Gantz – ‘Enso/Siyam’ [IMRV003]


Innamind Recordings has been one of the recently founded (2011) imprints that has taken the underground dance scene by storm, specifically with regards to dubstep.  With a discography showcasing artists like Perverse, Catacombs & Knowledge, and Nanobyte, the third installment of their vinyl had a mighty reputation to uphold.  Label-boss Jeremy Pattison drew for just the right weapon with his signing of Gantz.  Quickly taken under by Thinking for the Box Clever imprint last year, Gantz should be no stranger to any of your ears.  Both of his tracks ‘Catalyst’ and ‘No Faith’ were, and still are highly regarded by heads throughout.

For his sophomore physical release, Gantz again shows his knack for blisteringly concise percussive abilities alongside obscurity and eeriness within his atmospheres.

‘Enso’ ||

This beat unfolds in a proper shuddersome fashion, with dissonant pads that set the stage for an abrupt attack of drum grooves and sub-bass swing.  The careful placement of his bongos compliment the overall aesthetic of this beat quite nicely.


‘Siyam’ ||

No question this is my favorite track off the release.  As the intro provides a seemingly junglist vibe with diamondback-esqu (the snake) rattles and slowly-decaying synths I couldn’t help being reminiscent of the old-school raves I used to attend.  The scattered stuttering of his kick drums, beautifully chopped vocal processing, and flawless placement of his tribal percussion creates an extremely smooth listening experience that can tear up just about any venue, be it a dark warehouse, sandy beach, or bedroom skank session.


The release is currently available through Chemical and Surus, both of which are linked below for those wanting to pre-order (will ship February 1st):


For the digital heads, the release should be available at all fine retailers (including the above links) so mark your calendar to pick this one up on Monday, February 4th!

Stay connected with Gantz and Innamind Recordings below:



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Paleman’s FACT Mix, Adana Twins ft. Digitaria, & PBR Streetgang

fact paleman

Big up everyone.  Following suit from last weeks announcement that Tuesday will now be featuring sound falling under the deep/tech house, or anything in the 120 arena that fits into the Bassweight Society aesthetic, I’ve got a few pieces that I wanted to feature tonight.  I don’t have a lot to say tonight as I’m utterly exhausted from work and school but I’ll do my best to keep you from snoring while reading my comments 😉

The first thing worth mentioning is the most recent FACT Magazine podcast mixed by one of my favorite artists of 2012 – Paleman.  This guy has been on a hyper-accelerated rise in the ranks among house and techno heads for the past year/year-and-a-half, and his mixing and production skills attest as to why.  With support from key influences like Zed Bias, Damu, and Loefah it’s a sure-shot that Paleman will be all over house head radar’s throughout 2013.  According to FACT, he will releasing a collaborative track with Zed Bias, and will also be “working closely” with Loefah’s new imprint – ‘School’ (Check the FACT feature —> HERE).  Anyways, I hope you’re ready to rave out because this mix is definitely jam-packed with loads of energy featuring unreleased music from Artifact, Thefft, and Zed Bias.


Next piece I’ve got for you is the most recent release from the notorious Adana Twins with their single ‘Reaction’, featuring Digitaria.  “I just need some action.  People are insane.”  This one is nothing short of f*cking BRILLIANT.  Ordered myself one as soon as it came up on Chemical and I can’t wait to spin this record at the next PULSE! night.  It’s backed with the instrumental but, let’s be serious, how could you choose the instrumental over the vocal version?!  Here’s the link to purchase off Chemical, get it while it lasts! —–> BUY LINK


The last bit for tonight is a remix that is forthcoming on Hot Creations, due out February 25th.  The release features beats from the German producer Butch, along with remixes from PBR Streetgang, Maceo Plex, and Miguel Campbell.  PBR Streetgang has remixed ‘Faith ft. Benjamin Franklin’ and it’s in the always funky fashion that this duo has stapled in their sound.  Really can’t wait to pick this one up once it drops.  Have a listen below.


Hope you enjoyed the sex from your speakerbox.  I’ll catch you next time.

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Deco – ‘Across The Grain’ EP [DECEAST]


EZ everybody.

I want to feature an EP today from the Los Angeles underground badman, Deco.  Longtime contender in Southern California’s underground electronic music scene and Deceast label don, Matt is no stranger to first-class music.  If you’re new to his sound you may remember a couple weeks back when his recent collaboration with Mesck ‘The Way We Fall’ was released as the ‘B’ side of ‘No Shelter’.  If you haven’t heard that one yet, check it out here on the feature I compiled for my other blog —> LINK.

With this solo project Deco demonstrates the vastness of his production nature, weaving in and out of a multitude of genres as his influences; jungle to dub-reggae to contemporary bass.

Across The Grain ||

The EP’s title-track takes on the half-step formula utilizing chords  heavily submerged in reverb, a neck-snapping snare, and an all-around techno infused aesthetic.  The notorious ‘uhhh’ trademarked by the one and only Biggie Smalls shows it’s face scattered throughout the song’s duration really captivating the listener and adding a sense of ‘street nostalgia’ to the beat.

True Renegades ||

This one features second on the EP and is another techno-roller that according to Deco “…pays homage to the outsiders who stand their artistic ground in the face of commercial temptations.”  The message is definitely heard in the vocal sample enlisted by the man himself.  Powerfully catchy stabs, analog sounding atmospheres, and spacious kicks are standout characteristics of this one.

