On The Up: Iron Shirt Recordings

Bless up fam!  Damn, it’s been awhile since we’ve been back online to get you some beats.  I apologize for that!  I was in the midst of getting through finals week at school, then went straight into a 3-day festival that had us all fully detached from the outside world (which was AMAZING!), and then to top it off I had to come home and move houses on Monday & Tuesday.  It was WILD.  But, we’re back, and we promise to bring all the readers the top-notch music that we’ve always brought.

Today we wanted to highlight an imprint that has been making moves, located in the beautiful New Zealand.  Iron Shirt Recordings has been on the rise for the past year, signing artists such as Perverse, Tallan, Ghost Note, and Killawatt, to name a few.  With a dedication to the deeper, more soulful sounds of dubstep and drum & bass, label boss Konsida got things rolling with ISR in the early end of 2011.  With its main goal being to promote sounds of the many talented artists of New Zealand, the label seems to be on the right path as they’ve been involved in the up-coming of Perverse, Ghost Note, and Tallan, all of which should be known among the heads reading this (if not, GET ON IT).

Killawatt – Anguished Light (IRON003)


Ghost Note – Nine Nights (IRON004)


With a high-quality release catalog already accumulating, and many more promising sounds with the forthcoming releases in the works, ISR is definitely going to be an imprint that becomes ingrained into the deep scene.  Make sure that you keep your eyes and ears locked on the ISR Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter pages so you can keep up to date with the projects coming your way.  They have also been known to give a free tune, or two, away.  So yet another reason to stay LOCKED.

Moral – False Beliefs (Forthcoming)


Submatiks – Empty Church (IRON008)


We have a special treat for all the listeners today as ISR artist, Statue, has put together a mix that is filled with huge tunes.  Some old, some new, and some good ol’ dubs.  Get ready for 40+ minutes of sub-flexing bassweight as Statue puts his New Zealand taste onto the mix ‘ting.  It’s available for download so snatch it up while it’s still available!

Statue (Iron Shirt Recordings) – Exclusive Bassweight Society Mix


Make sure you stop by all the ISR pages and familiarize yourself with their styles!

ISR Facebook Page

ISR Soundcloud Page

ISR Twitter Page

That’s it for today, people.  Will be back tomorrow with some more freshness!  Until then…

To the gods.



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