District – ‘Roy’s Theme/Aftermath/Tempest’ [CHST031]




The Chestplate family continues to maintain it’s position as integral in the dubstep scene.  With Distance’s two-part (Part 1/Part 2) ‘Outer Limits’ EP concluding mid-March, District takes the lead with 031 and puts forth three cerebral productions, each complimenting that signature Chestplate sound.  ‘Roy’s Theme’ is an immediate hook with the contemplative synthery (<— made up word) that guides your ears through a tip of the hat to Bladerunner, and what could easily serve as scoring for the 80’s sci-fi film.  A calm and gradual mood progression prevails through means of minimalist percussion and hypnotizing sub-bass notes, both resting beneath a sea of brooding pads that dish a pensive grasp on open ears.  ‘Aftermath’ follows suit with respect to the deep space vibe – sirens and ray/laser guns drenched with delay and reverb – while adding more percussive energy with the deployment of more pronounced hats and a far more acute and aggressive snare.  District’s masterful ability to warp and twist bass sounds from scratch makes subtle but potent appearances throughout the track.  ‘Tempest’ is my persy off the release.  The most powerful and energetic of the seemingly patterned progression observed in this release, District takes a neuro/techno approach with a clean and fluid bass construction that resembles early acid influences.  Again, the desolate and dissonant synth leads carve a soundscape that evoke vivid imagery of fictional battlefronts and despondent victories.





One last thing to mention that I know will brighten some of your days up – as it did mine when I heard the news.  Many of you were disheartened to hear that Chestplate was discontinuing the cutting of vinyl for their releases.  Rest easy, as I have solid word that this is no longer true and while being more selective, the release of Chestplate sound on our cherished (for some of us) medium will continue.  Be on the look for the CHST032 from Los Angeles based producer, Mesck, signaling the first signing of a US artist to Chestplate and Mesck’s first release that will see a vinyl.

I’ll catch you next time.  One love.

– Kinman


Martin Ikin – ‘I Know’ EP [OFF!]

OFF062 - Martin Ikin - I Know EP

OFF062 – Martin Ikin – I Know EP

“Martin Ikin aka Soul Purpose is no stranger to success, his amazing trademark quirky house beats have made their way to imprints as big as defected or nervous, topping the charts many times. Following up to his OFF debut “Rhythm” a while ago, he now presents his anticipated first full EP with a storm of garage-infused deep house ready to drive the crowds mad at any dancefloor. I Know opens the EP providing classic garage house stabs and a flowing bassline and melodic vocal work. This is one strictly for the dancefloor! Hold Dis Keeps the quirky impossible-not-to-dance-to jacking beats flowing and adds up a delightful synth work to really take us on a journey. Last up is What Youve Done, with a soulful vocal arrangements and massive buildups setting the mood for those powerful bassdrops.”