DLR, Mako, & Fields – ‘Old Soul/Bridge The Gap’


Mako’s Utopia Music follows up on Fields’ solo single ‘On Your Own/Colours’ with a killer cut from DLR, Mako, and Fields, set to drop May 5th.  The trio put their heads together for the A-side, ‘Old Soul’, and put forth a warm and emotive roller that will hit the nostalgia button on drum and bass listeners, old and new.  The perfect balance between soul and step.  DLR takes the reins on his first solo piece for Utopia and turns the B-side into a bellowing crusade of DLR’s signature energy; masterful and meticulous bass programming, dystopian atmospheres, and nothing but the crispiest of drum work.  Don’t sleep on this one! Unfortunately I can’t find any clips to show you guys BUT, take my word when I say it’s monstrous.  As soon as previews surface, I’ll update the post.




One love.

– Kinman



Mako – Utopia Podcast 003


Utopia Logo



“In each man’s life there comes the moment when his heart must either burst or turn to stone”



untitled – untitled (Utopia Music)
untitled – untitled (Warm Communications)
Spectrasoul – The Gift (Shogun Audio)
Mutt ft. Kevin King – Conversations (Rene la Vice & Gremlinz remix)
untitled – untitled (Symmetry Recordings)
Mako – Do You Know What I’m Saying? (Dispatch)
Mako – Planet Physical (Dispatch)
Roygreen & Protone – Speak the Truth (Demand)
untitled – untitled (Utopia Music)
Mikal – Spiritual (Utopia Music)
untitled – untitled (dub)
DLR – Bridge The Gap (Utopia Music)
untitled – untitled (dub)
Chromatic – Lung (?)
Djrum Vs – Onoe Caponoe – Milkyway 1311 (Djrum remix)
Mako ft. Detail – Tell Me Something (Metalheadz)
untitled – untitled
Andyskopes – untitled (?)
Mako – There’s nothing we can’t be (Dispatch)
Mako & Villem – We Could Help Each Other (Dispatch)


SHO – Tobiesobiemiastu Mix

Absys Records Tobiesobiemiatsu


1. Adi Sharma / Forthcoming Absys
2. ArpXp / Forthcoming Absys
3. SGNL & Alcrani – Singleton / Dub
4. Mauoq – Stunna Remix / Forthcoming Absys
5. Annuluk – Gocciolina (LXC‘s Gina Loccio Refix) / Kick The Flame
6. Hatti Vatti – Synthesis / New Moon
7. ??? – ???
8. SGNL & Alcrani – Soul / Absys Records
9. Derrick & Tonika – Genius / Kos.mos Music
10. Radicall / Forthcoming Absys
11. Silence Groove – Switched In / Offworld
12. Natt & Kayka – Belief / forth. Audio Plant


Absys Records || Interview w/ Sho || Listen on Mixcloud


Direct Motion – ‘Those That Lead/Part Of Me’ [DIFF017]

0 - Sleeve (DIFF017)

Bless up fam’.

I’ve got some sounds with a bit faster formula for your dome pieces today. If you’ll recall a couple months back, our good homie – Begrim – featured the Diffrent Music crew as part of his ‘Audiovisual Spectrum’ piece that aimed to highlight a collection of sounds, each representing an associated color within the sound spectrum. The Diffrent crew, headed up by Chris Dexta, has utilized the past three years to build a culture/brand/sound that they can call their own. Something that denies the listener the opportunity to toss in a pile of generic and oversaturated sounds. The ‘Diffrent Sound’, now what does that entail, you ask? It entails militant drum productions, strict adherence to the power of sub-bass and a philosophy of minimalism that allows the space within the mix to cause an uncontrollable nod in the heads of listeners. Now, of course, these guys didn’t pioneer the halfstep sound, but they have certainly injected a flavor into the formula that can be spotted by many a seasoned listener. With a back catalog hosting names like Arkaik, Stanza, Beezy, Fable, Dexta, and many more, the imprint has solidified a prominence among the underground drum and bass community.

For the label’s 17th installment, Direct Motion is brought on board to provide two absolute stompers, furthering the label’s mission. Falling into theme with the label’s name, mission, and achievements, the opening track’s title of ‘Those That Lead’ is no coincidence. Audio bits questioning authority add thematic expanse to the track’s superb utilization of cinematic programming as the prominence of the drums weave in-and-out of the low- and mid-frequency basslines employed. ‘Part Of Me’ is my personal favorite from this release. The vintage-sounding female vocals and the jungle aesthetic apparent within the drumwork immediately caught my ear, and I’ve found myself rinsing this one nonstop.


The release is available exclusively through the Diffrent Surus store until it’s official release date of Monday June 10th, at which time it will be available at all fine digital shops. If you’re feeling the sounds, make sure to support the artists and BUY THEIR MUSIC. These guys aren’t Rolling Stone cover rockstars who make millions off touring and merchandise sales – these are everyday Joe’s, like you and I, trying to spread their musical talents through to the masses.

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Stay connected with the Diffrent crew via the links below:



I’ll catch you next time. Be on the scout, I’ve got some very serious interview/mix features in the works right now that will be sure to put a big, stoned smile on your faces 🙂

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Oh yeah, and don’t forget: “Great minds don’t think alike, they think diffrent.” Follow the pink giraffe.

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