Vibes, Yadidimean

Ey fam, bredren, sisters, and cuzzies.  I hope all is well, that Jah’s been elevating your soul through some beautiful music this week. I’m feeling the vibez on a couple tunes I wanted to bring to your attention today.  Tunes that while they may not be the newest in the bunch, there’s a good chance they were overlooked by many of you, and some are even FREE!!!  So without much more to say, open your ears wide, while the tunes providea sense of balance as we share a state of mind.

First up is big dogg Kavsrave, a man who mashes a sense of funk into his tunes over purple-infused synths and basslines.  Coming from Croydon, Kavsrave found his niche on Numbers Records after recommendations from the likes of Joy Orbison.  In his tunes you’ll find a heavy R&B influence, which complements a well developed bassline so nicely in my opinion.  His first release ‘Pclart/Tightly Closed’ was extra large, and recently he released a FREE tune titled ‘No More’ (Slow Jams).  The tune has an amazing vibe to it, kick bass that makes the trunk of your car slump, with high-end rhythms that provide a memorable appeal.  Maximum respect to Kavsrave!

Get a free copy here and enjoy a listen or two:

Kavsrave – No More (Slow Jams) **Free Download**

Seriously feeling the vibes of this next release.  Original badman Kromestar comes at us with a couple dance floor skankers, one deep, the other bouncy.  Set to release on April 16 on Om Unit‘s Cosmic Bridge, marking the labels third release, Kromestar brings the pressure with Parallel Sounds VIP’s. The first tune on the release titled ‘Outer Limit VIP’ is a straight banger, maximum sound system riddim with that patented Kromestar low-end.  The second tune, ‘Don’t Make Sense VIP’, is definitely the dancier of the two.  Packing some big booty bass, this one has a bouncy kick with a wobbling synth that’s sure to put you in a jolly state of mind.

Kromestar – Parallel Sounds VIP


Also be sure to check out the Cosmic Bridge page, as they will be making big moves it the upcoming year as well as giving away free tunes.

We’ll send you out on a nice chilled vibe.  The tune comes as a remix done by Peaman, an artist we highlighted last week.  The tune titled ‘Steepless’, has a beautiful female vocal throughout and piano rhythm that seriously reminds me of D1, something along the lines of Chocolate Orange.  It was given out free last week, and seems to have hit the download limit but hopefully he’ll open it up again.


Last week we highlighted a tune of Peaman’s titled IDK, remixed by Kahn.  Be sure to check out the original here, and take a look at his soundcloud page for other releases.

Peaman Soundcloud


As much as I love the deep weight, I love tunes that can give you that lounge music feel; mellow, well put together, and proper vibes.  Blessings on the rest of the week, be sure to check in tomorrow!

Maximum respect,



In The Shadows Volume 1: Promise One

Ziiiiiingggg! What’s going on people.  We hope you had a great weekend.  Today is the start to a new series here at BWS, called ‘In The Shadows’.  The intent of this series is to highlight up-and-coming artists who represent the deep, dark, and minimal sounds that we love so much.  So, hopefully you guys/gals will receive the material with respect and enjoyment.

To start things off this week we have an artist who has adopted the monicker Promise One.  Coming out of North London, this 24 year old brings a really sick interpretation to the genre.  Originally captured by “dusty” hip-hop, as he puts it, he was introduced to dubstep in 2005 while at school in Leeds.  Instantly intrigued by the spacious and organic productions of Burial and Kode9, he quickly began to delve into the bass scene’s entirety.  As he had already been producing hip-hop under the name ‘Defiant Kinetics’ for a few years before his love for dubstep began, he had experience with programs such as Reason and Cubase.  So, we would imagine, the transition to dubstep production was just a bit easier than those who have never touched a DAW before.  His early influences are apparent in his rolling basslines and reverb-drenched, distant sounding synths.  His debut release was on Reboot Records (Boot09) back in mid 2011, containing the tracks ‘Dissonance’ and ‘Glyph’.  Both of the tunes are superb productions and we highly recommend purchasing them!  Take a listen below.

