Tunnidge – 2012 EP [MEDI068]

Tunnidge Deep Medi Art

To say that I’ve been frantically anticipating the release of this EP would be a vastly immense understatement.  With it’s original release date set for December 21st of last year, it’s been exactly one month of constantly waiting to see this one hit the shelves.  Tunnidge has always been one of most successful proponents of the ‘stripped-down’ approach to song writing and this most recent release with the emphatically idolized Deep Medi imprint displays three perfect examples of this type of production.

2012 ||

The track bearing the release title establishes a precedent of ominous synths and panning undertones that could easily disorient the faint of heart.  As always the fierce drums that have become a staple of Tunnidge’s sound are very apparent throughout the beat, namely (at least for me) his kicks and hat work.  I couldn’t imagine a track better-suited for the title.

Orion ||

This beat is without a doubt my favorite off the release.  Immediately the atompheres caught my attention as my mind quickly wandered into realms of pre-1990 video games and science fiction film scoring.  The rolling drum sequences are sure to keep your head nodding on this one as the classically Atari-esque horn blows sounds off in melody.  I still haven’t been able to make out much of the sound-bit that was used but what I can say it is a vital component to the tracks synchronicity.

Take Flight ||

While maintaining a theme of brooding atmospheres and analog presence, the EP’s final track takes the energy down a bit.  The dissonant, ringing lo-fi pad that is heard throughout provides perfect contrast for the remaining elements of the tune, as they’re extremely dark.  This is the type of music that sends chills down your spine.

Have a listen below and make sure to go out purchase this release if you’re feeling it!



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I’ll catch you next time.

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– Kinman


Future Jungle – Insights and Outlooks with Arc88

Ay, welcome back, we hope you had a sub-filled weekend. If you remember, today’s post will be following up on our introduction to Future Jungle last week. Way back then, we introduced the sound we hesitantly dubbed ‘Future Jungle’ and had a sick jungle mix from local dj Archive. We also promised some inside info from someone behind the mixing board, and boy did we deliver.

Arc88 sat down with us last week and really educated the crew on what Future Jungle is, where it came from and where it’s going. In the Q & A you can expect to gain an insight of the emergence of 140 Jungle, its furtherance by artists pushing the sound and a general understanding of its place in the dance music horizon – all from a producer, who we think speaks for the genre.

Arc88 Interview:

BWS) Could you briefly explain a bit about yourself, where you’re from and a bit of backstory of your dj/production career until this point?

Arc88) I’ve been producing for a few years now, I’ve fucked about with loads of different genres but decided to stick with this because its a style I’ve dug for years.

The first 140 Jungle bit I made was a bootleg. (probably better if i don’t say what) After that I made ‘A Feeling’ (which is coming out on Terrain) that gained some interest which inspired me to carry on. With that I built “2 Many” which turned out to be my first release on Terrain which I’m still getting mad feedback internationally so I’m grateful for that.

BWS) Rad. So is 140 Jungle a new style to you? or simply Jungle slowed down?

Arc88) This sound is a bit of a mix really, I try and keep it as legitimate sounding as possible because I want someone to listen to it and assume it was made in 1990, but with new production tools and software. You don’t get that same gritty true sound they did back then, so the production is going to sound a fair bit cleaner.

What I do really, is infuse a very early Hardcore sound with a later style Jungle drum track, as opposed to the earlier Hardcore jungle sound where the drums would be fairly minimal. (I use pitch changing drum rolls and fills quite in the style of Shy Fx, Bass Master Warriors, Potential Bad Boy etc.)

It is slowed down to a certain degree when you consider Jungle music, but early Jungle was around 150 bpm anyway and hardcore/acid house started at 135 – 140 bpm, so with modern bass music now, it made sense to refer back to these early styles.

BWS) Education! What inspired you to create this style of music? and who are some other producers that you would consider your peers in 140 Jungle?

Arc88) Well I’ve always loved Jungle and I’ve heard a lot of Hardcore so as soon as people were feeling it, I thought there’s no reason to not rep it fully.I haven’t heard many other producers go for this sound apart from the obvious being Skream and Rusko… But people doing it proper underground still are: Myself , Benton , Unitz, Dismantle, Taiki and Nulight and I rate this guy at the moment called Dj Gold with a track called 45 War, its fire. (below)

BWS) Listening to your mix on Terrain Record’s website – it’s sick! Do you see, or perhaps, feel, a resurgence of Jungle  in 2012, and will it be in the 140-150 bpm range rather than in the 170’s?

Arc88) Thanks man, and yeah I do big time. I can’t wait for how it’s gonna blow. It’s just a matter of time with the reoccurrence of acid house and stuff like that. We’re gonna go back in time to ’91 and it’ll be pure madness, and yeah I think it’ll stay at this tempo for a while because I can’t see people not playing dubstep in the near future and if it fits in with their set, they will play it.

BWS) Hell yeah!  With that said, is 140 Jungle well received when you play out?
Arc88) Yeah man it seems to be, due to growing popularity, it seems to be getting dropped earlier on in sets which is always good, but at the moment if you have an entire half step set you kind of want to speed up towards the end and finish on a hype. Either way I’m just glad its getting played out…I would be interested to see some reactions to it overseas.
BWS) Yeah we’ll try and link you something. Going back in time, what are some of your influences when creating this sound?
Arc88) Ahhh well for the hardcore sound I like K Class, Acen, Total Kaos, SL2, Altern 8. For jungle… Shy FX, Mickey Finn, Bass Master Warriors, 4 hero, Origin Unknown, Dj SS, Blackstar, Congo Natty…ahh theres too many!
BWs) Which dj’s are currently pushing this sound?
Arc88) At the moment:  N-type, Dismantle, Unitz, Benton, Taki and Nulight and myself are pushing it proper.
BWS) Do you see yourself sticking with 140 jungle in the future, and are there any releases or labels we can look forward to in 2012?
Arc88) Yeah I’m gonna stick with this sound. I might move it in the direction of acid house, but thats as far as I see it going at the moment, there’s more freedom than people think with this genre so I wanna blow some minds before I think about doing anything else.
2012 holds: ‘Pelican’ (Terrain) ‘A Feeling’ (Terrain) ‘Powwa Moves’ (Wheel & Deal) ‘The Code’ ft. Daddy Freddy (Wheel & Deal)
BWS) That’s what we like to hear! Signing off, do you have a message for bass music enthusiasts in the States?
Arc88) Stay locked to UK music. Listen to Rinse FM over the internet… download my 140 jungle mix from terrainrecords.com.
BWS) Thank’s again and we look forward to hearing more from you!
There it is, another great interview with Arc88! Take a minute to let it marinade, maybe read it over one more time, because Arc just dropped some real knowledge!  His insights are much appreciated at BWS and we hope our readers are as stoked as us!
We’ll be back with more future jungle posts, in the meantime, check out the aforementioned artists and Arc88’s mix on Terrain’s site.
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-BWS (Shice)