Southbound Hangers ft. Scratchmaster Techno – Look Better / Marchmellow Remix [LUVSIC003]

Love Sick

Big up fam’.

The third installment of the Love Sick Records catalog dropped today, featuring Southbound Hangers ft. Scratchmaster Techno and a remix from Marchmellow.  The original is the real gem off this release – it’s an absolute dance-smasher!  No surprise to me that it has received widespread support in the DJ sets of Skream & Benga, Dismantle, and even Funtcase and Walsh.

The notorious vocals of Scratchmaster Techno on ‘Look Better’ flow flawlessly over the bouncing beat structure as it flaunts influence from the early 90’s era of house music (clearly a favorite of the Love Sick crew!).  The kick drums on this beat will send anybody’s person into an unavoidable state of controlled movement, beautifully constructed and EQ’d.  There are some very subtle atmospheres that provide the beat with a quite an analog aesthetic, it’s really refreshing!

Marchmellow slows the tempo down with his take, adding a very dance-able set of chords progressing in a sea of reverb.  Again, this track takes on a heavy influence of early house music with the big room kick drums and chopped up, dubbed-out vocals.  Another refreshing track that embodies the Love Sick ethos of “music that’s at home in the club or the bedroom.”  Hold tight for the second drop!


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That’s the word for today!  I hope you’re all feeling the sounds.  Send any complaints to your mom.

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Mission EP – Section 8 – [Sub Pressure Recordings]

It’s always nice getting a fresh EP from a local label. Even nicer when the EP is jam-packed with upbeat rhythms, guaranteed to add pace and flavor to any set.  Out today, Section 8’s, Mission EP from San Diego’s Sub Pressure recordings, gives listeners a unique combination of originals and remixes with a nueral-tribal sound that showcases upbeat percussions and tearing synth lines.  Take the time and listen to this fresh release with us.

The first two tracks of the EP are Section 8 originals, both of the XL size, and an interesting and fast-paced take on your normal 140 riddims.  The title track ‘Mission’ is almost two entirely different tracks. The first half of the tune goes right in with a kick-driven sub-roller with complex percussive rhythms.  The fun really begins at 3:12 when we hear a breakdown and the start of a “new” tune.  Carrying many elements from the first bit, the second drop rolls through, but this time with a mind-tearing midrange synth, which, I imagine, sounds massive on a soundsystem, as well as my actual studio monitors.

Track two, ‘Cylinder’, is a groovy number with a clean and techy midrange riding the drums for ultimate funk. Its eerie background ambiance adds space and tension before the second drop, which is proven just as reliable as the first for adding a clean and funky flavor to your set.

On remix duties we have, Mouch and Killeralien, each artist taking a different approach to transforming, while respecting Section 8’s unique sound. Mouch’s remix of ‘Boulevard’, is a definite bag.  Swinging drums, interesting vocal chops and an even more intriguing use of bass, make this tune a killer remix and a standalone testament to Mouch’s ability.  Killeralien’s take of ‘Mercury’ stays with the “nueral-tribal” vibe mentioned earlier and features driving percussions and gritty cerebral bass.  This track fits perfectly in the EP, with a mind-blowing second drop featuring dosed-up synths and high energy percussion.  Give both these remixes a listen, as they truly do compliment Section 8 and the EP as a whole.


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Enjoy the sounds.

– Shice

Vibes, Yadidimean

Ey fam, bredren, sisters, and cuzzies.  I hope all is well, that Jah’s been elevating your soul through some beautiful music this week. I’m feeling the vibez on a couple tunes I wanted to bring to your attention today.  Tunes that while they may not be the newest in the bunch, there’s a good chance they were overlooked by many of you, and some are even FREE!!!  So without much more to say, open your ears wide, while the tunes providea sense of balance as we share a state of mind.

First up is big dogg Kavsrave, a man who mashes a sense of funk into his tunes over purple-infused synths and basslines.  Coming from Croydon, Kavsrave found his niche on Numbers Records after recommendations from the likes of Joy Orbison.  In his tunes you’ll find a heavy R&B influence, which complements a well developed bassline so nicely in my opinion.  His first release ‘Pclart/Tightly Closed’ was extra large, and recently he released a FREE tune titled ‘No More’ (Slow Jams).  The tune has an amazing vibe to it, kick bass that makes the trunk of your car slump, with high-end rhythms that provide a memorable appeal.  Maximum respect to Kavsrave!

Get a free copy here and enjoy a listen or two:

Kavsrave – No More (Slow Jams) **Free Download**

Seriously feeling the vibes of this next release.  Original badman Kromestar comes at us with a couple dance floor skankers, one deep, the other bouncy.  Set to release on April 16 on Om Unit‘s Cosmic Bridge, marking the labels third release, Kromestar brings the pressure with Parallel Sounds VIP’s. The first tune on the release titled ‘Outer Limit VIP’ is a straight banger, maximum sound system riddim with that patented Kromestar low-end.  The second tune, ‘Don’t Make Sense VIP’, is definitely the dancier of the two.  Packing some big booty bass, this one has a bouncy kick with a wobbling synth that’s sure to put you in a jolly state of mind.

Kromestar – Parallel Sounds VIP


Also be sure to check out the Cosmic Bridge page, as they will be making big moves it the upcoming year as well as giving away free tunes.

