F*CK YEAH! For Fridays

The weekend is finally here.  Time to bust out Grandpas cough syrup and get stepping!  Today’s music is a very eclectic mix.  The first track, hailing from one of the best producers of the past 2011 year, Kahn, is a remix of an extremely HARD track by Killa P & Badness.  Kahn puts his touch on it and turns into an absolute gangster anthem.  A bit different from Kahn’s typical purpley dance vibes, but it still captures the production talents that this guy has, no doubt.  Tunnidge holds the torch for this next tune.  A foundation-style approach on this one gives it longevity and class.  Somewhere amidst his time spent rendering artistic portrayals of those fortunate enough to get a release on Deep Medi, this long time contender has created another musical gem.  He’s about to embark on a tour over here on the west coast so make sure to check out the tour dates on his Facebook page so you can catch one of his shows!  He is stopping in San Francisco, so all the heads up north, DON”T MISS OUT!  Commodo put out another forthcoming tune just recently, and as you would expect, it’s a BANGER.  Commodo was the first artist we ever highlighted here at BWS, back when he was first signed on as a member of the Deep Medi family.  It’s been sometime since we’ve gotten wind of a tune that will see a release but, after hearing this tune it was definitely worth the wait.  The shuffle-ly drum sequence sets up nice for the rest of the tune.  The synth leads about halfway in are really sick, so hold tight.  Today, we thought there could be no better song to ease you into the weekend than one of Authors latest productions.  These two just cannot stop putting out top-notch music.  Some of the most soulful vibes accompanied by the cleanest mixdowns.  It’s really exciting when you imagine what these guys will be coming up with over the next year, because they are undoubtedly some of the most talented musicians on an individual level, and once they come together,  it’s like they’re the only ones with a gun at the knife fight.  Massive respect to Author, and if you somehow see this, COME TO THE STATES PLEASE!!!!!

Killa P & Badness – Nuh Failer (Kahn Remix)

Tunnidge – Twenty12

Commodo – Jaded

Author – You Made Mistakes Too


That about wraps it up today.  Have a sick weekend and don’t be a gangster, dance like one!

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)

And it begins.

Well folks tonight is the night that this plane takes off.  As I was thinking about all the things that I could say for the first post it struck me that , realistically, there aren’t going to be very many people reading this first post.  So I think instead of composing a masterpiece of linguistic expression for virtually nobody, I will keep it short and sweet tonight.

     The first artist we want to highlight is a man who, in our opinion, is a dying breed of producers.  Dom Tarasek, aka Commodo, is a sampling king, which these days is few and far between.  We’re talking real sampling abilities here too, not just tossing a couple words in before the drop of a tune.  With his sampling skills he brings an eclectic repertoire of sound, ranging from tribal chest rattlers to hyped dance floor business.  Commodo’s choice to keep his feet rooted in values of the “dubstep beginnings”, such as the vinyl culture,  is one that I look upon with immense amount of respect and admiration.  Today we have 3 Songs from this badman. 1 from a release on Black Box records that he did with Lurka called “Airtight”.  The other two are off his latest Deep Medi release, MEDI044, “Uprising/Saracen”.  Keep your eyes on this guy because his unique style of sound will prove to be a lasting one with the deep heads.

Commodo & Lurka – Airtight

Commodo – Uprising

Commodo – Saracen

Like we said, keeping it short and sweet tonight.  Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the bassweight society.   We got an endless arsenal of tunes for you, local artist highlights, and much more.

One love to the Gods.