Free Bass: Habstrakt, Culprate & Compa

It’s Monday and we’re back at it with a gang of absolutely free tunes. While you we’re out raging, we scanned soundcloud for the best free tunes around. All these rumblers were given out by the artists, so don’t trip, click.

First up is a soulful club shaker by the dynamic French producer Habstrakt along with Badjokes. The track ‘Miaow’ gets us bouncing from the get go and drops with a deep swelling bassline. It doesn’t stop there, it gets more and more interesting as the song goes along with hi-synth pokes and midrange additions. Download the whole free EP including amazing deep remixes by WarMateba and HubwarNekochan. Don’t sleep on this one.


Next freebie comes to us from master-producer Culprate. In normal Culprate fashion he takes a different approach to what we perceive to be ‘dubstep’. Tentacle VIP is filled with clean samples, excellent editing techniques and most importantly, bass. This is the perfect pre-summer jam and its 100% Free.


Last up is a meditation piece by BWS homie, Compa. In this track he lets the sub ride along with legendary vocals from Bjork, razor sharp percussion and cinematic strings to complement. Subwoofer is a must on this one.

Download Link (320)

Thanks for listening and make sure to like these guys on Facebook or say thanks on soundcloud, these are some quality tunes!

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-BWS (Shice)


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