Kromestar, Guido, Compa and more.

Today we’ve got a nice lineup of tunes, some released very recently and others seeing releases this week!  The first few are ones we’ve never highlighted before and the last couple we’ll mention again just because they’re that good and we don’t want any of you forgetting to show your support to the artists when their releases drop.

First up we got a choon from the big dog Kromestar, an artist who’s been influencing bass music for quite some time now.  With his album Colourful Vibrations gaining major attention earlier in 2011 after being released on Dubstar records, Kromestar has proven his diversity time and time again.  From Badman VIP an absolute floor wrecker, to Disagree a soulful trumpet man ting, Kromestar’s covered everything in between and showed consistent quality throughout.  This week sees the release of two tunes out on Dubstep For Deep Heads label entitled Bookey and Alone.  Bookey is a wicked riddim incorporating video game like sounds with distorted basslines perfectly executed to make you stomp about.  Alone is a more chilled back tune compared to Bookey, utilizing a marching band drum pattern and steady low end, this a tune for after work spliff time.  Check both the tunes here and grab the record on promo!

Kromestar – Bookey/Alone

Following that big release, Guido very recently put out the first release for label State of Joy.  A bit different than what we’d usually cover but nonetheless, a super cool release.  The first tune on the release, Micro X is the one that first caught our attention with that spot on Guido melody accented with the synth that Guido, Joker and other Brtistol based posse are known for.  Here’s a cut of the tune, taken from a mix he did back March.

On the flip is a tune titled Vessel Dogs.  Starting out with a large kick drum and mesmerizing string riff the tune fills in with soft snares and fluctuating purple sounding synths.  This one is sick.  You can see Guido’s musical talent imprinted throughout layers of piano, strings, and a well-positioned bassline. Make sure to listen all the way through as the tune is packed with variations.

\\\Big Reminderz////

This week sees the official release of Goth-Trad’s New Epoch EP.  If you haven’t heard New Epoch, do so, it’s just a teaser of what’s to be found within this album.  Also, Compa who hooked us up with that wicked mix back in November is dropping ‘Sentence/Beginning’ on Boka Records as BOKA038PT2.  Be sure to get a copy of that as well.  This is soundsystem music so be sure to crank up those subs.  Oh and almost forgot to mention, the massive ‘Lightning/Overflow’ release by Antiserum and Ill-Esha dropped yesterday, so go bag it!

Here’s links to all these releases:

Goth Trad – New Epoch EP

Compa – Sentence/Beginning

Antiserum & Ill-Esha – Lightning/Overflow

Find tunes you like and share them with others and big up the artists.  That’s what it’s all about.

Share the love.

-BWS (Lowkey)


For The Ears Of The Inhabitants


Man, what the f*ck. The weekends go by way too fast! Someone needs to institute some sort of last Friday of every month off type ting’, there is just not enough time to unwind with only two days. We spend too much time worrying about the next bill due or the numbers on the clock. It’s things like these that many psychologists believe to be the underlying cause of the violence and contempt that humans exhibit. We are not innately evil, nor violent, we as humans strive for cooperation, collectivism, and functionality. All the worlds evils; self-righteousness, greed, angst, social inequity, etc., are products of an absence of love. The human spirit has been starved of its capabilities. It is a shame we have lost so much of the imagination and mysticism that once flooded the human psyche. Great minds are often wasted because an individual has never been given the chance to recognize his/her potential. My all-time favorite author, William Blake, once wrote that ” He whos face gives no light, shall never become a star. Eternity is in love with the productions of time.” (Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Proverbs of Hell) These words are so profound and each can gather their own sentiment from them.

Anyways, thank the heavens that we have music to uplift our souls! We are back with another week filled with quality music for all the readers ears’, so we hope you enjoy them.

