Author – ‘Forward Forever’ LP [Black Box]


Bless up fam’.

Just thought I’d share something with you quickly.  After releasing one of the finest collections of music the dubstep community has seen in 2011, Author has announced their second LP, titled ‘Forward Forever’, which is due for release on Black Box records towards the end of June.  According to FACT Mag:

“In June, the Leeds producers will team up once again for a new album, Forward Forever. The record promises a more “natural-feeling, organic vibe”, and points to Ninja Tune favourites The Cinematic Orchestra and Bonobo as key influences. Guest spots are promised from UK hip-hop face Jehst and battle regular Stig Of The Dump. Black Canvas’ Rider Shafique, last heard on Kahn’s ‘Late Night Blues’, will also appear, as will reggae vocalist Dan Man.”

 They’ve been kind enough to release a preview from one of the tracks off the album, as well as put together a mix to celebrate the announcement.  I’ve listed both below.  Listeners can rest assured that this album will be of much acclaim throughout the rest of the year, and will likely attain a timelessness similar to the self-titled ‘Author’ LP released on Tectonic.  I will keep this page updated as time goes along.  Keep your eyes peeled!




1. After Time feat. Quark
2. In The Sky feat. Jehst & Stig of the Dump
3. Innovate
4. My Only
5. Chant feat. June Miller & Rider Shafique
6. Gathered feat. Quantum Soul
7. On The Boil feat. Quantum Soul
8. Paint By Numbers feat. Quark
9. Jah Live feat. Dan Man
10. Roman feat. Quark
11. Take The Bridge Home
12. Keep Moving feat. Rider Shafique

I’ll catch you next time!  One love.

– Kinman


Subreachers: Foundation EP (WRZ005)

EZ fam’.  I’m finally back to reality.  It was definitely quite the journey I embarked on, and I’m refreshed and ready to go for the next year.  It’s amazing what one week in Black Rock City can do for ones mind and soul.  I’m going to have a feature up soon showcasing a lot of the amazing art and experiences (via photo) that I shared with my family while at Burning Man last week.  It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and energetic cities on the earth – yet only exists for 1 week!

Anyways, for today, I have a little review on the fresh EP from Subreachers.  This 4-track (digital) / 3-Track (vinyl) release is an absolutely outstanding display of deep-rhythm versatility.  With sounds ranging from the foundation reminiscent wobbles of  ‘Developer’ to the jazz-infused ambiance of ‘Foundation’, Matthias Hoogewijs has really cemented himself as a producer that is here to stay.  The EP marks the fifth release for Warriorz Records, an imprint dedicated to the promotion of their fellow Belgian musicians.  The EP hits the shelves today so be sure to get your copy!


‘Developer’ || Vinyl, Digital

This tune, in my mind, is the ultimate homage to the original dubstep sound.  As the shutter-shaking wobble creeps its way in through the envelope, the masterfully constructed snare hit bleeds a reverb that sends the listener into an abyss of atmospheric groove.  The constant introduction of new sounds and grooves throughout the bars keeps this song eternally fresh and interesting.  Hold tight for the second.

‘Foundation’ || Vinyl, Digital

After the infamously talented duo, Author, formulated and introduced one of the most forward-thinking interpretations of the 140 arena, there have been many imitators – few of which I’ve found noteworthy.  This track is one of the few.  This laid back sunshine anthem has a feel-good vibe often foreign to the cold, dark nature of dubstep.

‘Karnaubawa’ || Vinyl, Digital

This one is so softly melodic and peaceful.  The subtle vocal processing really brings out an extra amount of vibe that “puts a cherry on top” of this production.  The rhythmic delay of the synths and the snap-hat combination really put the shuffle in your step and groove in your hips.  This beat is my persy off the release.

‘Return 2 Reality’ || Digital Only

Stuttered drum sequencing and howling basslines characterize this track.  Definitely takes you through a wormhole of audible frequencies.  This delightfully energetic half-step bit is one for those preparing for the dread march.  Hoods up, fists up, eyes down – bring on the revolution.



Released today!  Available in all good record shops.  Below are purchase links from Chemical and Juno.  Make sure you head over the Subreachers page and shout him some love and support.  Will be a lot more of this fellow to hear in the near future.  To celebrate the release, the label and artist have been generous enough to give away ‘Return 2 Reality’ as a free download.  PLEASE show the involved parties some love for this.  A fucking massive tune free of charge is always deserving of a simple, yet genuine, “thank you”.


