DJ Tennis – ‘Local’ EP [Life & Death]

Tennis Local Tour





DJ Tennis and his Life & Death imprint have been an enduring theme in my construct of intentional and moving music for the past few years now.  The vision he seems to put forth in both the aesthetic of the sound and presence of the label is something I deeply admire.  My most fond memories of recent with regard to musical performances have been in the company of Life & Death artists.  Tennis’s set at the Need You party in January 2012 remains one of the most magnificently salient memories I have, and when I heard he will be passing through LA this Sunday I was immediately elated.  To top things off, I just received news he will be releasing a double EP mid-April.

DJ Tennis will release a double EP in April called Local…Local will come out on DJ Tennis’s Life And Death imprint, and it’ll be the first double EP for the artist—real name Manfredi Romano—as well as the label. Described in a press release as a “musical diary,” its six original tracks see Romano, who’s taken on an increasingly busy gigging schedule over the past couple years, drawing inspiration from six different locales: Williamsburg, New York; Kreuzberg, Berlin (where his studio is located); Milan; South Beach, Miami; Hackney, London; and Palermo, Sicily. He’s provided his own vocals as well as bass and guitar work, and first track “Love Child” features an appearance from The Rapture’s Luke Jenner. A remix from US producer North Lake completes the package. It’ll be made available on double vinyl and as a digital release, with each version apparently “slightly different” from the other.”

01. Love Child featuring Luke Jenner
02. Floating Boy/Self Portrait
03. You Closed My Eyes
04. Anatomy
05. Williamsburg
06. Ah Isobel
07. Anatomy (North Lake Remix)

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One love.

– Kinman


Ten Walls – ‘Requiem’ EP [LAD013]

Ten Walls Requiem EP Art


Ten walls have returned fresh off the hype of their ‘Gotham’ EP released on Innervisions earlier this year that took the summertime by storm and reached anthemic status, being rinsed and praised by countless DJ’s across the globe – with good reason, too.  As the mysterious moniker pushes his sound further, striving to maintain a concept in which “the focus is moved away from the personality of the artist so that the music can more directly speak for itself”, I can only hope that the execution of his productions are maintained.  Some of the most emotive and powerful house music being released right now; music actually deserving of the “deep” descriptor being so frivolously tossed around the house/techno scene over the past year.  Take a listen below, I hope you enjoy.

Release Date:  Digital – November 4th / Vinyl – December 9th





Until next time.  One love.

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Blond:ish – ‘Inward Visions’ EP [KOMPAKT]

Blondish Kompakt Art

Blond:ish returns to Kompakt after the dust has settled a bit from their ‘Lovers In Limbo’ EP that dropped last year.  If you somehow missed that release, I strongly encourage you the check it out —————-> HERE.  The Canadian duo have brought two tracks together that embark the listener on a dissonant journey of sound.  ‘No Place Like Gnome’ opens the single with a dark aesthetic maintained through sustained and detuned pads swirling into an ambivalent sense of bewildered wandering, then the journey is reassured by a hearty bassline that rolls beautifully between the swinging drum groove.  The title track carries the ambivalence of ‘No Place Like Gnome’ into a more clearly affirmed direction of discovery, lightening the mood with lush, sun-drenched synths and the hauntingly sexy vocals of Beyou.

I am really hoping (and anticipating) to hear these tunes out at the burn this year via the Robot Heart gang, and can’t wait to get lost in the desert apocalypse vibe these tunes create.  After all, there is certainly no better place to do such things, than at the burn.

Check the links below and stay connected with Kompakt and Blond:ish.  Unfortuantely, there aren’t links I could embed to stream the release in this feature, but you can preview the tracks at any of the buy links below 🙂





Enjoy, and one love!

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Martin Ikin – ‘I Know’ EP [OFF!]

OFF062 - Martin Ikin - I Know EP

OFF062 – Martin Ikin – I Know EP

“Martin Ikin aka Soul Purpose is no stranger to success, his amazing trademark quirky house beats have made their way to imprints as big as defected or nervous, topping the charts many times. Following up to his OFF debut “Rhythm” a while ago, he now presents his anticipated first full EP with a storm of garage-infused deep house ready to drive the crowds mad at any dancefloor. I Know opens the EP providing classic garage house stabs and a flowing bassline and melodic vocal work. This is one strictly for the dancefloor! Hold Dis Keeps the quirky impossible-not-to-dance-to jacking beats flowing and adds up a delightful synth work to really take us on a journey. Last up is What Youve Done, with a soulful vocal arrangements and massive buildups setting the mood for those powerful bassdrops.”






NO.19 Music – Spring Sampler [NO19034]

NO19 Spring Sampler Art




1. Tone Of Arc – Comes Only Once
2. Logan Six & Jonny White feat. Kenny Glasgow – The Creep (Jonny White’s Beatapella)
3. Clayton Steele – Multiple Feeling
4. Louie Fresco – White Suger Dub
5. My Favorite Robot – Sounds to Resurrect
6. Teeloo – X-rays
7. Sync Mode – Room With a View
8. Cameo Culture – Losing Game
9. Jakkin Rabbit – Verge
10. Johnathan Lee – Mission Control

“The package kicks off with Tone of Arcs Comes only Once, a superb electronic vocal workout that will be certain towhet the appetite for his forthcoming artist album, this is quickly followed by BLUD who delivers his Beatapella mixof Jonny White & Kenny Glasgows excellent The Creep. Offerings from Clayton Steele, in the shape of Multiple Feeling and Louie Fresco with his White Sugar (dub) show two differing but equally impressive sides to the labels output whilst Toronto 3 piece My Favorite Robot give a taster of whats to come on their upcoming No.19 Music artist LP. Teeloos Xrays is a wonderfully off kilter and original piece of electronica and Sync Mode, the production outfit of Nitin, Butter the Butcher, Jeremy Glenn and Todd Simmons, offer up a slice of soulful excellence on Room with a View before Cameo Culture drop some Balaeric brilliance with Losing Game. Jakkin Rabbit show what all the fuss is about with a standout slice of deep house before the package is closed with Jonathan Lees dark edged and hypnotic Mission Control. Miamis Winter Music Conference comes but once a year but it is always worth the wait, and with labels like No.19 Music offering up original songs on a sampler like this, it truly make it a celebration of all that’s good in electronic music, enjoy!”

Released: March 25th 2013




– Kinman