Ten Walls – ‘Requiem’ EP [LAD013]

Ten Walls Requiem EP Art


Ten walls have returned fresh off the hype of their ‘Gotham’ EP released on Innervisions earlier this year that took the summertime by storm and reached anthemic status, being rinsed and praised by countless DJ’s across the globe – with good reason, too.  As the mysterious moniker pushes his sound further, striving to maintain a concept in which “the focus is moved away from the personality of the artist so that the music can more directly speak for itself”, I can only hope that the execution of his productions are maintained.  Some of the most emotive and powerful house music being released right now; music actually deserving of the “deep” descriptor being so frivolously tossed around the house/techno scene over the past year.  Take a listen below, I hope you enjoy.

Release Date:  Digital – November 4th / Vinyl – December 9th





Until next time.  One love.

– Kinman


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