PREVIEW: Swindle – Mischief [MEDI062]

Big up fam’!  Hope all is well.  A preview of ‘Mischief’, a tune forthcoming track from Swindle on the Deep Medi imprint, has been released via the Deep Medi YouTube page.  The track is part of a 3-track EP, titled ‘Forest Funk’, due out November 5th, 2012.  This tune is a beautifully written track that delves deep into jazz influences, and more so, the actual song structure.

“A producer building a beat and extensively focusing on the harmonic progression and interplay of a jazz band is a little bit of uncharted territory (though I’m sure there are probably more than twenty examples of it I’m overlooking right now). Sure someone like James Blake has that classically trained kind of phrasing but I’m talking about that brass; that concert piano and that serene humanization of the melodies. It’s something Swindle does really well on ‘Mischief’, the flip side of his new 12” for Mala’s Deep Medi imprint.

It’s easy to understand, from a production point of view, how you could just plonk a sick 140 bpm beat on top of a web of sampled instruments but ‘Mischief’ really benefits from the fact that everything is played live. The lithe way it wiggles through the evolutions is a real success suggesting that the direction and interplay between the producer and horn player harbours a next level of maturity for Swindle’s production.”

Words taken from Oli Marlow via Sonic Router

Here’s a preview of ‘Mischief’…


And if you haven’t had a listen to ‘Forest Funk’ yet, head over to Swindle’s Soundcloud page and give it a go.  Or just listen below 🙂


Some seriously next level sounds coming from Swindle in this EP – but what else could be expected when the minds of Swindle & Mala are considered.  Again, this EP drops November 5th, 2012 at all major record/digital retailers.  Vinyl heads – this will sell out fast so be sure you’re quick once it hits the shelves!  Until next time…

To the gods.



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