This first tune hails from the production arsenals of PinchandPhotek. Pinch, who was responsible for founding Subloaded, one of the UK’s first pure dubstep nights, has recently been spending most of his time in the 120-135 area. Always one of the largest advocates of forward-thinking, he has been marrying a vast amount of styles within his sets. Listening to his mixing you will hear anything and everything from straight techno to chest-hollowing bass anthems. This recent collaboration with Photek, like his mixing, blends a pool of styles together to form a tune that appeals to listeners from all ends of the electronic music spectrum. Punchy synths, syncopated vocals, and huge sub-frequencies. Lend an ear!

Pinch & Photek – Acid Reign (Pinch’s dubplate version)


The second one we have is from Wheel & Deals latest hype,Surge . Last week we brought a tune that he did with N-Type, and it was nothing short of FIRE! Today, we have a solo release from the man like ‘Surge’ featuring the tracks ‘Leech’ and ‘Swaying Mantis’. This one just hit the stores today so make sure to grab your copy before it’s gone. Featuring the vocals of an artist unknown to us here at BWS, Leech is an anthem of perseverance. Merging deep, dark, and heavy with beautiful, free, and passionate, this one is pure vibes. The flip is straight-up BASSWEIGHT. One for all the deep-steppers that will mash up the dance! If you want to learn more about Surge, check out this piece that Knowledge Magazine did on him here.

Surge – Leech ft. Pyxis

Surge – Swaying Mantis


Last one is from one of the sickest duo’s out there right now. The Soap Dodgers have been releasing HUGE tunes like no other. Both tunes on this release are some of the most anthemic rave tunes we’ve heard to this day. Absolutely massive synths are met with even more massive bass notes. This is another release from the Wheel & Deal label, these guys are on top of things lately! Due out some time in February of this year, this release is an absolute must have.

Soap Dodgers – Rachel Went South

Soap Dodgers – Belly


That’s it for today. Bless up. Be free. Expose your mind.

Bassweight Society (Kinman)


Ey Fam,

Shout outs to all BWS followers keeping it locked. We hope you enjoy jamming out to the tunes we post as much as we do. Thursday’s here which means tomorrow night we party, so in honor of that we’re gonna bring you some tunes to get you ready for the weekend.

First tune is one that’s been in circulation for some time now finding its way into the nooks and crannies of radio stations here and there. A large one from N-Type & Surge entitled Triangles set to release on Wheel & Deal sometime in the next couple months as part of an N-Type & Surge EP. Sorry about the vocals over the track, but if you listen past that, you’ll recognize that mega bass N-Type’s been cranking out for years. With fat smashing snares and scattered vocal echoes over a mega wobble this tune is bound to be one that will light up the dance. Enjoy.

The next tune we want to bring to your attention is one that’s been receiving much chatter around the internet, a tune we’d expect many of you heads to have your hands on, but one very worthy of further attention. The tune titled Classified by Organics was recently handed out for free via the Hedmuk Blog. This lurker is sure to make your nose itch if listened to with a proper sub. Quality production. Make sure to head over to Hedmuk and grab your free download and big up their operation over there. Here’s a link to their site ‪

The last one here is one sure to make you skank into the weekend. A monster of a tune from Anex with Demon on the remix a tune entitled Delusions. Getting airtime on both Youngsta’s and Distance’s Rinse.FM shows this is a massive one from upcoming producer Anex. So large, you hear the MC calling to pull it back, make sure to crank this one up. With a tribal drum intro into a half step stomper this one will surely blow ears. Whatever you’re doing this weekend be sure to enjoy yourself to this tune.

Hope that eases you into the weekend. Big up fam spread the love.

Don’t be a gangsta’, dance like one!

-BWS (Lowkey)

Rewind Wednesday – Origins of the Wob

Mary Anne Hobbes's - Dubstep Warz

Sup fam! You know the drill by now. Wednesday = legendary dubstep tunes. This week features a few tracks that will show the “Origins of the Wob” from it’s homely beginnings as a wump in the mix, to an all out dragon-beast destined to oscillate its way into the charts.

We all know that infamous wobble didn’t just fall out of thin air and land on Skream’s hard drive. The ‘Wobble’, or Low Frequency Oscillation (LFO) was a concentrated effort understood and utilized by early dubstep producers. Guy’s like The Others, Skream and Coki were boosting the Mid’s and cranking that LFO to great success with record sales and more importantly, dancefloor results. Take a journey with the Wob and see what you like better, the old or the new.

