On The Flex: Biome, Mala, & TMSV

Massive out to all the heads that have been supporting us recently!  This grassroots movement has slowly, but very surely, been growing within the past couple months and the traffic through the website has increased significantly.  It really means a lot to us here at BWS.  We’ve always had a lot of faith in this music/culture because it is one filled with longevity and passion, and all of you readers have affirmed that faith.  As stated at the beginning of the new year, we have plans for 2012 to be a really big year for us and we couldn’t be happier the share the experiences with all of you.  RESPECT!

Now, with all the sentimental sh*t out of the way, let’s get right into today’s music.  Not only has 2012 been a great year for us, it has been a great year for the entirety of the dubstep scene.  No, we are not talking about the Grammy’s given to, thou who shall’nt be named.  We are talking about the foundation scene.  The deep scene has witnessed such a prolific amount of innovation and evolution to dubstep.  From tribal to techno, jungle to classical, the influences are FLOODING the productions.  Today we have a pretty random collection of tunes to showcase, all of them top-notch.

The first batch of tunes come the man known as Biome.  He should be no secret to any of you, and if he is, GET AMONGST IT!  Pushing out high quality releases since 2008 from labels such as Subsonik, Biscuit Factory, Sub Pressure, Osiris, and most recently Black Box, he’s a man who has nothing but WEIGHT up his sleeves.  His most recent release on Black Box, titled ‘Space’, is truly an unreal production.  Seems only suiting that it earned a release as a single-sided vinyl in the XXX series from the box.  Today he announced a release on the imprint M.U.V (Macabre Unit Vinyl).  A tune called ‘Persepolis’.  An absolutely massive production!  Take a listen to Persepolis and few other bits that he has just thrown up on his Soundcloud page.


Biome – Zen


Biome – Shadows


This next track is recent one from the almighty Mala.  Set to release on his album due out sometime this year.  Rumor has it that the entire album is influenced off his recent  travels in Cuba.  You can definitely feel the vibes in this track.  Titled ‘Cuba Electronica’, this tune is seriously MAD.  Listen to the man Joe Nice when he brings in the second drop, it’s straight up badness coming through your speakers.  This will no doubt, as always with Mala, be one of the most anticipated releases of the year so keep your eyes and ears open.


The last track we are going to leave you off with today comes from the extremely talented hands of TMSV.  This guy has seriously been handling business for the past couple years and 2012 is definitely going to be a HUGE year for the man.  Releases tunes pretty much exclusively on Box Clever/Black Box records, DJ Thinking must be amped on life.  TMSV’s production abilities are hard to pigeonhole so I’m not even going to try.  He can really build music in an amazing fashion,  and I will leave it at that.  This tune, a remix of Dark Angel’s ‘Lay Down My Burdens’, is going to send you all off with a righteous vibe.  It’s forthcoming on Foundation Sound, date still to come.  Let the music speak to you.

Dark Angel – Lay Down My Burdens


Also, in case you missed this free download he gave out a few months ago, GRAB IT UP WHILE IT’S STILL THERE!  A really sick tune he did with Myrkur called ‘Icarus’. Of course, show the man some love!

TMSV & Myrkur – Icarus (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Alright fam, that’s all for today.  Stay blessed.

To the gods.

– Bassweight Society (Kinman)


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