1 Year Anniversary Competition

Big up fam’!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary for BWS.  I’m astounded at the amount of support this little idea has gained (although it may be miniscule relative to other platforms).  Going from 1 to nearly 800 supporters with over 20K views in a single year is amazing in my mind, regardless of how jaded the current state of social media would make it seem.  I am so thankful for the relationships that have come into being from this website.  I’ve connected with various people from all the world, and it’s been really humbling.

A seriously MASSIVE shout out of respect from myself to all of you that have made this page what it is today.   I would also like to shout a major thank you to you my best boys Shice and Lowkey, who helped build the foundation of BWS with me last year, although they’re both onto their own paths now.  Also, as you may have seen in the last post, there will be some new writers being introduced over the next couple months so be on the look for new flavor/opinions and be sure to make them feel welcome.  Ben Grimm was the first to be announced, so expect to see more from ‘Begrim’ on the garage side of things.  Let’s see what the next year holds for us, shall we?!

In order to celebrate this oh so monumental milestone I have decided to run a little competition for some free giveaways.  I was looking through my crates and came across 3 records that are duplicates because I double ordered them – sadly, on 3 separate occasions too, haha.  Anyways, since I’m broke as f*ck this was the best I could come up with.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, however.  All of the records are in ‘mint’ condition as they’ve never been played.  I will say, though, the Compa remix does have some scuffs along the outer rim, but this was due to manufacturer defect so don’t get pissed about a scuff on the free record you receive.  The three records are:

 Mavado – Dem A Talk (Compa Remix) [WXWL001]

Razor Rekta – Loko-Motiv / Development [CHST018]

Dark Tantrums – Unborn / Storm [MEDI054]

***Note to the winner:  If you’re located outside of the US, I will not be able to cover all the shipping costs, however, I will split them with you.  Once we come to that juncture we will figure it out as needed.  If you’re in the US, shipping is on me.

This competition is meant for the people that have been supporting during this year, so there is no need to publicly share this competition, unless you prefer to lessen your odds of victory.  If you prefer to share it, however, I have no issue with that.  All you need to do is answer the following three questions:

1.    Which song on his self-titled EP (‘Commodo EP’) did Commodo not want to include?

2.    Which artist that interviewed with BWS said these words: 

“theres just not enough energy in most of the stuff coming out whereas with these techno influenced rollers with the big relentless kick drum lines and the pounding subs there is just so much natural energy, you move instinctively to the music whether you like it or not because of the sheer physicality of it and the rhythms that have been engrained in us over the past millenia from ancient ‘tribal’ music. “

        3.    Who was the first artist to record a mix exclusively for BWS?


Email your responses to bassweightsociety@gmail.com before November 15th, 2012.  YOU MUST ENTER ‘BWS 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY’ AS THE SUBJECT LINE OR YOUR RESPONSE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

May the best human win.

To the gods.



Free Bass: Habstrakt, Culprate & Compa

It’s Monday and we’re back at it with a gang of absolutely free tunes. While you we’re out raging, we scanned soundcloud for the best free tunes around. All these rumblers were given out by the artists, so don’t trip, click.

First up is a soulful club shaker by the dynamic French producer Habstrakt along with Badjokes. The track ‘Miaow’ gets us bouncing from the get go and drops with a deep swelling bassline. It doesn’t stop there, it gets more and more interesting as the song goes along with hi-synth pokes and midrange additions. Download the whole free EP including amazing deep remixes by WarMateba and HubwarNekochan. Don’t sleep on this one.


Next freebie comes to us from master-producer Culprate. In normal Culprate fashion he takes a different approach to what we perceive to be ‘dubstep’. Tentacle VIP is filled with clean samples, excellent editing techniques and most importantly, bass. This is the perfect pre-summer jam and its 100% Free.


Last up is a meditation piece by BWS homie, Compa. In this track he lets the sub ride along with legendary vocals from Bjork, razor sharp percussion and cinematic strings to complement. Subwoofer is a must on this one.

Download Link (320)

Thanks for listening and make sure to like these guys on Facebook or say thanks on soundcloud, these are some quality tunes!

spread the Bassweight Society message and these tunes by sharing this post with your friends.


-BWS (Shice)

Deeper & Darker Directions

What up everybody.  This week has been kinda sparce so we apologize about that.  But today we have some truly dark tracks to highlight.  All of these tunes are strictly for sound systems.

As Skream so eloquently put it “if you have no sub theres no point listening”.  So, as given away with the quote, the first track we have for you today is from the Godfather himself.  This tune embodies the side of Skream that we just can’t get enough of!  Sidestepping the aggressive, tear-out styles, he delves extremely deep into frequencies that literally cannot be heard without proper sound.  I listened to it on my laptop just to see what it would sound like and wondered how people can judge this type of music without actually hearing it.  Nevertheless, the tune is a straight up lurker.  A track that pretty much says “eat shit all you haters, I’m still here”, to all the people criticizing his current ventures into mashing up dancefloors real heavy.

Skream – Dark Keys


Then we have a couple clips from the newest addition to the Deep Medi imprint, Dark Tantrums.  Other than release from Kromestar that this guy was featured on and Mala dropping his tune in that XLR8R mix last year, this character has just been off the radar, at least to us.  The release, ‘Unborn’/’Storm’, will be Deep Medi’s 54th release and is perfectly suiting for the imprint.  Both of the tunes are for the chestplate.  Unfortunately these are just short clips but be on the look for the full version once the release drops!

Dark Tantrums – Unborn/Storm


The next track is another from our friend Compa.  He is being generous enough to give this tune out for FREE so make sure you grab your copy before the download option gets it’s card pulled.  It’s a remix that Compa did of a tune by Skin E called ‘Reveal’.  Another extremely heavy production from the hands of Compa.  If you didn’t catch the interview we did with him back in November, check it out here, there is also an exlcusive mix he built for us available for download on that post.  When we did the interview we said that he was gonna be rising quick in the game and sure enough, over the past few months Compa has secured/cleared the shelves of a release with Boka Records and also launched his ‘Dem A Talk’ remix on white label and that too flew off the shelves in a matter of hours.  A lot of good things to be coming from this guy so make sure to keep your eyes on him.

Skin E – Reveal (Compa Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**


Then to ease things off we have a mix that Killawatt did for Outlook 2012, filled with 100% Killawatt productions.  One of the most innovative and amazing producers out there right now, hands down.  Fusing sounds together with an insurmountable amount of force.  Pushing boundaries, creating new levels, and holding the throne to some of the most amazing percussion in his music.  Massive up to Killawatt and his recent success.

Killawatt – Outlook 2012 Mix (Download Available)


Alright fam that’s some of the latest that we’ve got for you this time around.  We will see you tomorrow with some more music to move through your bass bins.  If you haven’t visited our Facebook page check that out, there is a lot of stuff posted on that as well.  Respect.

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)