Blond:ish – ‘Inward Visions’ EP [KOMPAKT]

Blondish Kompakt Art

Blond:ish returns to Kompakt after the dust has settled a bit from their ‘Lovers In Limbo’ EP that dropped last year.  If you somehow missed that release, I strongly encourage you the check it out —————-> HERE.  The Canadian duo have brought two tracks together that embark the listener on a dissonant journey of sound.  ‘No Place Like Gnome’ opens the single with a dark aesthetic maintained through sustained and detuned pads swirling into an ambivalent sense of bewildered wandering, then the journey is reassured by a hearty bassline that rolls beautifully between the swinging drum groove.  The title track carries the ambivalence of ‘No Place Like Gnome’ into a more clearly affirmed direction of discovery, lightening the mood with lush, sun-drenched synths and the hauntingly sexy vocals of Beyou.

I am really hoping (and anticipating) to hear these tunes out at the burn this year via the Robot Heart gang, and can’t wait to get lost in the desert apocalypse vibe these tunes create.  After all, there is certainly no better place to do such things, than at the burn.

Check the links below and stay connected with Kompakt and Blond:ish.  Unfortuantely, there aren’t links I could embed to stream the release in this feature, but you can preview the tracks at any of the buy links below 🙂





Enjoy, and one love!

– Kinman

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