Deco – ‘Across The Grain’ EP [DECEAST]


EZ everybody.

I want to feature an EP today from the Los Angeles underground badman, Deco.  Longtime contender in Southern California’s underground electronic music scene and Deceast label don, Matt is no stranger to first-class music.  If you’re new to his sound you may remember a couple weeks back when his recent collaboration with Mesck ‘The Way We Fall’ was released as the ‘B’ side of ‘No Shelter’.  If you haven’t heard that one yet, check it out here on the feature I compiled for my other blog —> LINK.

With this solo project Deco demonstrates the vastness of his production nature, weaving in and out of a multitude of genres as his influences; jungle to dub-reggae to contemporary bass.

Across The Grain ||

The EP’s title-track takes on the half-step formula utilizing chords  heavily submerged in reverb, a neck-snapping snare, and an all-around techno infused aesthetic.  The notorious ‘uhhh’ trademarked by the one and only Biggie Smalls shows it’s face scattered throughout the song’s duration really captivating the listener and adding a sense of ‘street nostalgia’ to the beat.

True Renegades ||

This one features second on the EP and is another techno-roller that according to Deco “…pays homage to the outsiders who stand their artistic ground in the face of commercial temptations.”  The message is definitely heard in the vocal sample enlisted by the man himself.  Powerfully catchy stabs, analog sounding atmospheres, and spacious kicks are standout characteristics of this one.

Conciousness Dub ||

Deco comes correct with a clear homage to dub-reggae music as heard in the generous application of reverb, and seemingly endless delay.  This track is not only my favorite track off the release, but also contending for one of my favorite beats ever released by Deco.  It truly captures the ethos and positive vibrations that dub-reggae pioneered for dubstep.  The uplifting horns, the distant vocal processing, and overpowering wall of sub-bass (among other tracks) all come together to form a piece of music I would imagine to be widely accepted by most true reggae fans.

Polymorphism ||

Matt exits his collection of songs with a very high-energy track that exhibits jarring drum patterns and an extremely intricate programming of several mid-range bass tracks.  The tribal-esque kick pattern keeps your feet in full-fledged stomp mode while the mind-swirling atmospherics will play tricks on just about anybody’s mind!  Definitely one written to smash dance floors across the globe.


This EP has been made available at all fine music retailers so make sure to wander on over to your store of choice and press that ‘buy’ button if you’re feeling these beats.

Buy links:


Deco’s pages:



Hope you lot enjoyed the sounds!  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE.  I’ll catch you tomorrow with some more deep house sounds for those with a palette for 120.

One love.

– Kinman


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