Dimensions Festival 2012: Sneak Peak

What up everybody!  Tuesday is back and today we want to take some time and have a quick look at the one of the most hyped  new musical experiences of 2012, Dimensions Festival.  This one and Outlook are THE two most highly desired events for us here at BWS.  But, today we’re going to talk about Dimensions since it’s the first one ever!  All elements considered, there seems to be no better place to experience the finest collection of bass music.  Anywhere.  Needless to say, we’re hoping that we will get our scrubby ass selves over there soon (crossing our fingers for this year!).  Taking place on an abandoned fort in Pula, Croatia from Thursday September 6th – Sunday September 9th of this year, there’s no doubt it’s going to be straight bonkers.  The lineup is jam-packed full of so many unbelievable artists like Mala, Author, Scuba, Floating Points, Joy O, Pinch, Machinedrum, Untold, and the list goes on for days.  If you haven’t heard of this event and you truly have a passion for quality bass, I would highly recommend manipulating your schedule in whatever way necessary to get yourself there.  It’s the brainchild of Outlook festival, obviously since it’s organized by the same group, so you know it’s going to be done in a proper fashion.  While Outlook is really the icing on the cake for bass enthusiasts, Dimension is looking to be a much more intimate festival (and a bit more affordable, too).

As we’re from the US, we don’t have chances like this to view the multitude of quality artists that Dimensions offers, in such a surreal setting.  This is the perfect vacation from candy-glow ravers, commercialized music, and shot-out venues.  It’s no secret that the festival/rave scene has grown exponentially in the US, so taking a break from all the hype and really getting to listen the the artists that we love, with people who are truly their for the music, is something that we deeply long for.  All the US heads, make sure you get out here if you can, make our presence known.  A lot of people have misconceptions about listeners from the states so I’m sure they would love to meet stateside cats that know a thing or two about music made for the chestplate.

“With a higher technical specification of sound systems than you will find at any other festival of its size, Dimensions is the perfect place to enjoy the deep end of electronica, the best in techno, house, deep dubstep, drum & bass and other electronic sounds.”

– Dimensions Team

Hopefully, we will run into this guy.  Definitely going to buy him a beer or two, that’s for sure.  He looks like he’s strictly about business.

Photo Credit: Dan Medhurst 2011


I would love to show you all more pictures of the event, but this is the first year it has taken place so there aren’t any pictures!  And I lost John Connor’s number when I dropped my last phone in the toilet.  Before we send you off for the day we want to showcase some sounds of the artists that you will be seeing at the festival this year!  As I was saying earlier in the post, there is honestly too many good artists to name on this ticket, and the sounds that we’ve chosen today are simply at random because if we posted everything that we wanted to, we would likely overload the server.  But, take a peek at this promo video they made for the event.  Gets our blood going!


The first piece of music we have is one from the Dutch bred 2562.  This is a mix we pulled off the Dimensions Festival Soundcloud Page, so it’s like totally official.  Was a mix done for Ninja Tune online radio.  This 45 minute mix is a shining example of 2562’s technical mixing abilities and his unparalleled interpretation of techno/house music. Aka ‘A Made Up Sound’.

2562 – Solid Steel Radio Mix


This next bit is a mini-mix from a guy who has been making the US proud.  Brooklyn based Machinedrum has been putting out some of the greatest dance jams of the year.  On the forward-thinking tip for sure!  This track teaser of his displays influences from all over the board; jungle, soul, hip-hop, trance, to name a few.  Definitely going to be one of the sicker sets at Dimensions.

Machinedrum – New Beats Teaser 2012


This next mix is from the almighty Author.  We highlighted this mix a few months back, when it was put up but, it’s honestly one of the sickest mixes that I’ve ever heard and I think is a great example of what Author does.  This is 45 minutes of the most intense audible bliss you can experience.  Maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but maybe not.  Taken from DMZ/Exodus in Leeds.  You should really set aside 45 minutes and listen to this mix in its entirety.

Author – Live At DMZ/EXODUS


This last bit is one to represent the Exit Records crew.   A mix done awhile back with from Loxy at Intrigue in Bristol.  A truly badman mix.

Loxy – @ Intrigue, Bristol, Oct. 2011



Tickets from Resident Advisor

Dimensions Accommodation Page

Dimensions Travel Page


I’m out for the day.

To the gods.




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