Trashbat – ‘Hanako’ EP [Mindstep Music]



In a scene saturated with dark and sinister aesthetics, hearing the uplifting melodies of Trashbat brings a potent batch of clarity to the senses.  Alongside artists like B9, Jafu, Geode, Anex, Author and Vaun among others, Trashbat has curated a movement of support for the dubstep-jazz-dub sonic lovechild.  Following the ‘Koanashi’ EP released March’13, Trashbat returns to MindStep with another five-pack of soulfully warm, sub-heavy serenades.  The lush piano in ‘Dreaming of Fiji’ is an immediate temptress, inviting your mind and soul into a field of rolling, reverberated tones.  ‘The Principles of Evil Made Fresh’ carries the warmth and depth of Fiji into a fusion of swing and breaks, leading us to the melodically powered jazz-dub halfstepper, ‘Hanako’ – one of the finest integrations of jazz, dub, and bass I’ve heard.  ‘Shine’ brings a swinging LFO alongside words from one of the West Coast’s finest.  The EP is sealed by the mark of Trashbat & Vaun on ‘Ardent’.  Without the slightest inkling of doubt in my mind, this is my persy.   The beauty of this track is unfathomable in a linguistic context.  Just close your eyes and feel the sounds of bliss.

RELEASE DATE:  20th January 2014



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Dirty Merlin & Repeated Measures – ‘Wonton Animal Chin’ [FREE DL]

Wonton Animal Chin Art


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I’ve got something a little bit different today, that I’m hoping you guys are feeling as much as I am.  Here in Orange County, CA the past year has seen a consistently gradual funneling of attention to one of the county’s greatest clans – the Grn+Gld Collective.  With their roots beginning in a warehouse utilized to host parties and occasionally sleep, the gang has grown from 3 to over 10 members, each injecting their own style into what could now be known as the Grn+Gld lifestyle, if you will.  With the various members come various upbringings, musical influences/experiences, skill, and much more perspective – all culminating in an environment that facilitates collaboration, learning, and innovation.  These guys are a true pleasure to be around.  They’ve been kind enough to invite me to play at a few of their warehouse parties (RIP ‘The Wizard’s Den’) in the past, and each time was an absolute blast.  I may be biased due to my perpetual longing for people to realize to benefits of collective effort but, these guys, in my mind, truly embody a community.  They have a roster of artists, they have loyal fans, and these two groups of people reciprocate support and appreciation between themselves to foster a constant avenue of growth and reach.  Big up the Grn+Gld cult – where lies, spells, and 808’s rule the realm.

Back to the “a little bit different” statement.  Two of the artists from Grn+Gld have been kind enough to give on of their songs away as a free download – Dirty Merlin & Repeated Measures.  The track is titled ‘Wonton Animal Chin’, please don’t ask my why.  It’s still awesome, though.  Stepping away from the typical dubstep formula and more into analog hip-hop styles of the mid/late 90’s, these two put their heads together producing a warm, sub-heavy beat that utilizes the sampling mastery of Dirty Merlin on his Roland 303.  A bit trappy with 808’s, but the aesthetic of the song is nowhere near the washed-up product that 98% of ‘trap’ music hitting the airwaves is.  It’s a fresh take, showcasing nostalgic roots in analog recording techniques in the framework of a more contemporary musical formula.  Give it a listen, and come to your own conclusions.



Dirty Merlin || FACEBOOK | SOUNDCLOUD ||

Repeated Measures || FACEBOOK | SOUNDCLOUD ||


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Tomas Roels has secured a very strong release schedule for himself since recently finishing university.  Whether this is a result of, or just coincidence, I’ll never know.  Truthfully, I don’t care either.  Anyways, the man has been on a sonic-assault rampage, writing and signing beats quicker than false information regarding Montsanto spreads through the internet.  After announcement of his Artikal UK release backed with a naughty remix from the legend LX One, the underground was left stumped by the immensity of ‘Haze’.  To continue the momentum with a brute force, Box Clever has just announced the six-track (2 digital exclusive) EP that will be released sometime mid-September.  Featuring collaborations with Beezy & Widowmaker, the release promises to be diverse and immensely powerful, as the previews will attest to.


