On The Up: Iron Shirt Recordings

Bless up fam!  Damn, it’s been awhile since we’ve been back online to get you some beats.  I apologize for that!  I was in the midst of getting through finals week at school, then went straight into a 3-day festival that had us all fully detached from the outside world (which was AMAZING!), and then to top it off I had to come home and move houses on Monday & Tuesday.  It was WILD.  But, we’re back, and we promise to bring all the readers the top-notch music that we’ve always brought.

Today we wanted to highlight an imprint that has been making moves, located in the beautiful New Zealand.  Iron Shirt Recordings has been on the rise for the past year, signing artists such as Perverse, Tallan, Ghost Note, and Killawatt, to name a few.  With a dedication to the deeper, more soulful sounds of dubstep and drum & bass, label boss Konsida got things rolling with ISR in the early end of 2011.  With its main goal being to promote sounds of the many talented artists of New Zealand, the label seems to be on the right path as they’ve been involved in the up-coming of Perverse, Ghost Note, and Tallan, all of which should be known among the heads reading this (if not, GET ON IT).

Killawatt – Anguished Light (IRON003)


Ghost Note – Nine Nights (IRON004)


With a high-quality release catalog already accumulating, and many more promising sounds with the forthcoming releases in the works, ISR is definitely going to be an imprint that becomes ingrained into the deep scene.  Make sure that you keep your eyes and ears locked on the ISR Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter pages so you can keep up to date with the projects coming your way.  They have also been known to give a free tune, or two, away.  So yet another reason to stay LOCKED.

Moral – False Beliefs (Forthcoming)


Submatiks – Empty Church (IRON008)


We have a special treat for all the listeners today as ISR artist, Statue, has put together a mix that is filled with huge tunes.  Some old, some new, and some good ol’ dubs.  Get ready for 40+ minutes of sub-flexing bassweight as Statue puts his New Zealand taste onto the mix ‘ting.  It’s available for download so snatch it up while it’s still available!

Statue (Iron Shirt Recordings) – Exclusive Bassweight Society Mix


Make sure you stop by all the ISR pages and familiarize yourself with their styles!

ISR Facebook Page

ISR Soundcloud Page

ISR Twitter Page

That’s it for today, people.  Will be back tomorrow with some more freshness!  Until then…

To the gods.



Straight to the Point

Ey all! Working our through the week so we can get into festival mode this weekend.  We have a biggy festival here in socal right in our backyard with artists such as Bassnectar and Glitch Mob, so it’s shaping up to be a pretty sick weekend.  Wanted to feed you some tunes to hold you over till the weekend.

First on controls is Breakage with a really large rave tune.  This fast paced stomper utilizes jungle snares and 4 on the floor kick beats to really set the seen for a rave type anthem here.  Big up Breakage for the tune title Telepathy.

Next we got Guido accompanied by Jay Wilcox on mic control putting forth a fresh tune titled Flow.  When I come across a new Guido tune I haven’t heard I get pretty excited because there’s nothing standard about his sound.  Each new beat I hear by him brings something fresh to the table, which is one of the hardest things to do well as an artist in my opinion.  The instrumental version is pretty easy to find as well if your not a fan of hearing vocals on the tune.

K well thats all for now.  Things have been majorly busy so sorry for not getting you guys more material but wanted to get you couple tunes to hold you over. Cheers!



Big Up Yourself!: Rustie at SMOG, Icicle, Matty G, and More

Oiiiiiiiiiiiiii!  What up everybody, hope all is well.  Friday is finally here, so that means it’s time to whyle out!  Cannot verbalize how excited I am to see Rustie at Smog Sunday’s this weekend.  This young man has done some phenomenal things with his music.  He is honestly one of the most forward-thinking producers out there at the moment, in my opinion.  Add Rustie’s musical prowess into the equation with SMOG’s ability to throw some of the ILLEST parties that California has seen, and what do you have?  A fucking amazing night, that’s what you have.  I strongly urge you to make it out to this show if you can, it is sure to be one of the highlights for the summer.  Sunday night, Dim Mak Studios, BE THERE.  You can find more details about the show here.

So, as were about get into the weekend, which usually entails several forms of debauchery, I tried to pull together some tunes that are going to clear your mind, and then get your blood pumping hard.

I wanna start things off with a new bit from the ultimate badman, Swindle.  As we’re anxiously awaiting his Deep Medi release to hit the shelves, he has blessed us with this soulful number in the meantime.  This jam throws out some killer vibes.  The vocals from Takura set the stage perfectly for Swindle’s bounce-infused purple dance number.  A perfect way to clear all the negativity/stress that has accumulated over the week and get your mind on the right level for good times with the ones you love.

