Deep From Down Under & Cluekids Latest

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Oi!  What’s good all you frequency lurkers.  Hope you have your sub ready to flex today, because we have some truly heavy music to highlight.  Massive respect out to all the artists that have been pushing these sounds!

To start things off in a proper fashion we have a tune hailing from the hand of Australian producers Spherix & Kwality.  To be honest, don’t really know too much about these two.  I came across this track from browsing the AJP Youtube page, and was struck with awe.  The tune starts off really nice with some heavy atmospherics and a big tribal style kick drum that ruptures through your bloodstream.  I was hooked from there.  Then….. the second breath came.  WOW!  Don’t even want to verbally address this.  Just have a listen and you will know the feeling I had when it dropped.  Mad respect for the percussion utilized in this track, it’s an absolute gem.  These two are definitely a pair that you’re going to want to keep your ears on if you haven’t been following them already, we know we will be.


This next track comes from the long time OG, Cluekid.  At a very young age he has already placed a release with Skream under his belt on the Disfigured Dubz imprint alongside a number of other anthems on labels like Ringo, -30, and Soul Jazz Records.  The two tracks that we have from him today are off his latest release, Bullfrog 006.  The first tune, titled ‘Ninety Three’, is a really dope jungle-vibed tune with chopped up breaks, ragga vocal samples, and a sub-heavy bassline.  The flip, ‘Swampman’, is an anthemic bassweight stomper!  The kid knows his shit, and his music speaks for that.  This tracks emits a wall of bass that “clear the dust out of the room”.  Lend an ear to both these tracks and support this badman with a purchase from Juno or Surus.

Cluekid – Ninety Three



To finish things off for the day we have two absolutely phenomenal mixes to showcase.  One from the Budapest born, UK based don DJ MADD.  The other is from the parisian musical mastermind Von D.  Both of these mixes are filled with top-notch dubs and first-class mixing skills.  Both of these mixes are available for download so I would highly recommend getting on top of that before the link disappear.  Madd’s mix was done for Cali-based magazine Big Up and Von D’s for the Stand High Sound crew.  Make sure to show love to both these guys, some of the most prolific artists in the underground (for now ;)).


DJ Madd – Big Up Podcast 56

Von D – Stand High Sound Mixtape


Alright folks, that’s it for today.  Check back tomorrow as we will have more great music to feature.  Respect!

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)


3 responses to “Deep From Down Under & Cluekids Latest

  1. Hi there!
    The vampire-lamprey image you have used at the start of this post is my artwork. I would appreciate it if you would please credit me for using it, and in the future if you would like to use more of my art, send me an email or a note on deviantart asking permission.

    Thanks, and best wishes,

    Rae Goss

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