1. Crashing feat. Beezy
2. Too Much
3. Theory
4. Persei feat. Widowmaker
5. Explain [digital exclusive]
6. Scientific [digital exclusive]

Below are previews to the four beats put on the vinyl.  The tracks ‘Theory’ and ‘Persei’ ft. Widowmaker are my personal favorites, but you can decide for yourself.  Keep your eyes locked on the pages below for future announcements regarding this release and anything else related to the  parties involved.






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LAS – ‘Zaikedelic/Preacher’ [BOXCLEVER]

LAS BlackBox

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Got a short, but much more than sweet feature for you today.  I wanted to highlight the most recent release from the elusive Finnish badman – LAS (Love And Sound).  Ever since I stumbled across his music, when his tune ‘Power Surge’ was featured on Black Box 018 in October of 2011, I’ve had a very strong affinity for the his sound – and that record still finds itself in my sets more often than not!  An exceptional producer that cannot be pigeonholed to any stylistic output, and displays cunning musical abilites, grafting the worlds of analog and digital.

This release follows suit of transcending preconceived notions, bringing together raw hip-hop (esque) drum patterning and powerfully modern sub-movement.  My favorite off this single is ‘Zaikadelic’ due to its overall unique sound, giving off an analog jungle-influenced vibe.  The flip ‘Preaching’ falls into the more standard halfstep format, employing a daunting pad that swirls out of the mix intermittently, amidst a clean bongo loop and a sub-bass that will only be heard with proper frequency response in your sound.  The digital bonus track – ‘Zone Of Bones’ – puts out a gritty LFO sub, with reverbed and delayed droplets that bounce around as atmospheres are interchanging, with subtlety as their ‘modus operandi’.


The release is out in stores now, so make sure to pick it up before it’s gone (if you’re a vinyl head)!  I’ve included a couple links to both vinyl and digital purchases.




Stay connected with label and the man himself – links below!



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Horace Andy – Cuss Cuss – DJ Madd Remix / TMSV Remix [MS011]


EZ everybody.

With the recent launch of J:Kenzo’s label – Lion Charge – and the announcement from DJ Madd that he will also be launching a label called ‘Roots & Future’ it seems that there is a surge of appreciation and nostalgia being aimed at the massive amount of influence that dub-reggae played in the inception of the ‘foundation sound’ of dubstep.  Not that it had gone away or anything, but with the evolution of the genre the influences became less explicit, and are also being taken from a vastly greater pool of musical styles.

Moonshine Recordings has also taken it upon themselves to pay homage to the dub in dubstep with their most recent catalog addition.  Both DJ Madd (seems to be a pattern here with him lately) and TMSV have taken a legendary reggae song from the 80’s and injected their interpretation with modern-day production quality and weight.  Both of these producers are dons in their own right, and Madd is my most respected producer within the dubstep framework – EVER.  Both interpretations are top-notch with TMSV utilizing a more percussive approach with his bongos weaving in-and-out, and DJ Madd coming correct with a wall of pulsating bottom-end that could be felt from blocks away.  If you were quick enough, you would have been able to grab the single-sided 10″ release of DJ Madd’s version a few weeks back, out to those that did (like me).


The release is set to drop on March 11th and will be available at all good record stores, in both vinyl and digital format.  Don’t sleep!

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This post was taken via a feature I published on my other blog at Sub.Mission Dubstep, I just wanted to get it out there for as much exposure as possible, so I’m re-blogging it here.  It’s a seriously massive release so be sure not to sleep on it!

It drops March 11th.

You can pre-order it through Surus right now and if you purchase the vinyl, you get the digital copies for free!  Killer deal, so support the scene and buy some good music 🙂  Link below…


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