thrown up on his Soundcloud page.


Biome – Zen


Biome – Shadows


This next track is recent one from the almighty Mala.  Set to release on his album due out sometime this year.  Rumor has it that the entire album is influenced off his recent  travels in Cuba.  You can definitely feel the vibes in this track.  Titled ‘Cuba Electronica’, this tune is seriously MAD.  Listen to the man Joe Nice when he brings in the second drop, it’s straight up badness coming through your speakers.  This will no doubt, as always with Mala, be one of the most anticipated releases of the year so keep your eyes and ears open.


The last track we are going to leave you off with today comes from the extremely talented hands of TMSV.  This guy has seriously been handling business for the past couple years and 2012 is definitely going to be a HUGE year for the man.  Releases tunes pretty much exclusively on Box Clever/Black Box records, DJ Thinking must be amped on life.  TMSV’s production abilities are hard to pigeonhole so I’m not even going to try.  He can really build music in an amazing fashion,  and I will leave it at that.  This tune, a remix of Dark Angel’s ‘Lay Down My Burdens’, is going to send you all off with a righteous vibe.  It’s forthcoming on Foundation Sound, date still to come.  Let the music speak to you.

Dark Angel – Lay Down My Burdens


Also, in case you missed this free download he gave out a few months ago, GRAB IT UP WHILE IT’S STILL THERE!  A really sick tune he did with Myrkur called ‘Icarus’. Of course, show the man some love!

TMSV & Myrkur – Icarus (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Alright fam, that’s all for today.  Stay blessed.

To the gods.

– Bassweight Society (Kinman)


Ey Fam,

Shout outs to all BWS followers keeping it locked. We hope you enjoy jamming out to the tunes we post as much as we do. Thursday’s here which means tomorrow night we party, so in honor of that we’re gonna bring you some tunes to get you ready for the weekend.

First tune is one that’s been in circulation for some time now finding its way into the nooks and crannies of radio stations here and there. A large one from N-Type & Surge entitled Triangles set to release on Wheel & Deal sometime in the next couple months as part of an N-Type & Surge EP. Sorry about the vocals over the track, but if you listen past that, you’ll recognize that mega bass N-Type’s been cranking out for years. With fat smashing snares and scattered vocal echoes over a mega wobble this tune is bound to be one that will light up the dance. Enjoy.

The next tune we want to bring to your attention is one that’s been receiving much chatter around the internet, a tune we’d expect many of you heads to have your hands on, but one very worthy of further attention. The tune titled Classified by Organics was recently handed out for free via the Hedmuk Blog. This lurker is sure to make your nose itch if listened to with a proper sub. Quality production. Make sure to head over to Hedmuk and grab your free download and big up their operation over there. Here’s a link to their site ‪

The last one here is one sure to make you skank into the weekend. A monster of a tune from Anex with Demon on the remix a tune entitled Delusions. Getting airtime on both Youngsta’s and Distance’s Rinse.FM shows this is a massive one from upcoming producer Anex. So large, you hear the MC calling to pull it back, make sure to crank this one up. With a tribal drum intro into a half step stomper this one will surely blow ears. Whatever you’re doing this weekend be sure to enjoy yourself to this tune.

Hope that eases you into the weekend. Big up fam spread the love.

Don’t be a gangsta’, dance like one!

-BWS (Lowkey)

Heat, Heat, And More Heat.

Oi oi oi!  For those of you that tend to live with your heads in the sand, there has been some intense shit going down with the SOPA/PIPA protests in the past couple of days.  The site Megaupload has been shut down and owners are now being accused of soliciting $500 million dollars in lost revenue for copyright holders.  There are 7 people being charged in this case, 4 of which were arrested today in New Zealand.  The US extracted Dutch citizens from New Zealand for copyright laws, while 3 owners are still on the loose.  Yes, you read that right, the US extracted Dutch citizens from New Zealand for infringing on copyright laws.  Kinda scary to think what will be next.   Things are really starting to get out of hand, so if you haven’t signed the petition, called your local Senator, and done everything else that you can do, PLEASE DO IT!!  There is a ribbon on the top right of this page, you can click that and sign the petition/get further information.

Today we have a bunch of goodies for everyones ears.  We have a couple mixes, a couple fresh tunes, and some very crucial release information.

First piece that we want to look at is an amazing new tune from the badman duo, Kryptic Minds.  First heard this tune back on FACT Mix 241 that Kryptic Minds did, and now it’s finally going to see a release on Tectonic!  This tune is an absolute sub-heavy anthem.  These guys have been picking up an incredible amount on momentum the past couple of years and they continue to exhibit some of the most balanced/clean mixdowns while pumping out some of the most powerful sub-frequencies of any producer.  Enjoy heat #1.