Conciousness Dub ||

Deco comes correct with a clear homage to dub-reggae music as heard in the generous application of reverb, and seemingly endless delay.  This track is not only my favorite track off the release, but also contending for one of my favorite beats ever released by Deco.  It truly captures the ethos and positive vibrations that dub-reggae pioneered for dubstep.  The uplifting horns, the distant vocal processing, and overpowering wall of sub-bass (among other tracks) all come together to form a piece of music I would imagine to be widely accepted by most true reggae fans.

Polymorphism ||

Matt exits his collection of songs with a very high-energy track that exhibits jarring drum patterns and an extremely intricate programming of several mid-range bass tracks.  The tribal-esque kick pattern keeps your feet in full-fledged stomp mode while the mind-swirling atmospherics will play tricks on just about anybody’s mind!  Definitely one written to smash dance floors across the globe.


This EP has been made available at all fine music retailers so make sure to wander on over to your store of choice and press that ‘buy’ button if you’re feeling these beats.

Buy links:


Deco’s pages:



Hope you lot enjoyed the sounds!  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE.  I’ll catch you tomorrow with some more deep house sounds for those with a palette for 120.

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Steve Huerta – ‘Do Good To Me/Revenge’ [PETFOOD035]

petFood 035 Final Artwork

What’s good everyone…

As I’ve recently mentioned, I have been planning on expanding the musical palette of the blog to include more of the music I love to listen to rather than featuring purely bassweight dubstep.  There’s plenty of music that embodies the ethos of Bassweight Society so it’s time to keep things moving forward.  From here on out I will be using Tuesday as a platform for current/forthcoming releases falling under the 120 bpm formula.  I chose today to kick things off with the house music for a very specific reason, and that being a friend of mine from university has just dropped his most recent single on petFood Recordings, featuring two seriously deep and funky tunes that will set any dance off in an ugly-bumping frenzy.

Throughout 2012 Steve Huerta has firmly cemented his position as one of LA’s most sought after new artist after releasing tracks like ‘Take Me Closer’ on the Amadeus imprint and his collaboration with Prince Club ‘Cant Let Go’ which has received support from the likes of Catz ‘N’ Dogz, Waze and Odyssey, and Droog among others.  With this petFood release dropping today and his collaborative EP with Urulu on Dirt Crew Recordings lined up for later this week, 2013 is already looking out to be a monumental year for Steve’s career in the House music scene.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this guy.


Do Good To Me ||

This track is one of the biggest panty-droppers I’ve heard in awhile.  Things are kicked off with precision percussive sequences accompanied by brilliantly formulated atmospheres, setting the stage for a funk-infused bassline made for the gods to move to.  Steve’s ability to process vocal samples in such a surreal manner is notably seen throughout this track as they soulfully bounce from left-to-right in the mix, adding elements of euphoria to the lucky listener’s night.  It’s just an all-around feel good jam that, as I said above, is an absolute panty-dropper.

Revenge ||

With a slowed, and slightly darker approach to this beat whilst still keeping the mood high, he once again champions his vocal sampling along with uplifting organs and funk-ridden grooviness.  There are so many intricate elements lurking throughout the mix, from the looping sample of what seems to be chopped-up background noise of a party, to the distantly enchanting pads that ominously rise.  I think you’ll truly understand why I used the term ‘darker’ once you hear the bassline drop through.  I definitely imagine this one playing late-night when things start to get weird and freaky in the green room.


This release is a Beatport exclusive so here’s the buy link, DO IT!:  BEATPORT

Be sure to check out Steve’s pages so you can stay connected with his music and gigs!


One love.

– Kinman

Tunnidge – 2012 EP [MEDI068]

Tunnidge Deep Medi Art

To say that I’ve been frantically anticipating the release of this EP would be a vastly immense understatement.  With it’s original release date set for December 21st of last year, it’s been exactly one month of constantly waiting to see this one hit the shelves.  Tunnidge has always been one of most successful proponents of the ‘stripped-down’ approach to song writing and this most recent release with the emphatically idolized Deep Medi imprint displays three perfect examples of this type of production.

2012 ||

The track bearing the release title establishes a precedent of ominous synths and panning undertones that could easily disorient the faint of heart.  As always the fierce drums that have become a staple of Tunnidge’s sound are very apparent throughout the beat, namely (at least for me) his kicks and hat work.  I couldn’t imagine a track better-suited for the title.

Orion ||

This beat is without a doubt my favorite off the release.  Immediately the atompheres caught my attention as my mind quickly wandered into realms of pre-1990 video games and science fiction film scoring.  The rolling drum sequences are sure to keep your head nodding on this one as the classically Atari-esque horn blows sounds off in melody.  I still haven’t been able to make out much of the sound-bit that was used but what I can say it is a vital component to the tracks synchronicity.

Take Flight ||

While maintaining a theme of brooding atmospheres and analog presence, the EP’s final track takes the energy down a bit.  The dissonant, ringing lo-fi pad that is heard throughout provides perfect contrast for the remaining elements of the tune, as they’re extremely dark.  This is the type of music that sends chills down your spine.

Have a listen below and make sure to go out purchase this release if you’re feeling it!



Tunnidge’s pages:



I’ll catch you next time.

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