1 Year Anniversary Competition

Big up fam’!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary for BWS.  I’m astounded at the amount of support this little idea has gained (although it may be miniscule relative to other platforms).  Going from 1 to nearly 800 supporters with over 20K views in a single year is amazing in my mind, regardless of how jaded the current state of social media would make it seem.  I am so thankful for the relationships that have come into being from this website.  I’ve connected with various people from all the world, and it’s been really humbling.

A seriously MASSIVE shout out of respect from myself to all of you that have made this page what it is today.   I would also like to shout a major thank you to you my best boys Shice and Lowkey, who helped build the foundation of BWS with me last year, although they’re both onto their own paths now.  Also, as you may have seen in the last post, there will be some new writers being introduced over the next couple months so be on the look for new flavor/opinions and be sure to make them feel welcome.  Ben Grimm was the first to be announced, so expect to see more from ‘Begrim’ on the garage side of things.  Let’s see what the next year holds for us, shall we?!

In order to celebrate this oh so monumental milestone I have decided to run a little competition for some free giveaways.  I was looking through my crates and came across 3 records that are duplicates because I double ordered them – sadly, on 3 separate occasions too, haha.  Anyways, since I’m broke as f*ck this was the best I could come up with.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, however.  All of the records are in ‘mint’ condition as they’ve never been played.  I will say, though, the Compa remix does have some scuffs along the outer rim, but this was due to manufacturer defect so don’t get pissed about a scuff on the free record you receive.  The three records are:

 Mavado – Dem A Talk (Compa Remix) [WXWL001]

Razor Rekta – Loko-Motiv / Development [CHST018]

Dark Tantrums – Unborn / Storm [MEDI054]

***Note to the winner:  If you’re located outside of the US, I will not be able to cover all the shipping costs, however, I will split them with you.  Once we come to that juncture we will figure it out as needed.  If you’re in the US, shipping is on me.

This competition is meant for the people that have been supporting during this year, so there is no need to publicly share this competition, unless you prefer to lessen your odds of victory.  If you prefer to share it, however, I have no issue with that.  All you need to do is answer the following three questions:

1.    Which song on his self-titled EP (‘Commodo EP’) did Commodo not want to include?

2.    Which artist that interviewed with BWS said these words: 

“theres just not enough energy in most of the stuff coming out whereas with these techno influenced rollers with the big relentless kick drum lines and the pounding subs there is just so much natural energy, you move instinctively to the music whether you like it or not because of the sheer physicality of it and the rhythms that have been engrained in us over the past millenia from ancient ‘tribal’ music. “

        3.    Who was the first artist to record a mix exclusively for BWS?


Email your responses to bassweightsociety@gmail.com before November 15th, 2012.  YOU MUST ENTER ‘BWS 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY’ AS THE SUBJECT LINE OR YOUR RESPONSE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

May the best human win.

To the gods.



ReSketch – ‘I Don’t Care’ (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Oi Oi!  What’s good ya’ll.  So, over the past couple of months I have gone through some intense schedule changes, specifically pertaining to the time spent at university.  As a result, my availability to maintain the blog has been seriously hindered.  In light of this change I have been considering recruiting some new writers/contributors so the flow of the website can be consistent, without lacking a necessary level of ‘quality’.  Additionally, as some of you may have seen on the BWS Facebook page, I have been moving towards incorporating a more eclectic approach to the music that is promoted through this platform.  Simply, there is just too much great music being made to restrict this website to a single genre.  I feel comfortable assuming, with an expected margin of error, that you readers and listeners are appreciative of various types of music as well.  So, it is with these aforementioned realizations that today begins a new chapter for Bassweight Society.

A long time friend of mine, Ben Grimm, has decided to join the BWS team.  I’ve known Ben for 5-6 years now.  He was a frequenter at the jungle/dnb parties that my friends and I used to throw monthly in Santa Barbara, and the relationship has grown from there.  I have asked Ben to join the team because he’s a a huge UK garage head, and I thought he would have some great music to offer all of you 🙂  There will be more additions and introductions for new writers soon to come, so stay locked!  It is here, that my words end and I introduce to you all: Begrim.


Hey guys,

First off, I gotta give my upmost respect to everyone behind this site and the amazing artists they’ve been supporting.  To switch things up a little bit, I’ll be featuring some of the deeper UK Garage/2step tracks that have been coming out.

For those who don’t know, UK Garage started out in early-1990’s England as a successor of US-based house music. Characterized by a 4/4 beat, “shuffling” hit-hats and snares, and chopped-up vocal samples, Garage and 2step dominated the UK music scene into the early 2000’s.  However, in the mid-2000’s, some artists began deviating from the funky, soul-oriented garage sound to establish a new, darker genre called grime.  Others, such as Kode9, Wookie, and Zed Bias, began to change the 2step garage sound into a new genre, later known as dubstep.  While these two genres became established and still continue continue to expand, UK Garage has begun to resurface in music community and carve its place out once again.  Modern UK Garage has grown exponentially since its start in the 90’s, ranging from upbeat party bangers to the deeper, soothing melodies, and everything in between. Established dubstep artists such as Skream, Altimeter, Synkro, and Phaeleh have been producing some amazing UKG tunes while producers such as Submerse, FaltyDL, Whilstla and Disclosure have been bringing a great amount of ingenuity back into the genre.