We’ll send you out on a nice chilled vibe.  The tune comes as a remix done by Peaman, an artist we highlighted last week.  The tune titled ‘Steepless’, has a beautiful female vocal throughout and piano rhythm that seriously reminds me of D1, something along the lines of Chocolate Orange.  It was given out free last week, and seems to have hit the download limit but hopefully he’ll open it up again.


Last week we highlighted a tune of Peaman’s titled IDK, remixed by Kahn.  Be sure to check out the original here, and take a look at his soundcloud page for other releases.

Peaman Soundcloud


As much as I love the deep weight, I love tunes that can give you that lounge music feel; mellow, well put together, and proper vibes.  Blessings on the rest of the week, be sure to check in tomorrow!

Maximum respect,


Halfway Home: Tunes To Get You Into The Weekend

Yo!  We baaaaack.  Hope everybody is well.  If you’re not, hopefully these tunes can brighten up your day :).  Don’t have time to write much today, I have some major schoolwork to handle. <BLAH.  Anyways, let’s get down to it!

First track for today is another one from the man who has been turning peoples heads HARD lately, Wayfarer.  We highlighted an absolutely MASSIVE tribal rhythm that he produced called ‘Fall Of The Zulu’ recently and the tune that we have for you today is another top-notch production.  This one is a bit of a different approach but, nonetheless, will set the vibes off in a real proper fashion.  I anticipate that this guy will be making some XXXXXL moves in the year to come so keep your ears locked for more of his sounds!

Wayfarer – Untitled


Next on the buttons is the Chestplate family member, District.  Coming hard with pounding kick drums and a reese bass that can summon the most evil of thoughts into your head.  I’m talking zombie rave status.  Or maybe an underground (I literally mean underneath the earth) club that has no light in it, just people head nodding in an untamed manner.  Yeah, I have weird thought, WHAT?!  Haha.  Anyways take a listen to this one and make sure you check underneath your bed after.

District – The Shift


Content is the mastermind behind this next tune.  As with Wayfarer, I think this guy is going to be a top competitor for ‘Best New Producer’ this year in the DSF awards, no joke.  He’s putting out tune after tune in a Killawatt-ish fashion.  I know the Subculture crew has to be mad stoked to have him aboard the team.  The entire Subculture roster is heading for big things this year with cats like Pressa, Demon, Crises, Pistonsbeneath, fuck, theres too many to list!  Respect to the crew from over here stateside.

Content – Xerxes


This last track is from a producer I know nothing about.  Got wind of it from the AJP crew earlier today.  Definitely on a different tip than the previous tunes but, it’s DOPE!


That’s it for the tunes today but, before I send you off I have one more gem for you.  US bossman Noah D put together an absolutely magnificent mix for the SMOG podcast series.  Bringing a true west coast style to the decks and showcasing his new tunes alongside many others this mix will be  a very well-spent 30 minutes of your life. I GUARANTEE IT!  Lend your ears and clear your mind.

Noah D – SMOG Podcast 13



To the gods.



Deepness Served Up by Author, Anex, Wayfarer, and Kaiju & Perverse

Oi oi!  What’s good everybody.  I’m tripping that it’s already Thursday, I don’t know about you guys.  I’m stoked but this week has just flown by!  Hope everybody is feeling well, feeling blessed, and ready to hear some great music because today’s tunes are STACKED with quality.  Got everything from tribal to dancefloor business to deep-space exploration business.

First track for today is going to set things off REAL proper.  With Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin on the production, what other than pure fire can be expected to result?  At least in my mind, that collaboration is always set up to make some of the best music.  This track that Jack Sparrow just threw up on his Facebook a few hours ago is called ‘Entrapment’ and is stated to be a WIP.  After hearing what they have laid down already, I get the chills thinking about what the final product will sound like!  Take a listen below, it’s an absolute gem.

Jack Sparrow ft. Ruckspin – Entrapment (Dub)


This next track is a tribal bit from the hands of Wayfarer.  We highlighted a track of his not too long ago, now he’s back with more heat!  The tune ‘Fall of The Zulu’ is a percussion masterpiece.  Coming at you aggressively with pounding drums and ambiguous chants this track is a straight mind-trip.  I hope to hear a lot more tracks like this coming from Wayfarer.  Follow him on Soundcloud and show him some love, he deserves way more attention.

Wayfarer – Fall of The Zulu (Dub)


Third tune is another collaboration, this time from Kaiju & Perverse.  Perverse has been making big moves solo with his debut release on Artikal hitting the shelves soon.  Kaiju released ‘Monster’ on Osiris Records and has another release in the works for Osiris as well.  They did a spot-on job with this tune.  Titled ‘Named After Hereos’, this one fills the space real nicely with growling basslines, spacious soundscaping, and oh so crispy snare hits.  Big up Perverse and Kaiju for this one!


The final tune for tonight is one for the dancefloor.  Anex recently threw this tune up on his Soundcloud, and it’s got some proper funky vibes to it.  Soulful harmonics, footwork inducing drum sequences, and pure vibes fill this one out.  Gotta’ let the music speak for itself on this one really.  It’s only going to be up on his Soundcloud for short time so don’t miss out!  Take a listen and show the man some love!

Anex – Shine (Dub)


That’s the word for today stateside.

To the gods.