Chemical Records

Juno Records

Stay blessed.

To the gods.


Dimensions Festival 2012: Sneak Peak

What up everybody!  Tuesday is back and today we want to take some time and have a quick look at the one of the most hyped  new musical experiences of 2012, Dimensions Festival.  This one and Outlook are THE two most highly desired events for us here at BWS.  But, today we’re going to talk about Dimensions since it’s the first one ever!  All elements considered, there seems to be no better place to experience the finest collection of bass music.  Anywhere.  Needless to say, we’re hoping that we will get our scrubby ass selves over there soon (crossing our fingers for this year!).  Taking place on an abandoned fort in Pula, Croatia from Thursday September 6th – Sunday September 9th of this year, there’s no doubt it’s going to be straight bonkers.  The lineup is jam-packed full of so many unbelievable artists like Mala, Author, Scuba, Floating Points, Joy O, Pinch, Machinedrum, Untold, and the list goes on for days.  If you haven’t heard of this event and you truly have a passion for quality bass, I would highly recommend manipulating your schedule in whatever way necessary to get yourself there.  It’s the brainchild of Outlook festival, obviously since it’s organized by the same group, so you know it’s going to be done in a proper fashion.  While Outlook is really the icing on the cake for bass enthusiasts, Dimension is looking to be a much more intimate festival (and a bit more affordable, too).

As we’re from the US, we don’t have chances like this to view the multitude of quality artists that Dimensions offers, in such a surreal setting.  This is the perfect vacation from candy-glow ravers, commercialized music, and shot-out venues.  It’s no secret that the festival/rave scene has grown exponentially in the US, so taking a break from all the hype and really getting to listen the the artists that we love, with people who are truly their for the music, is something that we deeply long for.  All the US heads, make sure you get out here if you can, make our presence known.  A lot of people have misconceptions about listeners from the states so I’m sure they would love to meet stateside cats that know a thing or two about music made for the chestplate.

“With a higher technical specification of sound systems than you will find at any other festival of its size, Dimensions is the perfect place to enjoy the deep end of electronica, the best in techno, house, deep dubstep, drum & bass and other electronic sounds.”

– Dimensions Team

Hopefully, we will run into this guy.  Definitely going to buy him a beer or two, that’s for sure.  He looks like he’s strictly about business.

Photo Credit: Dan Medhurst 2011


I would love to show you all more pictures of the event, but this is the first year it has taken place so there aren’t any pictures!  And I lost John Connor’s number when I dropped my last phone in the toilet.  Before we send you off for the day we want to showcase some sounds of the artists that you will be seeing at the festival this year!  As I was saying earlier in the post, there is honestly too many good artists to name on this ticket, and the sounds that we’ve chosen today are simply at random because if we posted everything that we wanted to, we would likely overload the server.  But, take a peek at this promo video they made for the event.  Gets our blood going!


The first piece of music we have is one from the Dutch bred 2562.  This is a mix we pulled off the Dimensions Festival Soundcloud Page, so it’s like totally official.  Was a mix done for Ninja Tune online radio.  This 45 minute mix is a shining example of 2562’s technical mixing abilities and his unparalleled interpretation of techno/house music. Aka ‘A Made Up Sound’.

2562 – Solid Steel Radio Mix


This next bit is a mini-mix from a guy who has been making the US proud.  Brooklyn based Machinedrum has been putting out some of the greatest dance jams of the year.  On the forward-thinking tip for sure!  This track teaser of his displays influences from all over the board; jungle, soul, hip-hop, trance, to name a few.  Definitely going to be one of the sicker sets at Dimensions.

Machinedrum – New Beats Teaser 2012


This next mix is from the almighty Author.  We highlighted this mix a few months back, when it was put up but, it’s honestly one of the sickest mixes that I’ve ever heard and I think is a great example of what Author does.  This is 45 minutes of the most intense audible bliss you can experience.  Maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but maybe not.  Taken from DMZ/Exodus in Leeds.  You should really set aside 45 minutes and listen to this mix in its entirety.

Author – Live At DMZ/EXODUS


This last bit is one to represent the Exit Records crew.   A mix done awhile back with from Loxy at Intrigue in Bristol.  A truly badman mix.

Loxy – @ Intrigue, Bristol, Oct. 2011



Tickets from Resident Advisor

Dimensions Accommodation Page

Dimensions Travel Page


I’m out for the day.

