Vibes, Yadidimean

Ey fam, bredren, sisters, and cuzzies.  I hope all is well, that Jah’s been elevating your soul through some beautiful music this week. I’m feeling the vibez on a couple tunes I wanted to bring to your attention today.  Tunes that while they may not be the newest in the bunch, there’s a good chance they were overlooked by many of you, and some are even FREE!!!  So without much more to say, open your ears wide, while the tunes providea sense of balance as we share a state of mind.

First up is big dogg Kavsrave, a man who mashes a sense of funk into his tunes over purple-infused synths and basslines.  Coming from Croydon, Kavsrave found his niche on Numbers Records after recommendations from the likes of Joy Orbison.  In his tunes you’ll find a heavy R&B influence, which complements a well developed bassline so nicely in my opinion.  His first release ‘Pclart/Tightly Closed’ was extra large, and recently he released a FREE tune titled ‘No More’ (Slow Jams).  The tune has an amazing vibe to it, kick bass that makes the trunk of your car slump, with high-end rhythms that provide a memorable appeal.  Maximum respect to Kavsrave!

Get a free copy here and enjoy a listen or two:

Kavsrave – No More (Slow Jams) **Free Download**

Seriously feeling the vibes of this next release.  Original badman Kromestar comes at us with a couple dance floor skankers, one deep, the other bouncy.  Set to release on April 16 on Om Unit‘s Cosmic Bridge, marking the labels third release, Kromestar brings the pressure with Parallel Sounds VIP’s. The first tune on the release titled ‘Outer Limit VIP’ is a straight banger, maximum sound system riddim with that patented Kromestar low-end.  The second tune, ‘Don’t Make Sense VIP’, is definitely the dancier of the two.  Packing some big booty bass, this one has a bouncy kick with a wobbling synth that’s sure to put you in a jolly state of mind.

Kromestar – Parallel Sounds VIP


Also be sure to check out the Cosmic Bridge page, as they will be making big moves it the upcoming year as well as giving away free tunes.

We’ll send you out on a nice chilled vibe.  The tune comes as a remix done by Peaman, an artist we highlighted last week.  The tune titled ‘Steepless’, has a beautiful female vocal throughout and piano rhythm that seriously reminds me of D1, something along the lines of Chocolate Orange.  It was given out free last week, and seems to have hit the download limit but hopefully he’ll open it up again.


Last week we highlighted a tune of Peaman’s titled IDK, remixed by Kahn.  Be sure to check out the original here, and take a look at his soundcloud page for other releases.

Peaman Soundcloud


As much as I love the deep weight, I love tunes that can give you that lounge music feel; mellow, well put together, and proper vibes.  Blessings on the rest of the week, be sure to check in tomorrow!

Maximum respect,


Straight Off The Block!

Wooooo!  We’re back with another batch of fresh beats today, so hope you guys enjoy them.  We have a few different artists that we are highlighting tonight, some known, and some not so well-known.  With that said, regardless of the artists current standing in the game, EVERY one of these tunes is huge!

The first tune that we have for you is one from the south London producer, Percept.  The tune, titled ‘Seclusion’, is an absolute slumper.  Overpowering sub hits come in clean and penetrate your chestplate indefinitely.  Definitely want to keep your eyes on this guys forthcoming progress.  The tune is available for free download, hosted exclusively on Hedmuk.  Visit the website and snag this one for your personal collection!  Download here.

Percept – Seclusion


The next two tunes come from another British producer who goes by the name Sorrow.  These tunes are a little bit different from the material that we typically highlight on here but, they are both just really amazing tunes.  The first one, titled ‘Street Warfare’ is a one of the cooler takes on the garage style we’ve heard lately.  Very techy bass chords come in quick and grab the attention of your ears.  The tune then progresses, with beautifully layered vocals filling your brainwaves with positive vibes.  This track is also a free download so take advantage of it and don’t forget to show love to Sorrow for giving this out to us!  The second track that we have for you, from Sorrow, is titled ‘Thinking of You” and is a collaboration with an artist who goes by the name Shura.  This is another tune filled with beautiful vocals, proper atmospherics, and feel-good vibes.  The drop at 1.29 can turn any bad day into a fresh start.  Mad respect from BWS to Sorrow!

Sorrow – Street Warfare

Sorrow & Shura – Thinking of You


The last two tunes that wanted to show ya’ll come from Om Unit.  They are both remixes that will be featured on a special edition 7″ release.  The first track, a remix of Daedelus – Vous Etes Stereo, is slower tune with one of the cleanest and sickest sounding snares to guide your steps.  The second tune is a remix of Om’Mas Keith – Girl Is A Player.  This is a sick dance floor tune that has some real nice vocals for the ladies to groove down to and a heavy-hitting sub for all the heads to compromise with ;).  Take a listen!

Om Unit – L.A Refixes


Show your love to the artists, spread the love to others, and keep on pushing that deep sound that we here at Bassweight Society love so much!  Mad respect goes out to all of our readers that have been supporting us and spreading the word about what we do here at BWS.  Stay true to your roots and don’t forget to take a step back every now and then to appreciate all the beauty that surround us each day.

One love.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)