Promise One – Dissonance


Promise One – Glyph


With that release already under his belt, as well as a release on Sub Pressure Recordings, Promise One is back again with another set of masterpieces.  This one, released early this month, came out on Gamma Audio.  Both of the tunes on this release show the evolution of his sounds as well as his maturing production capabilities.    The A side, titled ‘Kilos’, emits growling basslines and very garage-like use of percussion.  The vocal processing on this tune perfectly mesh with the instrumental production laid down.  The B side is a track titled ‘Lowkey’ and is on a different vibe than the flip.  More of a half-step stomper, this tune slows things down a bit.  The synths in this tune truly capture your ears, and quite quickly if we may add. Again utilizing his garage approach to the percussion styling Lowkey brings a classic vibe to the modern era of music production.

Promise One is a man that you should definitely keep your eyes on as he will most certainly be climbing the ranks within the deep scene.  He really embodies the foundation-oriented approach that we here at Bassweight Society love.  Please check out the links below to purchase his latest release on Gamma Audio.  Either from Juno or from Beatport.  Make sure to visit his Facebook page and show the man the support he deserves.  Below you will also find the Soundcloud links to ‘Lowkey’ and ‘Kilos’.


Promise One – Lowkey/Kilos (Juno Download)

Promise One – Lowkey/Kilos (Beatport Download)

Promise One Facebook Page


Promise One – Lowkey (GAMMA027)


Promise One – Kilos


Alright people, that’s the word for today.  Much respect to the readers that have been/continue to visit our website, it really means a lot to us.  2012 is the “year of the weight”, as the badman Cyrus put it in one of his Twitter posts last month.  So, together let’s bring the deep, dark, and minimal sounds to the United States.  We’re all about spreading soundsystem music to the heads.  See you next time.  Respect!

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

Mix Mondays: Weight For The Week

What up everybody!  We hope ya’ll had a great weekend, we most certainly did.  BWS co-founder, Shice, tore up the streets of Santa Barbara at the Santa Babylon party featuring headliner Esh-One from New Mexico.  Always a good time with the Santa Babylon boys!

We’re back with another installment of Mix Monday, and we, as always, have some heaters for your ears.

The first mix that we have for everybody is one built by Birmingham based producer/DJ, ENIGMA.  This mix, done for the Dubheadz crew, is jam-packed with HUGE tunes.  Sub-frequencies emitting at the most powerful level, mixing skills on point, and a track selection of the highest caliber, this mix will set your head straight.  Starting things off with one of his own productions, titled ‘Lights Out’, you will be instantly hooked by the lurky sounds of this mix.  Starting off with the melodic, atomospheric bass music that ENIGMA does so well, the mix slowly rises to it’s peak, causing panic on the dance.  Being a seasoned musician since the age of 5, ENIGMA is no stranger to finding a proper balance within his sounds, as shown in his productions and mixes.  So, lend an ear and enjoy!

ENIGMA DUBZ – ‘Mix for Dubheadz’

The next mix that we have for you is one done by BWS founder, Kinman.  This all-vinyl mix showcases some of the largest tunes produced in 2011.  Starting off with ‘Celestial Dub’, a tune produced by Coki, the mix progresses into the soulful productions of Antiserum, Ill-Esha, and Author, then taking off into a realm of mad percussion and chestplate-shaking frequencies.  So many HUGE double-drops lined up in this one.  Sit back, light one up, and enjoy the deep sounds of Killawatt, Benton, DJ MADD, District, Headhunter, and many more.  Nuff’ said!

Kinman – Bassweight Sessions Volume 2 (ALL-VINYL)

The last mix that we have for you, Jah’s children, is one done by the recently added BWS artist, Lowkey.  Long-time Bass enthusiast, Lowkey sets the vibe right with some of the most purple sounding dance floor rhythms that are available at the moment.  Featuring artists such as Joker, Kavsrave, Icicle, and Distance, this is nothing short of a heavyweight anthem.  An entry in a recent mixtape competition, the mix displays a keen ear, seasoned mixing skills, and an overall good vibe.  Take a listen and show some love to Lowkey.

Lowkey – Jah Know

That’s the word this week, as far as mixes.  Again, in case you forgot, we will now be featuring a post  everyday, Monday – Friday.  Be sure to check in tomorrow as we have a very special highlight on 140 Jungle.

Enjoy the sounds.

To the Gods.

-Bassweight Society