To the gods.



Deepness Served Up by Author, Anex, Wayfarer, and Kaiju & Perverse

Oi oi!  What’s good everybody.  I’m tripping that it’s already Thursday, I don’t know about you guys.  I’m stoked but this week has just flown by!  Hope everybody is feeling well, feeling blessed, and ready to hear some great music because today’s tunes are STACKED with quality.  Got everything from tribal to dancefloor business to deep-space exploration business.

First track for today is going to set things off REAL proper.  With Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin on the production, what other than pure fire can be expected to result?  At least in my mind, that collaboration is always set up to make some of the best music.  This track that Jack Sparrow just threw up on his Facebook a few hours ago is called ‘Entrapment’ and is stated to be a WIP.  After hearing what they have laid down already, I get the chills thinking about what the final product will sound like!  Take a listen below, it’s an absolute gem.

Jack Sparrow ft. Ruckspin – Entrapment (Dub)


This next track is a tribal bit from the hands of Wayfarer.  We highlighted a track of his not too long ago, now he’s back with more heat!  The tune ‘Fall of The Zulu’ is a percussion masterpiece.  Coming at you aggressively with pounding drums and ambiguous chants this track is a straight mind-trip.  I hope to hear a lot more tracks like this coming from Wayfarer.  Follow him on Soundcloud and show him some love, he deserves way more attention.

Wayfarer – Fall of The Zulu (Dub)


Third tune is another collaboration, this time from Kaiju & Perverse.  Perverse has been making big moves solo with his debut release on Artikal hitting the shelves soon.  Kaiju released ‘Monster’ on Osiris Records and has another release in the works for Osiris as well.  They did a spot-on job with this tune.  Titled ‘Named After Hereos’, this one fills the space real nicely with growling basslines, spacious soundscaping, and oh so crispy snare hits.  Big up Perverse and Kaiju for this one!


The final tune for tonight is one for the dancefloor.  Anex recently threw this tune up on his Soundcloud, and it’s got some proper funky vibes to it.  Soulful harmonics, footwork inducing drum sequences, and pure vibes fill this one out.  Gotta’ let the music speak for itself on this one really.  It’s only going to be up on his Soundcloud for short time so don’t miss out!  Take a listen and show the man some love!

Anex – Shine (Dub)


That’s the word for today stateside.

To the gods.



F*CK YEAH! For Fridays

The weekend is finally here.  Time to bust out Grandpas cough syrup and get stepping!  Today’s music is a very eclectic mix.  The first track, hailing from one of the best producers of the past 2011 year, Kahn, is a remix of an extremely HARD track by Killa P & Badness.  Kahn puts his touch on it and turns into an absolute gangster anthem.  A bit different from Kahn’s typical purpley dance vibes, but it still captures the production talents that this guy has, no doubt.  Tunnidge holds the torch for this next tune.  A foundation-style approach on this one gives it longevity and class.  Somewhere amidst his time spent rendering artistic portrayals of those fortunate enough to get a release on Deep Medi, this long time contender has created another musical gem.  He’s about to embark on a tour over here on the west coast so make sure to check out the tour dates on his Facebook page so you can catch one of his shows!  He is stopping in San Francisco, so all the heads up north, DON”T MISS OUT!  Commodo put out another forthcoming tune just recently, and as you would expect, it’s a BANGER.  Commodo was the first artist we ever highlighted here at BWS, back when he was first signed on as a member of the Deep Medi family.  It’s been sometime since we’ve gotten wind of a tune that will see a release but, after hearing this tune it was definitely worth the wait.  The shuffle-ly drum sequence sets up nice for the rest of the tune.  The synth leads about halfway in are really sick, so hold tight.  Today, we thought there could be no better song to ease you into the weekend than one of Authors latest productions.  These two just cannot stop putting out top-notch music.  Some of the most soulful vibes accompanied by the cleanest mixdowns.  It’s really exciting when you imagine what these guys will be coming up with over the next year, because they are undoubtedly some of the most talented musicians on an individual level, and once they come together,  it’s like they’re the only ones with a gun at the knife fight.  Massive respect to Author, and if you somehow see this, COME TO THE STATES PLEASE!!!!!

Killa P & Badness – Nuh Failer (Kahn Remix)

Tunnidge – Twenty12

Commodo – Jaded

Author – You Made Mistakes Too


That about wraps it up today.  Have a sick weekend and don’t be a gangster, dance like one!

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)