Swindle ft. Takura – Have A Go


This next bit is comes from the hands of Icicle, and is an absolute roller.  I have to say, I am extremely pleased with the direction Icicle has been taking his beats.  The title suits the style, as he’s named it ‘Deep Tech’.  Give it a listen and close your eyes as you’re transported to a dungeon in eastern europe with the deepest, most minimal beats playing.  This is taken from the Rinse 19 mixed by Icicle.


Now I want to hype this new piece that Ghost Note just uploaded, titled ‘Transmission’.  This one hits some low notes!  Spacey percussion, techno-infused stabs, and an extremely powerful dub-esque bassline fill the airwaves as your body vibrates to the frequencies, warming your soul.  Pardon the quality, it is only 128kbps, but it’s forthcoming on the S/T EP so be on the look.  Apparently the second drop is absolutely mental, too!  Can’t wait.  Big up the NZ crew!

Ghost Note – Transmission (Clip)


Up next is a tune from the industrial beat-smith, Distance.  The track is called ‘Searching’ and it emits some truly evil vibes.  Fading chants, rolling kick drums, and growling basslines take hold of the frequency spectrum and transcend your mind into visions of deep and dark silhouettes (or at least my mind).


Now, to finish off the weeks tunes I wanted to bring back an all-time classic from the Cali-grown innovator of west coast dubstep, Matty G.  This tune, released back in 2009, will smash any dance floor up!  Infusing the west coasts hip-hop funkiness into the UK’s bass-ridden brainchild (dubstep), results in nothing short of AMAZING.  This man is a pure example of forward-thinking, and the fact that his tunes still sound so good stands a testament to that.  Turn the subs up and get ready for the west coast to show you how we rock! 😉


That’s it fam, hope these tune will put you into those weekend vibes!  We will see you next week, and if you’re going to Rustie, we will see you then!  Big up the readers, much respect from the crew.

To the gods.


Straight Cruising

Ey bredren,

Hope its been a swell Thursday.  Lots going on this weekend, I’d like to fast forward 24 hours, and have it be Friday night already.

I’m pretty psyched for this weekend because lots of music is involved.  Saturday night, I’m seeing Roger Water’s The Wall Live which should be real trippy if yadidmean ehhhh.  And on Sunday night young bossman Rustie is paying LA a visit to blast us away on the F1.  Amongst the loads of tunes from his Glass Swords album that I can’t wait to hear, I think this newer remix he did for Surkin titled Lose Yourself will really get the crowd to go buck.  Should be a solid night no doubt.

As far as tracks I’ve been vibing to the last couple of days, Kromestar & Jay 5ive are top of the list.  They dropped a release this week with two tunes title Backwoods and Deepest Fears.  Backwoods has this feel to it hard for me to put into words, I almost want to call it aqua lounge or something haha.  Just has a nice cruiser feel too it, real spacey and atmospheric.  Deepest Fears is mellow as well but the quick snares give it a more upbeat feel than Backwoods.  This one has that classic Kromestar bassline push accompanied with what sounds like a quire humming in the background at times.  While these tunes have had clips uploaded on soundcloud for a while, it’s sick to hear their full flavor.

Speeding things up a bit, Dub Phizix dropped a video this week for the release of his new tune called Never Been feat. Fox. A half step stomping riddim, you can feel the dance hall influences in this one.  Dub Phizix has been absolutely killing in the last year, and I don’t see the guy stopping anytime soon.  Big up!

Check back tomorrow for more new material.  Make sure to participate in you individual music scenes when you can.



Cato On Soulful Vibes/6Blocc Getting Rootsy

Eyyyyy fam we’re back checking in after a sunny weekend here in Cali.  From the looks of it there’s lots of new music on the horizon, I guess as always, but a couple tunes that specifically got me excited and through the intro phase of the week.  Per the usual style, I’ll try to bring you a eclectic blend.

I felt real blessed to wake up Monday and see the Inna Riddim camp hyping a new one ripped from Hatcha’s Kiss Radio show.  The tune by Cato titled Have I Told You is a spicy new soul riddim that is absolute fire in my opinion.   The type of vibe with the proper low end accompanied by the soul man vocal equates to perfection in my book.  I’ve had this one on repeat for the last two days.  It’s rumoured that Cato will be releasing new material through Hatcha in the near future so hold tight!

Next up repping the roots culture we have a recent release on Moonshine Recordings.  The tune comes from West Coast badman 6Blocc titled pressure dub.  With a stomping kick drum and anchoring rasta drum accompanied with Jamalski on the mic, this one is definitely a dance floor tune.  Big up to 6Blocc for bringing a sick one to the table.

That’s all I got for you tonight.  I’m headed out to see a sick New York based band called Light Asylum.  Stay locked for more tunes this week.  As always thanks!