Kryptic Minds – Talisman


Next sound we have for you is a mix built by TMSV.  This is 40 minutes of STRICTLY BUSINESS!  One of the better mixes we have heard lately, filled with such a large amount of top-notch productions.  Starting off real nice, the DJ Madd remix of Alone in the Darkness sets the tone heavy and deep.  He then progresses into a plethora of his personal productions, showing everybody why he in among the most high level of producers.  Setting the vibe real nice for everybody that’s getting to see him play at Dubtactics XL!  Slump to heat #2.  P.s. if you want to download the mix, grab it right here.

TMSV Dubtactics XL Promo Mix


The next tune has probably already been seen by everybody being blasted all over Rinse by Youngsta, but it’s just too good to not post up.  Another absolute production from the earthquake-wrestling boys from down under, Truth.  The track, titled ‘All Over’, is destined to wreck dance floors for the next few months, NO DOUBT!  The clip we have is one taken off of Youngsta’s show but be on the lookout for this one because it’s just plain old MASSIVE mates!

Truth – All Over


The last piece that we are going to leave you with today/tonight/whatever time it is you read this, is a live set that Author played at Exodus during a DMZ night.  The entire 44 minutes is pure bliss.  The musical ability that is alive when Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin get together is so inspiring, and their live sets are no different.  The day that these guys make it over to the US will be one of the happiest days for us here at BWS.  The emotion, soul, funk, and groove that go into their productions is unmatched and beyond unique.  The next couple years are going to hold some really amazing things for these guys, on an individual level as well as the entity, Author, that they comprise.  This is just PURE VIBES, straight feel-good music, life layed out in notes.  Take a trip.

Author Live At DMZ – Exodus


Alright people, enjoy!  Don’t forget to protect your individual freedoms and continue to protest the SOPA/PIPA acts that will be voted on January 24th, 2012!  Much love and respect from the crew!

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

Rewind Wednesday! Timeless Tunage

Respect!  Here we go with another Rewind Wednesday.  This week is featuring some, as the title states, absolutely timeless music.  Hope you enjoy the sounds!

The first tune that we want shout out is one written by the Dubstep messiah, Mala.  Currently in the lead for the DSF awards‘ “Best Producer” category, this tune, although on the older side, showcases the skills and heart that have earned Mala this standing.  The tune, titled ‘Miracles’, is one of the BWS all-time favorites.  The vocal samples put into this track speak so much truth and really hit home for those who have followed the genres progression from early on, and even those new to the game.  The claim of “soundsystems have done miracles” could not ring more true, especially once you here this tune on a proper set of speakers.  The sub-heavy, reggae-influenced, and groove-filled production perfectly exemplifies the timelessness that Mala institutes into, literally, EVERY SINGLE PRODUCTION of his.  This man is truly an inspiration.  One out to the badman Mala, who will never read this post.  Just for shits and giggles.

Mala – Miracles

This next tune hails from across the seas on the small island of Japan.  Goth-Trad, the bassweight samurai as we like to call him, has been making music since a lot of us were still young children.  Stated by Kode9, this  is a “one-man army who has been changing the UK continuum from Japan”.  BWS would full-heartedly back up this statement.  His ‘Babylon Fall’ EP that was released in 2011 was an absolute smasher, and the highly anticipated full-length album, ‘New Epoch’, will be released sometime in February of this year.  The tune that we have for you today, ‘Cut End’, was released back in 2007 on the Deep Medi imprint and is truly a heavyweight anthem.  With asianic strings hooking you from the beginning this tune progresses into irie horns, reverb drenched stabs, and a wall of bass that makes the Great Wall of China look like a picket fence in suburbia.  Mad respect out to Goth-Trad!

Goth-Trad – Cut End

Next up to bat for all the heads is a tune that quite a bit different from the above.  The Glasglow based producer, Rustie, has been pushing some of the most feel-good music for the later part of the 2000’s.  His dance-filled interpretations of Bass music are not only unique, but just plain incredible!  On collaborations with the purple king himself, Joker, Russel Whyte has made quite the imprint, on an international level.  This tune was released in 2008 and is titled ‘Zig Zag’.  As stated above, it’s a bit different, so make sure you press play with an open mind on this one!

Rustie – Zig Zag

The last track we want to leave you with is ‘50,000 Watts’, produced by Matty G.  This tune BLEW up the west coast and most importantly, Matty G.  Although he had already had releases prior to this tune, it wasn’t until Joe Nice starting playing this out on Gourmet Beats radio and at the DMZ nights that Santa Cruz native Matty G was literally known by every head in the Dubstep scene.  An absolutely massive bassline, a mad-catchy vocal sample, and perfect timing put this tune down in the history books to never be forgotten, or at least we hope!  Lend your ears, children.

Matty G – 50,000 Watts

There it is everybody!  Enjoy the sounds, and pay your respects to the artists.  Check back tomorrow as Bassweight Society takes a look at the influence Reggae has had on the formation/perpetuation of Dubstep.

One love.

-Bassweight Society