First up is Skream & Cluekid’s – ‘Sandsnake’. The first release on Skream’s Disfigured Dubz label, Sandsnake couples the amen-style breaks of Drum and Bass and an ever-present wobble to create an absolute dance floor killer. Released in August 07 – this tune turned many heads and opened many doors for the sound known as “dubstep”.

PS – Both Skream and Cluekid have been putting out much BWS approved material in 2011. Make sure to check them both out in 2012.

Hopping right into the second tune, Stenchman unleashes ‘What the Future Holds’ and the almost formulaic ‘epic drop’ that is so often reproduced nowadays. The wobs are complementary to the gritty saw that adds a groundbreaking element to a tune that could have easily inspired the word “Bassface”.

XSDubz – 2007

We’re ending it huge with our last track. Coki‘s – Spongebob, will honestly change the way you think about dubstep. It was released in ’07 under the uber-chill DMZ banner, yet it is one of the craziest-wobbliest tunes out there. We might ask “How did it make the cut?”. Well, it was one of the first of it’s kind, and promptly received a rewind 98% of the time it was dropped. This tune broke the ice with wobbles and absolutely dove in!

Look at these people going BUCK WILD to it in 2007. (Below)

Cool, well we hope you enjoyed the tunes and noticed their similarities and the influence they hold today. These classics helped blaze the trail for the wobble and still stand up to big tunes today. Bump em!

See you next Wednesday!

BWS (Shice)

Straight Off The Block!

Wooooo!  We’re back with another batch of fresh beats today, so hope you guys enjoy them.  We have a few different artists that we are highlighting tonight, some known, and some not so well-known.  With that said, regardless of the artists current standing in the game, EVERY one of these tunes is huge!

The first tune that we have for you is one from the south London producer, Percept.  The tune, titled ‘Seclusion’, is an absolute slumper.  Overpowering sub hits come in clean and penetrate your chestplate indefinitely.  Definitely want to keep your eyes on this guys forthcoming progress.  The tune is available for free download, hosted exclusively on Hedmuk.  Visit the website and snag this one for your personal collection!  Download here.

Percept – Seclusion


The next two tunes come from another British producer who goes by the name Sorrow.  These tunes are a little bit different from the material that we typically highlight on here but, they are both just really amazing tunes.  The first one, titled ‘Street Warfare’ is a one of the cooler takes on the garage style we’ve heard lately.  Very techy bass chords come in quick and grab the attention of your ears.  The tune then progresses, with beautifully layered vocals filling your brainwaves with positive vibes.  This track is also a free download so take advantage of it and don’t forget to show love to Sorrow for giving this out to us!  The second track that we have for you, from Sorrow, is titled ‘Thinking of You” and is a collaboration with an artist who goes by the name Shura.  This is another tune filled with beautiful vocals, proper atmospherics, and feel-good vibes.  The drop at 1.29 can turn any bad day into a fresh start.  Mad respect from BWS to Sorrow!

Sorrow – Street Warfare

Sorrow & Shura – Thinking of You


The last two tunes that wanted to show ya’ll come from Om Unit.  They are both remixes that will be featured on a special edition 7″ release.  The first track, a remix of Daedelus – Vous Etes Stereo, is slower tune with one of the cleanest and sickest sounding snares to guide your steps.  The second tune is a remix of Om’Mas Keith – Girl Is A Player.  This is a sick dance floor tune that has some real nice vocals for the ladies to groove down to and a heavy-hitting sub for all the heads to compromise with ;).  Take a listen!

Om Unit – L.A Refixes


Show your love to the artists, spread the love to others, and keep on pushing that deep sound that we here at Bassweight Society love so much!  Mad respect goes out to all of our readers that have been supporting us and spreading the word about what we do here at BWS.  Stay true to your roots and don’t forget to take a step back every now and then to appreciate all the beauty that surround us each day.

One love.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)