Enei: Machines LP [Critical Music]

Bless up everyone.

This year is home to some of the greatest, and most conscious electronic music.  The sonic capabilities of music have skyrocketed within the past few years, giving birth to some of the largest, most fine-tuned sounds ever heard.  I mean it’s pretty obvious, if you throw on a record from circa ’00 then throw on a record released in the past month, you’re going to hear the difference in production quality.  It is no different for the drum and bass genre.  Just recently we have seen albums released from masterminds like Octane & DLR, Spectrasoul, and microphone champion DRS, while still looking forward to the release of Calyx & TeeBee’s full-length alongside others.    Russian drum and bass heavyweight, Enei, is in steady preparation for the release of his debut full-length album titled ‘Machines’, due out on the Critical Music imprint.  Enei is on the forefront of forward-thinking drum and bass music as he masters his niche for tightly coiled drum patterns and goliath bass tracks that send your psyche swirling through a sonic abyss of somatic stimulation.  This album is one at the top of my most anticipated list, and if it’s not on yours, fuck you.  Haha, just joking…but seriously.

“The Russian producer’s debut full-length continues in the same vein, with 11 previously unreleased tracks mostly at drum & bass tempo. The album has vocal appearances from DRS and Georgia Yates, and collaborations with Kemo (on “Saligia”) and Eastcolors & Noel on an updated VIP version of 2011’s “Cracker.” The vinyl release features only four tracks from the album; the digital version comes with four extra.”

 Words taken from Andrew Ryce via Resident Advisor

01. Machines
02. The Moment feat. DRS
03. 2012 feat. Eastcolors
04. Runnin feat. Georgia Yates
05. Centrifuge
06. Elephants
07. I Don’t Know
08. Saligia feat. Kemo
09. Thin Line
10. Cracker VIP feat. Eastcolors and Noel
11. Trainchaser

Mark your calendars for November 12th!  This album will hit all major retailers, so vinyl heads make sure you get your copy quick!  Watch this space for further details/updates and a full review once released.

To the gods.



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