Album Review: Seven’s Evolution LP

What up everybody!  We back from another weekend and ready to get going on the next!  Today we got a special highlight on Seven’s new album, ‘Evolution’, that just dropped today (digitally, vinyl was released last week).

Eddy Woo has been a tune making machine ever since the mid-2000’s (or at least that’s as far back as I can remember lol).  First putting his touch into the drum and bass world and then switching his concentration to dubstep after Yunx asked him to make a 140 tune for his radio show.  Since then Seven has been putting out multiple releases each year on imprints like Aquatic Lab, Black Box, Wheel & Deal, and Subway.  This past week saw the release of his debut full-length album on Black Box Records, Evolution LP.  For the vinyl heads this was a 3 platter, 6-track release and for the digital heads a 13-track collection of the finest quality tunes.  For the sake of time and, of course, your attention spans, I’m going to pull my 4 favorite tunes from the album to give you a little taster of what’s inside…

Morning Light ft. Alys Be//

This one is my percy off the album.  The soulfully haunting vocals from Alys Be dubbed up with the reverb-drenched synth leads on this tune set the stage beautifully for the in your face reese-esque bassline that comes in hard and leaves equally as clean, providing space for a snare drum that could snap the Dalai Lamas head back.

Seven ft. Alys Be – Morning Light



The opening notes of this track are ones that will hook any listener, with any musical preference.  Big, spacious, and taunting stabs followed with an amazing  style of eastern-influenced strings.  This is a tune that requires patience, in my opinion.  Reason being that as the tune progresses into its final 1:23, each individual track comes together in its purest form.  The stabs begin to bounce through space guiding your neurotransmitters to all the pleasure centers in your brain, the high hats are rolling through the soundscape flawlessly, and then the tune begins to digress.  You’re then like “wait, rewind that shit back!”.

Seven – Breathe


Feel It//

This tune is probably second in line for me, as far as favorites on the album.  It’s got SO MUCH soul!  Really bummed that this one didn’t make it onto the vinyl cut.  It starts off with real nice garagey introduction, causing footwork inna’ dance.  As its progresses, 90’s-rave vocals precursor the heavy arsenal of 808 drums that will instantly set off the dance vibes.  It’s very similar to a Von D style funkiness, drums made to shuffle and perfectly placed vocals.  Big tune!


Picture This//

This track is a fire starter!  You’ll be instantly intrigued as the beginning section takes you through a flashback of some kind of 1980’s movie in which the setting is 30 years ahead of its time, in space.  Or maybe a Revenge of The Nerds talent show performance, haha.  Whatever you want to relate it to, it’s fucking dope.  The intensity begins to build quickly with the distorted wobble starting to rise out of the background and the sweep gains its force.  Once the tune hits its first climax the vibes are set to destroy!  That signature Seven style of creating some of the most powerful sub-lines in conjunction with just the right amount of aggression inna’ tune.  Again, this is one that I was really bummed to not see on wax.  The second climax is the one on this tune, though.  Switching out the wobble for a straight space-gangster synth line.  Like I said, this tune is a FIRE STARTER.  (I use the word ‘climax’ instead of  ‘drop’ because the term has been abused by the kids these days, lol)


Now, make sure you get out and purchase this album!  Although I only reviewed four tunes today, the remaining nine on the album are all amazing as well.  Like I said previously, this was purely a time/attention management issue :).  The album is available at all good record shops and download sites, so snag it off whichever one you prefer (Chemical, Beatport, etc.).

Seven Evolution LP – Vinyl (Chemical Records)

Seven Evolution LP – Download (Chemical Records)

Thanks for tuning in, we’ll catch you tomorrow!

To the gods.



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