To start off, here’s a freebie from ReSketch in anticipation of his upcoming release ‘Reason for a Reason’ EP on Infinite Machines this November 5.  Having just released his ‘Bound in Binary EP’ in May, ReSketch has been a dropping UKG standouts since the start of 2010 and has collaborating with other big names such as Submerse, KingThing, and HxdB.  ‘I Don’t Care’ fully delivers, starting out the classic 4×4 beat and slowly fading in ethereal trebles over a deep, atmospheric bass.  The vocals weave throughout the song and tie together the entrancing melodies.  Halfway through, the tempo drops down for a smooth dub feel just before the full force of the track is unleashed.  This introspective song stands out as an example of what UK Garage has to offer and is an essential for anyone interested in this form of music.

Download link is in the description:



Respect to ReSketch for the free track – get it and look for his new EP coming out this November.


Occult – Tron (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Big up fam’

Hope all is well! 🙂  Got another free tune for you today..

This one’s from the man like Occult, who has been tearing up bass-bins in this latter part of 2012.  With his ‘Cauldron’ EP just dropping last week (buy link HERE), October 15th, and already topping the charts, Occult has decided to give away one of his most sought after dubs – ‘Tron’.  This beat is an absolute anthem to the dread marchers.  Druid-esque horns immediately hook you in as the half-step madness begins an onslaught of head-nod grooves.  This is a tune that will no doubt set the dance off, and possibly murder the dance, quite literally, as the pressure of this beat weakens the clubs foundation.

Give Occult a massive shout for this one fam’!



To the gods.


Kaiju – Monsters (FREE DOWNLOAD)


“FREE EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD from JaimeLeDubstep.com/HighOnBeats.com & Kaiju. 


Signed exclusively signed to Osiris Music, these two have been shaking up cobwebs with some support from big bass rattlers such as Kryptic Minds, Youngsta, Vivek, Thruth, N-type, Distance, J@kes, Phaeleh, Biome, Thelem, Commodo and the list goes on. That’s some very nice company to keep if you ask me.

Since all those big names are already in the know, we figure it’s time to share some join and spread the word for Kaiju as many more of these fine tunes are sure to surface when they are at the helm. Enjoy this FREE exclusive download of their track Monsters, and peep all the links below. These guys will turn concrete into dust!”



Make sure you show your love for Kaiju!  Stop by one of their pages and drop them a line for the free download.  Seriously big things brewing for these two badmen in the future.


One love.


Enei: Machines LP [Critical Music]

Bless up everyone.

This year is home to some of the greatest, and most conscious electronic music.  The sonic capabilities of music have skyrocketed within the past few years, giving birth to some of the largest, most fine-tuned sounds ever heard.  I mean it’s pretty obvious, if you throw on a record from circa ’00 then throw on a record released in the past month, you’re going to hear the difference in production quality.  It is no different for the drum and bass genre.  Just recently we have seen albums released from masterminds like Octane & DLR, Spectrasoul, and microphone champion DRS, while still looking forward to the release of Calyx & TeeBee’s full-length alongside others.    Russian drum and bass heavyweight, Enei, is in steady preparation for the release of his debut full-length album titled ‘Machines’, due out on the Critical Music imprint.  Enei is on the forefront of forward-thinking drum and bass music as he masters his niche for tightly coiled drum patterns and goliath bass tracks that send your psyche swirling through a sonic abyss of somatic stimulation.  This album is one at the top of my most anticipated list, and if it’s not on yours, fuck you.  Haha, just joking…but seriously.

“The Russian producer’s debut full-length continues in the same vein, with 11 previously unreleased tracks mostly at drum & bass tempo. The album has vocal appearances from DRS and Georgia Yates, and collaborations with Kemo (on “Saligia”) and Eastcolors & Noel on an updated VIP version of 2011’s “Cracker.” The vinyl release features only four tracks from the album; the digital version comes with four extra.”

 Words taken from Andrew Ryce via Resident Advisor

01. Machines
02. The Moment feat. DRS
03. 2012 feat. Eastcolors
04. Runnin feat. Georgia Yates
05. Centrifuge
06. Elephants
07. I Don’t Know
08. Saligia feat. Kemo
09. Thin Line
10. Cracker VIP feat. Eastcolors and Noel
11. Trainchaser

Mark your calendars for November 12th!  This album will hit all major retailers, so vinyl heads make sure you get your copy quick!  Watch this space for further details/updates and a full review once released.

To the gods.