Drummed Out: Quantum Soul, Biome, Benton, & TMSV

Gwwwwaaaarnnn get up now!  What’s good folks…Hope everybody is doing well on this glorious day!  We gotta’ bunch of freshies for your ears today, encompassing a vast spectrum of style.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

I wanted to start things off with a proper dub-styled jam from the one and only TMSV.  This guy makes some of the cleanest sub-bass in the game.  The tune, ‘Attention’, comes in nice and sends some extremely positive vibrations through your mind and soul.  Endless delays, climbing basslines, dubbed out vocals, the whole-nine yards with this one.  I would really like to see this get a release!  On a side note, I am really feeling these dub-wise tunes that TMSV has been writing on the late.  Stoked to hear more of it!

TMSV – Attention


This next bit is moving back towards the darker side of the spectrum.  Biome has seriously been on such a massive run lately with amount of top-notch tunes he has been putting out.  ‘Persepolis’ on Macabre Unit Vinyl, ‘The Raven’/’Hybrid’ Remix on Osiris, and his 3 track release on the Deep Heads label.  Like I said, serious business this guy.  This track was put up on the Deep Heads soundcloud page earlier today and is another percussion flooded roller from the badman.  Subs up, eyes down for this one.

Biome – The Road


Moving straight into the depths of the spectrum now with this preview of Benton’s ‘Defect Mind’, forthcoming on his Wheel & Deal album ‘Reflections’.  Benton is a producer who has a sound distinct to only himself, in my opinion.  The dark and sinister vocal clips, the slumping bass lines, and fine-tuned atmospherics are always present inna’ production with this guy.  Put your ouija board away before you press play on this one ;).

Benton – Defect Mind (Forthcoming Wheel & Deal)


I wanted save this next tune for last because I believe it will send everybody off with a BANG!  Coming from the hands of our friend Quantum Soul is a remix done for SideProjekt’s tune ‘Temple’.  An absolute sub workout, this one!  Such an immense variety of sounds intricately placed together to create the massive amount of energy that this tune puts out.  Some SEEEERRIOUS soundsystem music!  Clear some space for the skankin’ that will undoubtedly occur once you press play.


BLESS!  Hope you are all diggin’ the tunes for today.  Support the artists by buying their music and seeing them spin when they come to your town!  It’s a rough lifestyle for most of our favorite artists (obviously not the large names) so don’t make it any rougher on them by jacking the product of their countless hours in the studio.  Fo’ real do’.  We’ll catch you next time.

To the gods.



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