Paleman’s FACT Mix, Adana Twins ft. Digitaria, & PBR Streetgang

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Big up everyone.  Following suit from last weeks announcement that Tuesday will now be featuring sound falling under the deep/tech house, or anything in the 120 arena that fits into the Bassweight Society aesthetic, I’ve got a few pieces that I wanted to feature tonight.  I don’t have a lot to say tonight as I’m utterly exhausted from work and school but I’ll do my best to keep you from snoring while reading my comments 😉

The first thing worth mentioning is the most recent FACT Magazine podcast mixed by one of my favorite artists of 2012 – Paleman.  This guy has been on a hyper-accelerated rise in the ranks among house and techno heads for the past year/year-and-a-half, and his mixing and production skills attest as to why.  With support from key influences like Zed Bias, Damu, and Loefah it’s a sure-shot that Paleman will be all over house head radar’s throughout 2013.  According to FACT, he will releasing a collaborative track with Zed Bias, and will also be “working closely” with Loefah’s new imprint – ‘School’ (Check the FACT feature —> HERE).  Anyways, I hope you’re ready to rave out because this mix is definitely jam-packed with loads of energy featuring unreleased music from Artifact, Thefft, and Zed Bias.


Next piece I’ve got for you is the most recent release from the notorious Adana Twins with their single ‘Reaction’, featuring Digitaria.  “I just need some action.  People are insane.”  This one is nothing short of f*cking BRILLIANT.  Ordered myself one as soon as it came up on Chemical and I can’t wait to spin this record at the next PULSE! night.  It’s backed with the instrumental but, let’s be serious, how could you choose the instrumental over the vocal version?!  Here’s the link to purchase off Chemical, get it while it lasts! —–> BUY LINK


The last bit for tonight is a remix that is forthcoming on Hot Creations, due out February 25th.  The release features beats from the German producer Butch, along with remixes from PBR Streetgang, Maceo Plex, and Miguel Campbell.  PBR Streetgang has remixed ‘Faith ft. Benjamin Franklin’ and it’s in the always funky fashion that this duo has stapled in their sound.  Really can’t wait to pick this one up once it drops.  Have a listen below.


Hope you enjoyed the sex from your speakerbox.  I’ll catch you next time.

One love.

– Kinman


Mix Monday: Deep Sea Exploration

Hey gang, whats happening.

Hope everyone had an ill Halloween. Definitely bummed I missed TRUTH out in Santa Barbara but I’m stoked to see a bunch of good shows coming up (especially the Chestplate  U.S. Tour!).

In an effort to bring back one of my favorite sections of the BWS, I’m here to present the latest installment of Mix Mondays. The idea of this edition is to dive into the UKG realm and explore what it has to offer. We’re going to plunge into the deeper spectrum of sound, discover some earlier predecessors, and survey various species similar to UKG. So sit back, relax, and prepare to embark on this special Deep Sea Exploration edition of Mix Mondays.

HxdB – FOB Show Exclusive Mixtape : September 2012

Hexidecibal, commonly known as HxdB, is a Canadian bass/garage producer who has been tearing up the scene for the last few years.  His mix for BunZer0’s FOB show does not disappoint, showcasing his deeper and darker take on UKG while including upbeat tracks from other established artists such as GoldFFinch, Paleman and Tanka.  HxdB bridges well-loved catchy garage with newer low-rolling reverberations, creating a new standard for UKG artists to aspire to.


HxdB’s Soundcloud || Hxdb’s Facebook

In:Motion  – Mix011 and Mix 017

 Two more mixes (which I found just prior to writing this entry), coming from My Nu Leng and Paleman on In:Motion. While these mixes stray a little farther from traditional UKG, both provide heavy, reverberating tracks that will resonate within you and deliver a different outlet for those bass heavy desires. In:Motion offers a wide variety of quality sounds, and their UKG/Bass choices hold true to their standard. As artists, My Nu Leng and Paleman have delivered countless heavy-hitting tracks, which are reflected in their first-rate track selection.  Check it, download it, and support these guys’ expansion of bass-influenced music.



My Nu Leng Facebook || Paleman Facebook


Abis – Concrete Podcast 006

Coming from Concrete Music, Abis of Retrospekt Records delivers a classic 90’s-sounding UKG mix sprinkled with elements of modern garage. Shuffling drums, funky vocals, and catchy bass lines drive this upbeat mix and will have even the most resistant person nodding along. Abis pulls some amazing tracks from the past and shows how the origins of garage are still very influential.


Retrospekt Records Soundcloud


Happa – MixMag Mix of the Week

Talk about kids getting better and better at everything. Only 15 years old, Leed’s producer Happa landed a spot on Mix Mag’s Mix of the Week after recently joining label/event crew Church Music.  Comprised of mostly forthcoming and unreleased tracks, this mix weaves together a complex blend of UKG, 2step, Deep House, and other 120-130bpm styles, all of which share a resonant, sub-heavy drive. Happa’s wall-shaking mix displays what the bass-centered sound can bring to a variety of genres/subgenres/etc. and offers an alternative to the ever-growing amount of generically produced music seen today.  Keep an eye on Happa and the rest of the Church Music crew, big things coming out of that group.


Happa Soundcloud || Happa Facebook || Church Soundcloud

Well, that’s all. Hope you enjoyed this small voyage through the vast sea of music. Safe travels, and keep it heavy.