Hatti Vatti – ‘Worship Nothing’ LP [New Moon Recordings]



The day I got this release in my inbox was one of pure joy.  Following the powerfully weighty single from The Illuminated & TMSV, New Moon and Hatti Vatti put forth something in a vein completely opposite.  The release plunges into moments of melancholy, as seen in ‘Ae’ with Synkro, and uplifts back into a flash of warmth as Cian Finn softly reminds us it’s a wonderful world.  Then, transported to a distant realm of ambient tones and dreamy progressions with works like ‘Synthesis’, the journey continues.  The brilliant, and often subtle placement of vocal clips throughout this album provide an avenue for each listener to interpret and apply meaning relevant to their experience, opening a dimension beyond the standard subjectivity in purely instrumental music.   This is a true album, in the sense that it should be enjoyed from beginning to end as it tells a story and curates an intrinsic  experience.  It’s a truly beautiful piece of work that I would recommend to everyone.  Check out below for a couple of previews, hopefully they will release more for you guys before the album drops!




  1. Ae
  2. Struggle ft. Sara Brylewska
  3. Tokyo ft. Synkro
  4. 72 Dub
  5. Wonderful World ft. Cian Finn
  6. Sopot
  7. Synthesis
  8. Treasure
  9. Nights ft. Versa
  10. Black Flowers
  11. Worship Nothing
  12. 1ne


One love.

– Kinman


Atmospheric Vibez

Good day!

First at bat today is big dog Synkro coming at us with a recent release on Exit Records.  Many of you should know him by now, his tunes can be heard on labels such as Apollo, Exit, Autonomic, Med School, Warm Communications, Pushing Red, Blackout Music and Box Clever.  His skills as a producer are undeniable and his sense of producing atmospheric bass music is respected by music listeners across a multitude of genres.  Synkro recently put out a tune on Exit Records, as the 34th release for the label.  The tune we want to highlight here is called Progression.  I heard it at a show that Dbrige played at in LA a couple weeks back.  I like the way Synkro utilizes echoes to make the tune sound really deep and atmospheric.  This is a well suited tune for kicking back to on a week night.  Have a listen!


Following the vibe of that last tune, here’s another chilled out one.  Skream released a clip last week of a tune he says will be released soon.  It’s only a short clip, but it was enough to get us excited to hear the full version.  Like the previous tune, this one has a spacey feel, almost like you’re about to float out of your skin.  Definitely a tune worthy of smoking a spliff to.  Kick back and enjoy.

Skream – Chitral


This last tune comes from a producer named Kasket who we’ve never covered before.  He’s a British producer set to have a release out on Apollo records in the near future.  The tune we chose to highlight is called Life Goes On.  We wanted to keep the vibe steady, so as with the tunes above, this is a real chilled back one.  A long intro of fluctuating sounds is met with a nice drum pattern and steady vocal whisper.  Definitely a great tune for kicking back to and letting it take your mind somewhere nice.


Be sure to check his soundcloud, there’s some free gems on there!

Kasket Soundcloud


Hope that put you in a steady balance.  It’s good to have that bank of relaxing tunes to level things out.


-BWS (Lowkey)

Monday Recovery Session

How goes it, everyone?  Our apologies for the lack of a new post, we’ve been recovering from partying with TRUTH all weekend.  We are hoping that everybody had as good of a weekend as Bassweight Society did!  We were fortunate enough to receive an ABSOLUTE rinse out by TRUTH on Thursday at the EOS Lounge in Santa Barbara, CA.  Then, to top the cake with icing, we took him into Isla Vista to show all those UCSB students how Dubstep gets thrown down in the most proper of fashions.  Personally, we believe that there couldn’t be a better place to listen to some of the most amazing tunes than on a deck, overlooking the ocean 🙂  MASSIVE shout out to TRUTH for supporting BWS and playing those shows for us!  It was definitely one of the most amazing weekends we have had in a long time.

Taking heed to the fact that we are all still hurting from the partying this weekend, we want to highlight some music that, although still weighty on the low-end, has a soothing effect on the mind and body.

The first track we have for everyone is a track done by Starkey.  The tune is called ‘Open The Pod Bay Doors’ and was released October 31, 2011 on Ninja Tune.  This tune embodies Starkey’s signature sounds to the fullest extent.  The spacey ambiance of this song along with the break patterned drums compliment each other wonderfully.  This is a song that you close your eyes to and let your imagination take you away.  The video goes with the music perfectly, might we add.

The second track we’re bringing to you is a remix by Synkro from Manchester, across the pond in the UK.  The original of this song was written by The XX, and is called ‘Night Time’.  On its own this song is already absolutely amazing.  We believe that it is very rare that the remix of such an amazing piece of artistic expression, is of equal quality.  This here remix is one of those.  The emotion that is captured by Synkro in his take on the song is explicit and unrivaled.  Listening to this song takes you on a journey of introspect and forgotten memories.  We hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we do.

The XX – Night Time (Synkro Remix)

The final track we’re bringing ya’ll, out of respect for this past weekend, is a release by TRUTH from their Stranger Than Fiction EP that was released back in 2010.  The track, called ‘Stay’, is one of the most relaxing Dubstep rollers that we have come across in our day!  The tune is filled with the utmost soulful vibes!  The vocals on this track bring us back to early childhood days, hearing the funky sounds of groups like Love Unlimited.  Press play and let the music fill your soul with this one.

TRUTH – Stay (Disfigured Dubz)

Alright everybody, until next time.  Hope you enjoy the tunes.  Get out there and support your favorite artists by purchasing their music and spreading their sounds around the globe!!


p.s. BIG UP to our boy Chadillac for the logo you see at the top!!


-Bassweight Society