Straight Cruising

Ey bredren,

Hope its been a swell Thursday.  Lots going on this weekend, I’d like to fast forward 24 hours, and have it be Friday night already.

I’m pretty psyched for this weekend because lots of music is involved.  Saturday night, I’m seeing Roger Water’s The Wall Live which should be real trippy if yadidmean ehhhh.  And on Sunday night young bossman Rustie is paying LA a visit to blast us away on the F1.  Amongst the loads of tunes from his Glass Swords album that I can’t wait to hear, I think this newer remix he did for Surkin titled Lose Yourself will really get the crowd to go buck.  Should be a solid night no doubt.

As far as tracks I’ve been vibing to the last couple of days, Kromestar & Jay 5ive are top of the list.  They dropped a release this week with two tunes title Backwoods and Deepest Fears.  Backwoods has this feel to it hard for me to put into words, I almost want to call it aqua lounge or something haha.  Just has a nice cruiser feel too it, real spacey and atmospheric.  Deepest Fears is mellow as well but the quick snares give it a more upbeat feel than Backwoods.  This one has that classic Kromestar bassline push accompanied with what sounds like a quire humming in the background at times.  While these tunes have had clips uploaded on soundcloud for a while, it’s sick to hear their full flavor.

Speeding things up a bit, Dub Phizix dropped a video this week for the release of his new tune called Never Been feat. Fox. A half step stomping riddim, you can feel the dance hall influences in this one.  Dub Phizix has been absolutely killing in the last year, and I don’t see the guy stopping anytime soon.  Big up!

Check back tomorrow for more new material.  Make sure to participate in you individual music scenes when you can.




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