Deepness Served Up by Author, Anex, Wayfarer, and Kaiju & Perverse

Oi oi!  What’s good everybody.  I’m tripping that it’s already Thursday, I don’t know about you guys.  I’m stoked but this week has just flown by!  Hope everybody is feeling well, feeling blessed, and ready to hear some great music because today’s tunes are STACKED with quality.  Got everything from tribal to dancefloor business to deep-space exploration business.

First track for today is going to set things off REAL proper.  With Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin on the production, what other than pure fire can be expected to result?  At least in my mind, that collaboration is always set up to make some of the best music.  This track that Jack Sparrow just threw up on his Facebook a few hours ago is called ‘Entrapment’ and is stated to be a WIP.  After hearing what they have laid down already, I get the chills thinking about what the final product will sound like!  Take a listen below, it’s an absolute gem.

Jack Sparrow ft. Ruckspin – Entrapment (Dub)


This next track is a tribal bit from the hands of Wayfarer.  We highlighted a track of his not too long ago, now he’s back with more heat!  The tune ‘Fall of The Zulu’ is a percussion masterpiece.  Coming at you aggressively with pounding drums and ambiguous chants this track is a straight mind-trip.  I hope to hear a lot more tracks like this coming from Wayfarer.  Follow him on Soundcloud and show him some love, he deserves way more attention.

Wayfarer – Fall of The Zulu (Dub)


Third tune is another collaboration, this time from Kaiju & Perverse.  Perverse has been making big moves solo with his debut release on Artikal hitting the shelves soon.  Kaiju released ‘Monster’ on Osiris Records and has another release in the works for Osiris as well.  They did a spot-on job with this tune.  Titled ‘Named After Hereos’, this one fills the space real nicely with growling basslines, spacious soundscaping, and oh so crispy snare hits.  Big up Perverse and Kaiju for this one!


The final tune for tonight is one for the dancefloor.  Anex recently threw this tune up on his Soundcloud, and it’s got some proper funky vibes to it.  Soulful harmonics, footwork inducing drum sequences, and pure vibes fill this one out.  Gotta’ let the music speak for itself on this one really.  It’s only going to be up on his Soundcloud for short time so don’t miss out!  Take a listen and show the man some love!

Anex – Shine (Dub)


That’s the word for today stateside.

To the gods.




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