Demon – ‘Judgement Day’ EP [MUD015]


This past Monday saw another installment in the M.U.D. legacy take form in three tracks from Demon, the label’s founder and head honcho.  Raff has taken he and his team along an immense journey from the depths of the UK underground to a reach that is now globally recognized.  Demon just recently made his debut appearance in the United States, playing Sub.Mission (Denver) with Youngsta and at Subverse in New York, giving the stateside fam’ some first-hand dosage of the ‘M.U.D. life’ musical values.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to make it out to Cali so I didn’t get to catch him, but I’m sure people are going to be left fiending after that little taste, and we’ll have him out here again in no time.

As the momentum continues in the unrelenting release schedule of the Macabre Unit collective, Demon cements his feet at the forefront of his label with three immaculate pieces of music, each tackling separate realms within the dark and twisted canopy of dubstep.  ‘Judgement Day’ rudely sets the stage for the EP.  The eastern vocals will instantly hook your attention as it provides some sense of reassurance, despite the beats overall aesthetic of impending doom.  The jungle breaks programmed halfway through add a refreshing flavor before the song harks back down it’s path of stuttered drums and sinister pads……. ‘Manipulation’ ft. Beezy is quite what you would expect, I’m sure.  Demon’s clean production abilities laced with Beezy’s highly-acclaimed vocal styles, generally containing lyrical content along the lines of brainwash, new world order, disease, government corruption, and various other happy elements that come along with the human experience 😉  The beat carries a heavy half-step skeleton, with LFO mod on the sub helping it pulsate through the space left by the drums.  Beezy’s voice is just as G as it gets – always.  The closing track for the EP, ‘Bad Trip’, is my favorite off the release.  The lead synth progression immediately had me dialed into this one.  The amount of detail that went into this beat just seems mental.  There are so many subtle components within, tailing kick drums and sub notes to create an unrivaled amount of groove and bounce throughout the beat.  The panning creates a sense of disorientation as sounds are constantly weaving back-and-forth within the mix.  I imagine it would do the same amount of damage to the dance floor as Seven’s ‘Picture This’ off his Evolution LP released towards the end of last year.


The release dropped last Monday, March 25th, and is available in digital format only.  You can snag the release from all major online retailers but below are a couple links to do so:


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I’ll catch you next time fam’.  I’ve got a really dope release to highlight tomorrow for the deep house heads.  Be on the look!

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– Kinman


East End Dubs – She Loves It EP [ANR011]

east end dubs art

If you’re not aware of the man behind the alias and label – East End Dubs – you’re in for quite the treat.  I’d be telling a fib if I told you I’ve been following the man for very long, I only stumbled across his music a couple months back.  But, after delving into his discography, I’ve discovered that this man has been producing some of the (in my opinion) freshest, cleanest, and most dance-friendly deep house my ears have come across.  Seemingly a man of mystery, he’s received much of his acclaim from the label he runs – self-titled ‘East End Dubs’ – that has put out a number of white label, limited edition, color 12″ records alongside digital copies.  The series, as of now, has reached it’s 6th installment and is sure to steadily march forth.  He has also started a vinyl-only release series with the 001 set to drop sometime in early April and I highly recommend the vinyl heads to stay on top of this one – it contains 4 masterfully constructed tracks that will suit any warehouse vibe.  Check the pre-order link —–> PRE-ORDER

The release I want to highlight today dropped yesterday on Act Natural Records, and features 4 original compositions from the Londoner:

  1. She Loves It
  2. Stranger
  3. Make Some
  4. Charlie Foxtrot

‘She Loves It’ kicks off the EP with deep, sub-driven grooves accompanied by stuttered kicks, and dauntingly sexy vocal chops woven throughout the mix.  My personal favorite off the EP.  ‘Stranger’ follows suit as far as the depth factor, with generous amounts of reverb applied to stabs and various other synth sounds – creating a very dubbed-out aesthetic for the track.  ‘Make Some’ is all about the drums!  Thundering kick hits, crisp hats, and various other percussive elements are sewn together leaving ample space for the subtle pad present itself, rising and falling from the mix.  To finish out the EP, ‘Charlie Foxtrot’ brings us back to the warehouse with our eyes down and feet moving.  Applying his signature mastery of clean drum hits, he adds punching synth stabs, distant vocal chops, and eerily pleasing atmospherics that give a perfect finishing touch to this beat.


As of now, the release is a Beatport exclusive so I’ve included the buy link below:


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That’s all I got for today, fam’.  Until next time…

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Mission EP – Section 8 – [Sub Pressure Recordings]

It’s always nice getting a fresh EP from a local label. Even nicer when the EP is jam-packed with upbeat rhythms, guaranteed to add pace and flavor to any set.  Out today, Section 8’s, Mission EP from San Diego’s Sub Pressure recordings, gives listeners a unique combination of originals and remixes with a nueral-tribal sound that showcases upbeat percussions and tearing synth lines.  Take the time and listen to this fresh release with us.

The first two tracks of the EP are Section 8 originals, both of the XL size, and an interesting and fast-paced take on your normal 140 riddims.  The title track ‘Mission’ is almost two entirely different tracks. The first half of the tune goes right in with a kick-driven sub-roller with complex percussive rhythms.  The fun really begins at 3:12 when we hear a breakdown and the start of a “new” tune.  Carrying many elements from the first bit, the second drop rolls through, but this time with a mind-tearing midrange synth, which, I imagine, sounds massive on a soundsystem, as well as my actual studio monitors.

Track two, ‘Cylinder’, is a groovy number with a clean and techy midrange riding the drums for ultimate funk. Its eerie background ambiance adds space and tension before the second drop, which is proven just as reliable as the first for adding a clean and funky flavor to your set.

On remix duties we have, Mouch and Killeralien, each artist taking a different approach to transforming, while respecting Section 8’s unique sound. Mouch’s remix of ‘Boulevard’, is a definite bag.  Swinging drums, interesting vocal chops and an even more intriguing use of bass, make this tune a killer remix and a standalone testament to Mouch’s ability.  Killeralien’s take of ‘Mercury’ stays with the “nueral-tribal” vibe mentioned earlier and features driving percussions and gritty cerebral bass.  This track fits perfectly in the EP, with a mind-blowing second drop featuring dosed-up synths and high energy percussion.  Give both these remixes a listen, as they truly do compliment Section 8 and the EP as a whole.


Purchase the EP ———————–> HERE.

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Enjoy the sounds.

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