Skream: 100K Freeizm

The Croydon-bred dubstep don Skream, aka Oliver Jones, has reached over 100,000 followers on Twitter.  As a result, he has decided to give away 11 tracks composed between the years 2006-2009 in his latest installment of the ‘Freeizm’ series.  Don’t know if there is a producer I can think of, of this caliber, that has been as generous as Oliver Jones has.  It’s been a long road for this man, from the dark clubs of Croydon to the bright lights of almost every major music festival across the globe.  The man deserves nothing less than an immense amount of respect for all that he has done for dubstep, and more broadly, electronic music.  A salute to you from us here as Bassweight Society, good sir.

Download 100K Freeizm here.


1.   Lemon Drive
2.   Smokers
3.   Gloitch
4.   2LSD (2D Remix)
5.   Fuckin’ Nutter
6.   Maybe it’s For The Best
7.   Passion
8.   Oiz
9.   Shadows
10. Woinky
11. Hazey Mind

To the gods.



Atmospheric Vibez

Good day!

First at bat today is big dog Synkro coming at us with a recent release on Exit Records.  Many of you should know him by now, his tunes can be heard on labels such as Apollo, Exit, Autonomic, Med School, Warm Communications, Pushing Red, Blackout Music and Box Clever.  His skills as a producer are undeniable and his sense of producing atmospheric bass music is respected by music listeners across a multitude of genres.  Synkro recently put out a tune on Exit Records, as the 34th release for the label.  The tune we want to highlight here is called Progression.  I heard it at a show that Dbrige played at in LA a couple weeks back.  I like the way Synkro utilizes echoes to make the tune sound really deep and atmospheric.  This is a well suited tune for kicking back to on a week night.  Have a listen!


Following the vibe of that last tune, here’s another chilled out one.  Skream released a clip last week of a tune he says will be released soon.  It’s only a short clip, but it was enough to get us excited to hear the full version.  Like the previous tune, this one has a spacey feel, almost like you’re about to float out of your skin.  Definitely a tune worthy of smoking a spliff to.  Kick back and enjoy.

Skream – Chitral


This last tune comes from a producer named Kasket who we’ve never covered before.  He’s a British producer set to have a release out on Apollo records in the near future.  The tune we chose to highlight is called Life Goes On.  We wanted to keep the vibe steady, so as with the tunes above, this is a real chilled back one.  A long intro of fluctuating sounds is met with a nice drum pattern and steady vocal whisper.  Definitely a great tune for kicking back to and letting it take your mind somewhere nice.


Be sure to check his soundcloud, there’s some free gems on there!

Kasket Soundcloud


Hope that put you in a steady balance.  It’s good to have that bank of relaxing tunes to level things out.


-BWS (Lowkey)

Deeper & Darker Directions

What up everybody.  This week has been kinda sparce so we apologize about that.  But today we have some truly dark tracks to highlight.  All of these tunes are strictly for sound systems.

As Skream so eloquently put it “if you have no sub theres no point listening”.  So, as given away with the quote, the first track we have for you today is from the Godfather himself.  This tune embodies the side of Skream that we just can’t get enough of!  Sidestepping the aggressive, tear-out styles, he delves extremely deep into frequencies that literally cannot be heard without proper sound.  I listened to it on my laptop just to see what it would sound like and wondered how people can judge this type of music without actually hearing it.  Nevertheless, the tune is a straight up lurker.  A track that pretty much says “eat shit all you haters, I’m still here”, to all the people criticizing his current ventures into mashing up dancefloors real heavy.

Skream – Dark Keys


Then we have a couple clips from the newest addition to the Deep Medi imprint, Dark Tantrums.  Other than release from Kromestar that this guy was featured on and Mala dropping his tune in that XLR8R mix last year, this character has just been off the radar, at least to us.  The release, ‘Unborn’/’Storm’, will be Deep Medi’s 54th release and is perfectly suiting for the imprint.  Both of the tunes are for the chestplate.  Unfortunately these are just short clips but be on the look for the full version once the release drops!

Dark Tantrums – Unborn/Storm


The next track is another from our friend Compa.  He is being generous enough to give this tune out for FREE so make sure you grab your copy before the download option gets it’s card pulled.  It’s a remix that Compa did of a tune by Skin E called ‘Reveal’.  Another extremely heavy production from the hands of Compa.  If you didn’t catch the interview we did with him back in November, check it out here, there is also an exlcusive mix he built for us available for download on that post.  When we did the interview we said that he was gonna be rising quick in the game and sure enough, over the past few months Compa has secured/cleared the shelves of a release with Boka Records and also launched his ‘Dem A Talk’ remix on white label and that too flew off the shelves in a matter of hours.  A lot of good things to be coming from this guy so make sure to keep your eyes on him.

Skin E – Reveal (Compa Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**


Then to ease things off we have a mix that Killawatt did for Outlook 2012, filled with 100% Killawatt productions.  One of the most innovative and amazing producers out there right now, hands down.  Fusing sounds together with an insurmountable amount of force.  Pushing boundaries, creating new levels, and holding the throne to some of the most amazing percussion in his music.  Massive up to Killawatt and his recent success.

Killawatt – Outlook 2012 Mix (Download Available)


Alright fam that’s some of the latest that we’ve got for you this time around.  We will see you tomorrow with some more music to move through your bass bins.  If you haven’t visited our Facebook page check that out, there is a lot of stuff posted on that as well.  Respect.

To the gods.

-Bassweight Society (Kinman)