Tunnidge – 2012 EP [MEDI068]

Tunnidge Deep Medi Art

To say that I’ve been frantically anticipating the release of this EP would be a vastly immense understatement.  With it’s original release date set for December 21st of last year, it’s been exactly one month of constantly waiting to see this one hit the shelves.  Tunnidge has always been one of most successful proponents of the ‘stripped-down’ approach to song writing and this most recent release with the emphatically idolized Deep Medi imprint displays three perfect examples of this type of production.

2012 ||

The track bearing the release title establishes a precedent of ominous synths and panning undertones that could easily disorient the faint of heart.  As always the fierce drums that have become a staple of Tunnidge’s sound are very apparent throughout the beat, namely (at least for me) his kicks and hat work.  I couldn’t imagine a track better-suited for the title.

Orion ||

This beat is without a doubt my favorite off the release.  Immediately the atompheres caught my attention as my mind quickly wandered into realms of pre-1990 video games and science fiction film scoring.  The rolling drum sequences are sure to keep your head nodding on this one as the classically Atari-esque horn blows sounds off in melody.  I still haven’t been able to make out much of the sound-bit that was used but what I can say it is a vital component to the tracks synchronicity.

Take Flight ||

While maintaining a theme of brooding atmospheres and analog presence, the EP’s final track takes the energy down a bit.  The dissonant, ringing lo-fi pad that is heard throughout provides perfect contrast for the remaining elements of the tune, as they’re extremely dark.  This is the type of music that sends chills down your spine.

Have a listen below and make sure to go out purchase this release if you’re feeling it!



Tunnidge’s pages:



I’ll catch you next time.

One love.

– Kinman


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